Translator – Smoggy the bear

Name: Smoggy
Species: Bear
Titles: Recruit Translator, The Dancing Bear, Clown Sensei’s (Self-proclaimed) Student!
Magic: Ussuri Brown Bear’s Might, Hyosetsu no Hoko, Ursa Major’s Authority
Techniques: Fisher’s Paws, Honey Gather, Berserker
Weaknesses: Traps with fish for bait, Deadlines.

In a certain dark room, there was a bear wearing sunglasses. With the only light source shining on the bear, it was easily the most eye-catching entity.

Smoggy: Hello, my name is smoggy. You’re probably all wondering “Who’s this brown bear?”, “How is it speaking your language”, and “Who took my fish!” Calm down, Your questions will be answered soon. First, I’d like to give you all a little background information about me.

He had a nibble on the fish on his paws, and continued talking.

Smoggy: I was raised in a zoo, and I lived the life of a king! People came to see me everyday, to feed the one and only “Smoggy, he who communicates with humans”! It was fulfilling, but I always though there was more to life, more to just having people giving you handful of fish and honey ice-cream, asking you over and over again what’s life like for a bear. My life changed when I met a most peculiar human, one with an unique face I’ve never seen before. Thus, I brought with me my honey and fish, froze the whole zoo in place, followed the human for hours, before I ended up meters away from a tent. I inched towards the tent, greeted the human (whose name was The Clown), before asking her to make me her recruit! To which she replied…

Somebody’s voice: Smoggy! Stop mumbling to yourself! The show’s starting!

The lights all turned on, revealing an empty room with nothing but posters of clowns, bears, flowers, a german king, and a mountain of fish and honey.

Smoggy: Tsk…Ok, Coming! Now where is Yuuka San…

Editor – Yuuka

Name: Yuuka
Species: Youkai
Titles: The Newbie Editor, The AK Wannabe
Magic: Manipulation Of Flowers, Seemingly Bottomless Stomach
Techniques: Shameless Self Promotions, Instant Sleep Technique, Editing
Weaknesses: Cute Things, Sunflowers, Awkward Situations

Yuuka: Hey There! It’s me, the most beautiful, the most wonderful and the best editor in the world! That’s right! it’s me! Yuuk-

“No one cares!”

Yuuka: Who said that?! My, youngsters these days sure are rude! Didn’t your parents teach you not to interupt someone when they are talking? Especially if they’re a young and beautiful maiden such as myself? You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

-Slight pause before the person starts trembling-

“My *sniff* parents *snot* left me when I was *sob* 2 years old”

-starts crying-

Yuuka: Nononononono, don’t cry, please, stop crying~

-Crying intensifies-

Yuuka: Stop it~ Look they’re looking over here now~ waaaah~ It’s not me who made him cry~ Look away please~  (╥︣﹏᷅╥)

46 thoughts on “The Kuma Hana Team

  1. Listen, you take all the time you need. It’s a great story and I’d rather not rush you guys when you’re being kind by translating for us. Thanks for the hard work and for taking some of the stress off clown.


    1. totally agree, just if its not a problem could we stay updated on any delays? Not complaining just like to stay informed and have a rough idea when to expect the chaps. hope you get back to me and thanks for the TL.


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