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Author: 井戸正善 (Ido Masayoshi)

Yobidasareta Satsuriku-sha (Summoned Slaughterer)

Touno Hifumi learned various martial arts and disciplines from childhood. One day, he was forced to practice in another world. Hifumi, who was suppressing his desire to killpeople in modern Japan, decided to go live in a different world. A human being forged by martial art to his very limits, with a distorted sense of ethics, and kills people without a second thought, has been called to a different world.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 : Flip The Switch
Chapter 2 : The Kill
Chapter 3 : Can’t Repeat
Chapter 4 : More Than Words
Chapter 5 : True Colors
Chapter 6 : Closer To The Edge
Chapter 7 : Warning
Chapter 8 : What a Fool Believes
Chapter 9 : Weapon of Choice
Chapter 10 : The Fight Song
Chapter 11 : Can’t Stop
Chapter 12 : Makes Me Wonder
Chapter 13 : Stronger
Chapter 14: Decadence Dance
Chapter 15 : Don’t Lie
Chapter 16 : Viva La Vida
Chapter 17 : Hail and Kill
Chapter 18 : New Divide
Chapter 19 : Know your Enemy
Chapter 20 : Like Toy Soldiers
Chapter 21 : Shining Star
Chapter 22 : Another One Bites The Dust
Chapter 23: Runaway
Chapter 24: Welcome to the Black Parade (Clown)
Chapter 25: Take a Look around
Chapter 26: Hush
Chapter 27: This is war
Chapter 28: Young and the Hopeless (Clown)
Chapter 29: There she goes
Chapter 30: From the Inside (Clown)
Chapter 31:
Chapter 32:
Chapter 33:
Chapter 34: (Clown)