For all the Veterans here, it’s only up till chapters we ourselves translate, so it will not be further ahead.

Name: Rimuru Tempest/ Mikami Satoru (pre-reincarnation)

Title: One who Commands Monsters

Divine Protection: The Storm Crest

Species: Slime

Age: 37 years old

Background: In the beginning, he is a middle aged Japanese salary man who died saving his colleague. As he laid dying, he had various regrets and thoughts that became skills upon reincarnation.

Personality: He’s a good guy, deep down, but he’s also utterly relaxed and slightly paranoid. He can never turn down a subordinate’s plea for help, despite being easy going and level headed, which gets him into situations. FYI, retains many of his Japanese quirks (ex: sanitation and open baths) and personality with zero naming sense and sense of direction.

Appearance: As a slime, he’s an orb of translucent fluid, often called cute. As a human, he’s an androgenous silver-haired beauty reminiscent of a Japanese friend’s good looks. His human form is often childish, on the loli side of cuteness.

Skills and Abilities

Unique Skills:

『Predator/Gluttony』 (after skill evolution)

  • Predation: Absorbs the target into the body’s dimensional storage. However, if the target is conscious, the success rate greatly decreases. The target can be almost anything, including organic or inorganic matter, skills, and magic
  • Analysis: The absorbed target is studied and analyzed, and if there’s sufficient materials, replicated or reproduced.
  • Stomach: Rimuru’s extra-dimensional storage space. There’s no storage limit.
  • Mimicry: Replicate an analyzed target’s appearance. The skills and abilities used by the target can also be used. However, this depends on the successful analysis and acquisition of relative information regarding the target.
  • Isolation: Materials harmful or unnecessary for analysis can also be stored. They will be used to replace magic energy.
  • Decay: able to decompose the target and to afflict the decomposition status effect. There is now a chance of acquiring an ability after consuming only a portion of target’s corpse
  • Supply: able to grant an ability to a monster as long as there exists a relationship between the two, ability will be limited by the target’s inherent magical energy
  • Food Chain: It is now possible to acquire skills from subordinates
  • Skill Description: The ability to acquire the target’s strength and an item box skill in one. After the evolution from Predator to Gluttony, Rimuru is able to gain the overpowered versions of his skills from his subordinates. Gluttony also seems capable of devouring anything in its wake.

『Great Sage 』

  • Thought: Accelerates thought processing speed by a thousand times.
  • Analysis and Judgment: able to analyze and make judgments regarding a target.
  • Parallel Processing: allows for simultaneous thoughts and analysis of phenomenon
  • Chant annulment: When using magic, the chant is no longer necessary.
  • All of Creation: able to comprehend any non-concealed phenomenon in this world.
  • Skill Description: An omnipotent response function similar to an AI or Google, it accesses and builds upon the “Voice of the World,” the fantasy world’s alert system. Great Sage can analyze, manipulate, and replicate any target acquired by Predator, allowing the skill holder to acquire skills and mimicry options. However, the target’s memories and knowledge aren’t available. Also, after linking with skills, Great Sage can vastly improve the linked skill’s performance. It even comes with a Battle mode. Later, Great Sage evolves, acquiring an ego, personality, conscience, and soul.


  • Fusion: able to merge into a single being with the targeted fellow
  • Division: able to separate oneself and the being possessing you (If the target that is separated lacks a physical form, they could disappear)
  • Skill Description: Rimuru can fuse with clones up to two times. With the varieties of mimicry, there’s an abundance of combinations and resulting fusion. Side note, inorganic matter can also be fused.


Magic: 『Thought Battle Magic』 『Flight Magic』『Clean Magic』『Transfer Magic』+ Any Magic in his copied Ingrasia Royal Capital’s Royal Library

Innate Slime Skills:『Dissolve』『Absorb』『Regeneration EX』

Extra Skills:『Segmenting』『Black Flame』『Black Lightning』『Spatial Barrier』『Spatial Transfer』『Water Manipulation』『Fire Manipulation』

Daily skills: 『Magic Perception』『Heat Detection』『Auditory Perception』『Supreme Olfaction』『Intimidation』『Herculean Strength』『Coercion』

Battle Skills:『Noxious and Paralysis Breath』『Full Body Armor』『Sticky Thread』『Steel Thread』『Telepathic Communication』『Cloning』『Devil Transformation』『Flame Transformation』

