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  1. salut je suis nouveau et j’aimerai vous aidée pour les traduction du projet Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. je travaille actuellement sur la traduction du chapitre 4


  2. Hello to the Circus.
    I’m just done with the 136 chapters of the completed Arcs of TSSDK, and you guys did an amazing job.
    But if I’m writing this, it’s not only to congratulate you, but also to have your approval on a fic project.

    First of all, do you know if the author is fine with fanfictions being written about his work?

    I’m part of the Infinite Time Loops community. We basically write about a multiverse stuck in perpetual time loops, with random variants and crossovers inbetween universes happening from time to time. Basically, you can perfectly come across Nazguls going into battle with pink tutus, Luke Skywalker using a Gundam to blow up the Death Star, or The Hero of Kvatch/Sheogorath from TES: Oblivion throwing cheese at a spaceship in a pure ASDF Movie fashion (I actually wrote that one ^^).

    I was thinking about having TSSDK loop, with Rimuru as Anchor (prime looper, always remembering the time jumps), and slowly joined in the loops by the rest of his crew.
    He would get to experience his own universe in an infinity of different settings, some quite disturbing. For exemple, a benevolent and actually good Yuuki for a loop would confuse him to no end.

    So, as the only link I have to the author, I must ask you and through you, him… would this be acceptable?


    1. It looks at the page associated with Clown and you will be able to see that they have a letter of permission of the same Fuse-Sensei.

      In the personal thing, I do not believe that they are doing badly and therefore should say it without knowing if they have or not the permission what, after everything, without permission, would be completely illegal to do this work of translation.

      My english is not very good :V


  3. Is there a way to get in touch with Fuse, to try and help get these out faster (Illustrating, cleaning, translating, etc)?


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