Translator – The Clown 

Name: The Clown
Species: the Jester Race
Titles: The One who lacks Sleep, The Linguist
Magic: None
Techniques: Quick Translation, Crappy Translation, Boke and Tsukomi Translation
Weaknesses (?): Loneliness, pressure, boredom, mimes

Clown: Wait a second! Why are you revealing all this information?!

Pierrot: What’s wrong with it? This should be more fun.

Clown: No! Remove it now

Pierrot: Oh, look! A mime is coming this way!

Clown: *Kyaaaah!*

Pierrot: Just kidding…  too late, the Clown ran away. So… oh, right. This is what she was supposed to say: the Clown is a graduate student with some free time. Born in neither United States nor Japan, but is relatively fluent in both languages. This is our first project, so there might be some bumps on the road, but we hope you bear with us.

–turns the page–

Pierrot: Umm… copyright: we do not intend to violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Any content that is in violation will be promptly removed upon request. In such case, we will post a notice regarding content that was removed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Clown: For any questions or concerns please contact me either via the comment function or directly at

Editor – AK

Name: AncientKaiser (AK)
Race: Half Editing Leech, Half Mortal
Titles: Ninja Editor, Leech, Editor
Magic: Wishes he had Magic
Technique: Ninja Editing, Editing, Meh Editing
Weaknesses: Weak willed, boredom, Fast Translations, Stage fright

Ak: *cough* Ahem *cough* May I have your attention please!

*silence coupled with a tumble weed*

Ak: Yes, yes, thank you for your applause. I know how brilliant I am *flicks fringe*

*more silence with more tumble weeds*

Ak: Anyhow, I am Ak, Clown-sama’s esteemed Editor who will be doing sneeky edits from this day forth.

*Unknown man shouting* You’ve been here for a few days though.

Ak: Silence you! Stop ruining my introduction to fame! *more coughing* Anyhow, back on topic.

*takes out que cards*

*Unknown woman* Get of the stage please, your time is up.

Ak: What?! No! Please, a few more minutes! Don’t ruin my future! HAVE A SOUL!

*gets dragged off stage by Viking Clowns*

42 thoughts on “The Clown’s Team

  1. *Wild Ghost Kiel appear into the shadows…*

    K: Umm, umm… hello… *slowly step ahead*

    K: Sorry… there is anyone… I hate go to sites alone…

    K: *sigh relief…* okay, no problem, take a relief and say something cool and try not mess up.

    Yoh, kiel rolling in the deep… *bam dum tiss*.. ok, cold joke… sorry…
    Mi name is Kiel D. Hyre, is weird, extrange and sometimes abnormal for me give grettings for other translations page in the net, but I’m try hard to explain this situation…

    First, I’m a translator for spanish as a hobby job in breaks, anyway… recently I’m complete translated one web novel and send a votes for a new novel in my blog page… and the winner is one web novel in this page (others webs take this novel but I’m see good job in this page) called Tensei Shitara Slime…

    And I want to bother with his consent to use the English version for my purposes “nonprofit” translation…

    I ask them, no problem to say not o anything… but I’m think to speak with you translations before do something…

    Thanks for reading this comment, and wait your answer… sorry, I’m awful to say words and talk in english but my mind is good to read in english… weird… I know…


  2. Hello I am Lone (evidentally),

    I would first like to send my thanks in regards to doing such a magnificent job at translating this work, while there may be the occasional spelling or grammatical error the speed of releases is truely impressive.

    Thus i have a minor proposition in regards to, i suppose you could call it sponsership (fancy term for monthly paypay donations ;P) so if you would like to discuss please send me an email in regards to this and promptly delete this message.

    Many thanks,

    Your sincerely
    Lone Immortus

    (I suck at these things so if your email is common knowledge forgive me doing this in such a quire manner)


  3. First of all, I would like to thank you and any corresponding translation groups in translating these LNs, especially RRS.

    Recently, I suddenly had the urge to reread the Yuuko story that you had put in the editor’s corner. However, it was a hassle to open every single link that was there, and as a result, I had created a document containing the entirety of the Yuuko story for my own purposes (and jeez, I can’t help but be impressed at how much your wrote, just over 8000 words, from just Translator’s Corners…), excluding the TC’s where it was irrelevant to the story. Because most of it was very similar to a play, I thought it would make sense to convert the entirety of the story into a play, and before doing so, I wanted to request for your permission to edit/compile/share the completed version on this website, or at the very least, permission to edit, compile, and share with close friends (who are very interested in these kinds of stories), instead of posting somewhere on the Internet. Please reply/email me ASAP on this issue.

    Once again, thank you for your efforts in translating the LN’s hosted on this websites, and for writing the Translator’s Corners, I had enjoyed the terrible, terrible jokes, as well as the Yuuko story. I apologize to contacting you via this method, I had not been able to procure your email (if it’s even released to the public and/or if you event wanted to be contacted via email). By the way, good luck with law school (gathered from comments at the bottom of chapters – and yes, I’m one of those people), and hopefully you can get enough time to translate more chapters (ah, the aspirations of one who is learning Japanese and has a very limited repertoire)!

    Thank you,


  4. I love what you guys have done and for fear of spoilers I haven’t looked around much but I hope everything ends well for Rimiru. I wish I could help but I’m broke with zero translation skills. Please translate in the way that you feel is best, if you worry for us just make a note or something but please don’t work too hard on our (the readers) account. Love Mangacrazie, Shadekiller.😶


  5. Just finished the clown/pierrot story. Is there a link to your work somehwere? Do you have a patreon?

    I’m imagining something like the gravitytranslations guy.


  6. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could give me a list of the names of characters and their names in kanji. I’m editing the tensei shitara slime datta wiki and would like to include these. If you can PM me that’d be cool (idk if thats a feature or not so…). btw, no rush, its not urgent.


  7. I Just want to say thank you for all the time and effort you have put into translating these stories into English. Thank you again, may you and all who work with you have a great and blessed life full of Happiness and Laughter.


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