Thank you for taking an interest in joining Circus Translation. Unfortunately, at the moment we are fully staffed and are not taking new applicants. Please check back at a later time or look for an announcement in a future Translator’s Corner.

Updated: 8/11/2015

21 thoughts on “Recruitment

    1. I know you aren’t recruiting at the moment but I’m an italian guy with a C1 level in english, if you ever need help for translating in italian I’d gadly help.


  1. is there anyway to contact randomperson ? i want to give him/her small feedback >.>
    > for the epub arc 3
    v03-2-img12.jpg is kinda misplaced (since the image is suitable for barreta), and it’s suitable for page 321 – 322
    or around this line (last chapter)
    「How do you feel?」
    「Yes. Wonderful… my overall strength has risen.
    Compared to incarnating into a monster or a human, the raw power aside, defensive abilities are far superior.
    How wonderful!!! This is an amazing body!!!」


  2. actually I am more interested in TLC since after you guys posted ‘draft’ 76 I can point many mistakes in translations… that said I am not hard worker thus I propose freelance~


  3. Hello,
    I’m Paul R. From Switzerland I would love to translate the story of the slime in French if that’s possible. I don’t know how things works in here so please let me know if you are interested.
    Bed regards,


  4. Hello guys
    I’m a 15 years old boy from Germany and
    I would like to ask you guys if I could join the German translator team. I live in Germany and german is my native language. I think I could need a proofreader who could correct my  few grammer mistakes .

    Hallo translator team
    Ich würde gerne fragen, ob ich den deutschen Übersetzer team  beitreten könnte.  Ich lebe in Deutschland und die Deutsche Sprache  ist meine Muttersprache (Wer hätte das gedacht XD )und in Englisch  bin ich eigentlich auch sehr gut XD . Aber ich hab eine Fragen  an euch falls ich euch beitreten darf.  Müsste ich  dann die Kapitel innerhalb einer bestimmten Zeitspanne übersetzen z.b.  2 Kapitel in der Woche/Monat oder dürfte ich mein Tempo selbst auswählen ?
    Mir persöhnlich hat  der Novel sehr gefallen XD .  Aber ich glaub  ich könnte  einen proofreader gebrauchen der meine Grammatik/Rechtschreibfehler/Komma-
    setzungs Fehler korrigieren könnte.


  5. Hello. I’m just some Brazilian dude who appreciates your work and was wondering if you mind if use your English translation as a base for a Portuguese one ? It would be completely amateur-like and I have no real intention of posting it anywhere unless asked.


  6. Hello, I have enjoyed reading your translations since a while ago. I became so interested in this that I resumed studying my Japanese (which I had dropped before) and finished reading the web novel from the site. While I don’t wish to steal your work or credit, I do wish to contribute. As such, I was wondering if I can send you the translations of the Extra chapters.


  7. I know that you aren’t currently recruiting new members, but is there any way that I can look over the previous chapters? I know that you’re busy with getting the latest chapters translated, but i would like to help in editing chapters that have been already been posted.


  8. So, here I go, I’m giving you a good opportunity. I propose my services to you for free. I’m a 21 years old French guy which has English learning as a hobby. My english level is off the charts, I had 990/990 in the TOEIC, the international commercial and specific terms test evaluated on administrative terms, medical vocabulary, commercial slang and more. So I’m a pretty qualified individual. And I’m interested in your works and as such, I’m willing to give you my time free of charges as long as you let me translate from English to French everything that you are willing to hand me. It’s not a selfless offer, I will keep traxk of every piece I translate to add to my CV so that I can become a professionnal translator in the future. So see my offer as a service for experience kind of job.


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