One-Man Team “Lezs” (how lonely T.T)

Name: Lezs
Species: Lonely Tree
Titles: “immobile translator”, “one with the team, one with the world”
Magic: magics of life
Techniques: sudden translation, random translation, once upon a time translation, translation storm (mastery in progress)
Weaknesses: cookies’s addicted (don’t ask how a tree is supposed to eat cookies)

Somewhere in a hot desert a single tree… no wait, why a tree should live in a desert. Let’s change location.

Somewhere in the antartics… seriously? that’s even more stupid. let’s start again

It’s said that in a forest (now this time is the right place) you can hear the voice of a tree, and that voice is saying <<sorry that’s not the place, i’m supposed to be a lonely tree, remember?>>

okay genius, this time you won’t have other complaints

in a magic land where, by effect of magic, a single tree can be born. A tree that can speak human language even without a mouth… wait, how come i could hear your voice in the forest

<<i am a tree, and i am every tree. where there’s a single tree there i am>>

So why you said the forest couldn’t do as settings?

<<that would have been anticlimatic>>

okay i have enough of you, do your presentation and let’s move on

<<once upon a time, when humans still had to be born….>>


<<okay, okay… what a temper. So i am Lezs, i’ll be in charge of the italian translation of that slime story that you all like. Personal information about me are….>>

Ok that’s all. Hope you enjoyed

ps. I’ll be adding an italian version of the presentation soon

ps. aggiungero a breve una versione italiana della presentazione

2 thoughts on “Lezs Team

  1. welcome

    never thought that the introduction of each team is soooooo interesting…..the magician is funny…this one is also funny
    well at least the one in english language……


  2. if you’re interested in getting some help, I was looking to translate some novels like this one in italian for a circle of friends, so I’d join jour circus club and help you out with these translations
    a green translator with good english knowledge has asked to join join your party – YES/NO?


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