Currently, the project is being translated in six languages. If you are interested in translating the project into another language and would like to join the Circus Translation team, please contact the Clown at translatedbyaclown@outlook.com

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7002981-grunge-italian-flag             New canvas


22 thoughts on “Language Selection

  1. Oh great. Now non-english chapters are going to be showing up on my RSS feed. Ah well, it’s not a big inconvenience I guess—just a minor complaint.


    1. Sorry for that. Would you like me to mark them somehow? Like adding (German) at the end of the post name? I mean, it wouldn’t change that you still get the notification but at least you’d know immediately that it’s not interesting for you.
      I’m the guy in charge of the German project btw. 😉


      1. Hmm, so you charge of german project that nice, and can i ask strange question for you ? you really translate this novel from Japanese to German or translate from english ?


      2. We translate the English version to German. I can’t speak japanese. 😦
        We try our best to make it understandable, logical and fluent though. 🙂


      3. Haha, I think he only got problems with the notifications. Just the fact that the title isn’t in English should be enough telling that it’s not an English release


  2. We’re going on a world tour! Clown Circus Crews pack your belongings, circus equipments and costumes, and tickets are now available (free-of-charge), for everyone, unlimited amount of time!

    And Clown san, may Rimuru bless your soul / obliterate you for finding that picture :3

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    1. Now we just need Chinese, Russian and Arabic 🙂
      And only now, just this decade, if you ask nicely you can even have knives thrown at you, by a guy sitting on a talking bears shoulder, who is balancing on a clown doing a handstand while riding a unicycle.
      Fear not, for it is completely safe… maybe :/

      I think I have seen that picture in the beginning of the new chapter of the manga.


      1. Sorry, that one was drafter before the non English translators joined. I’ll start working on another one soon–ETA a month or two… By the way, I do accept submission for banners 🙂 it has to be 1280 x 540 or that ratio 🙂


      2. It wasn’t a real complaint^^
        And you may accept submissions, but you probably don’t accept stick figures, which would be the best I could paint 😛
        Are you gonna add the Chinese and Russian teams beforehand?^^


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