Mimicking: Flame Giant, Tempest Star Wolf, Black Snake, Lizard, Giant Spider, Giant Bat, Centipede, Hobgoblin, Orc


Resistance:『Thermal Fluctuation Resistance EX』『Physical Damage Resistance』『Pain Resistance』『Fire Attack Resistance』『Paralysis Resistance』『Corrosion Resistance』『Electricity Resistance』

Acquired Skill Notes:

Slimes skills: Dissolve (breaks down substances inside the physical body), Absorb (transform consumed liquids into slime fluid), Regenerate EX (repairs bodily damage)

Black Serpent: Heat Detection (see nearby heat sources and camouflage skills are nullified)

Noxious Breath (release a powerful toxic breath at 120 degrees for a distance of 7 meters)

Centipede monster: Paralysis Breath

Big spider: Sticky Thread, Steel Thread

Vampire Bat: Vampirism, Ultrasound Waves

Carapace Lizard: Full Armor Transformation (evolved Body Armor)

Tempest Star Wolf: Supreme Sense of Smell, Telepathic Communication, Coercion, Intimidation, Shadow Step, Black Lightning

Fire Giant: Clone, Fire State, Area Boundary (A thermal-sealing barrier that can withstand strong physical attacks and has a max size of 100 meters), Freya Sphere (combination of latter two skills)

Extra Skill Notes:

Magic Perception (senses and calculates fluctuations in magic energy for visual and auditory perception)

Water Manipulation (Transformation of the skills Hydraulic Propulsion, Water Current Control, and Water Blade)

Flame Manipulation (from the hand, can become a flame bullet or beam. While its more destructive than water blade, its less precise)


Additional Notes:

Factors that limit Rimuru’s clone ability:

  • [Great Sage]
    • As long as the user is within a kilometer radius, a clone can be created.
    • Should the user go beyond that limit, the consciousness link is severed, and the clone can only respond to basic commands.
    • Since vision is always shared, and an order can be changed at any time, the clone can be used for long range reconnaissance missions.
  • [Predator]
    • The stomach can only release the true body.
    • A clone can be predated and stored, but cannot be extracted.
    • However, feedback regarding skills, etc. can be acquired.
  • [Shapeshifter]
    • Only one fusion is allowed. Division is unchanged.


Skills acquired from subordinates:

Unique Skills:

Shuna’s Analytic: Similar to Great Sage’s response function, but is not limited to predated targets. Target can be analyzed via eyesight.

Kurobee’s Researcher: Similar skill, has a copy ability

Gerudo’s Gourmet: Stomach: Store matter in the stomach, Supply, Demand



Hakurou’s Perception Acceleration: 1000 times normal perception, the same as Great Sage’s sub-ability

Shion’s Herculean Strength EX, Physical Strength EX

Souei’s Clone: max of six, movement and attack power equal to original, however HP and MP 1/10

Benimaru’s Hell Flare: an orb of black flame that can expand into a 100 meter dome, up to 2000-5000 degrees Celsius, a combination of the skills Area Boundary, Fire Manipulation, and Black Lightning

Ranga’s Death Storm: A wide-area version of Black Lightning


Special Skills:

Shion’s Battle Craze


Possible Skills Acquired from Spirits:

Earth and Sky Attribute Abilities, Transformation and Heat Manipulation Abilities, and Annhilitation Magic



Prologue: Mikami Satoru works at a major contracting firm and has never had a girlfriend. Ever.  When meeting up with his junior, Tamura, Mikami takes a criminal’s blade aimed at Tamura. As he lays dying, his thoughts trigger the acquisition of six resistance skills and his two fundamental unique skills, Predator and Great Sage.

Empowerment Arc: He reincarnates as a slime, which takes some getting used to. As slimes don’t sleep and only have the sense of touch, he eats grass to pass the time. After 90 days of boredom, the skill Great Sage finally finishes integrating and things start to pick up. Turns out the Hipokte grass he ate out of boredom is material for high grade health restorative.

In the cave, he finally meets another life form, and slime meets dragon. The great Storm Dragon Veldora not only proves to be a bashful friend, but also teaches him how to perceive the surroundings via magical energy. Veldora also reminisces about the peerless beauty of a Hero that defeated him 300 years ago…the two friends also name each other. Veldora becomes Veldora Tempest, and our protagonist is Rimuru Tempest. To break the unbreakable Endless Prison, they agree to stake Veldora’s freedom on Rimuru’s unique skills, and Veldora gets stored in Predator’s storage space, stuck in time and undergoing Great Sage’s analysis.

With a new goal in mind and friend in heart, Rimuru eventually gets out of the cave. It was only after using the Great Sage’s mapping function that he succeeded, though. During the 30 days after meeting Veldora, Rimuru eats more grass and rocks, namely Hipokte grass and Demon ore, and develops some good 1v1 fighting skills.

Whilst exploring the forest outside the cave, Rimuru plays around with a sound-emitting skill acquired from predating a cave bat, and achieves speech. He meets a group of Goblins and gets invited to their village. Turns out the Goblins are being threatened by a pack of Fang Wolves. After hearing the situation from the village chief and being promised eternal loyalty, good natured Rimuru helps them, defeats the wolf pack’s leader, and somehow acquires the rest of the pack as subordinates.  He tells the goblins and wolves to get along with each other, and thus the new village is born.

In the fantasy world, most monsters are nameless, with only high-magic power beings able to bestow names on others. When Rimuru realizes that there is no convienient way to get their attention beyond ‘Oi, you! No, not you, the one next to you, yes you!’ he names them all. The village chief becomes Rigurdo, the chief’s son Rigur, the new wolf leader Ranga, and let’s not forget goblin Gobuta, a natural boke. All the named monsters evolve, becoming stronger, but they no longer fit their clothes or their door frames, so Rimuru along with Gobuta, Rigur, and Ranga go to the Dwarf’s kingdom to acquire a clothes and a skilled house builder.

Rimuru, after some misunderstandings, helps out a masterful blacksmith, Kaijin, to fill his quota on swords per King’s request. When in doubt, ask Great Sage. Turns out the Demon ore Rimuru ate in the cave is a high class smithing material. In return, Kaijin promises to procure Rimuru a good blacksmith, and Rimuru offers to help Kaijin’s friends, three dwarf brothers very skilled at their crafts but bad at business. However, a certain Minister Bester ruins this, and Kaijin after delivering his quota must leave the country. The four dwarves, Rimuru and co. return to the village.

The dwarfs and goblins immediately start working on building housing. There’s unrest in Jura Forest, and some goblin tribes heard rumors of an odd village, so 500 more goblins join Rimuru’s team. As they begin to construct the new town, Rimuru meets three adventurers who are surveying the land in front of Veldora’s cave on the Freedom Association Branch in the small country Brumund’s behalf. The adventures are a happy bunch. A person accompanying the trio loses control of an inner flame demon shortly after meeting Rimuru, and it’s up to Rimuru to stop it. After settling the situation, Rimuru sends off the adventurer trio. Shizue, the flame demon’s retainer, is a World Traveller, originally from Japan. She was summoned by Demon Lord Leom Cromwell, and asks Rimuru to take up her revenge and become apart of his strength, which he accepts.

Rimuru can now transform into a human! A beautifully androgenous human, with an alterable age. Other key abilities include cloning, fire manipulation, and a unique skill Shapeshifter.


Forest Disturbance Arc: Rimuru runs into remnants of the ogre village devastated by the oncoming orc horde. After passing the truth off as a misunderstanding, Rimuru heals the six ogres and offers them


Life in the Royal City Arc:

Birth of a Demon Lord Arc:

Credit: Claire Du Ciel

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    1. He himself really wants his junior back. He has so many beauties around him in which he has interest yet he cannot make a move coz he lacks with what.

      Tho, makes me wonder since he was able to create functioning organs like his eyes for instance (when he got in Hinata’s field the first time he said that his magic perception was cut off, he was in human form and he said that he could still see, just that without his magic perception, so obviously the only left thing was the normal eyes). So really… when will he be able to satisfy his hidden desire? Lol.

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      1. the only reason he doesn’t have his junior is because of Raphael… you’ll later on.. I wont say it but its because of that skill


      2. Dont tell me the reason is because if he does it with his junior his power will disappear or Raphael will disappear? Cause he only became a sage because he was a virgin till he was 40 right so if lose his virginity his power will disappear


  1. Anybody knows, what’s that scarf of his? I don’t remember the scarf being mentioned in WN, maybe it’s different in LN? Or is it just a part of his wolf’s coat?


  2. Deciding to get into this since the manga has barely NY chapters which is ridiculous considering how far the WN is.

    Is the main character genderless people keep saying he has no dk can someone explain this to me?


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