215 thoughts on “Projects

    1. I’ve just been assuming that it is someone trying to make a random humorous interjection, which ironically was cut off to the next page, increasing confusion while undermining its original purpose. But…

      it could just be some stupid bot or some annoying person trying to convince people to use a service from the website that is their name.

      But that would be stupid and annoying, so I just pretend it is a joke.

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    2. Yukka if you did your profile picture yourself. I reccomend that you switch the night background to the bottom as it darkens your beautiful face.


    1. Well, just translate the Japanese ones to English using Google Translate. You’ll have a nasty headache and nosebleed for the horrible computerized translations but nonetheless, you’ll get spoilers.


  1. Hi!

    Just here to say two things,
    Great translations!
    And here’s another idea for a new project you could do. It’s called Re:Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu and its not been translated much. It’s got a plot similar to ‘Groundhog Day’ (if you’ve seen it) but different.

    I know I’m being a little selfish but please listen to my request.


      1. Please don’t take the translation of your recommendation for granted. Clown said that she will keep it in mind. In other words, nothing is set in stone yet.


  2. Duck you Clown!!
    No, I’m not talking about you. I’m taking about the Clown on touhou 15-LoLK. Yeah the one who use moons, that one, that Clown, damned, and i can’t remember how many times i died fighting that Clown.


      1. Well…I can’t say that you won’t. Realistically, the worst thing that could happen would be you getting a DMCA infringement notice requesting content to be taken down. However, there are lots of factors that go into this, so do proceed at your own risk.


      2. I am not the author, I am also a translator. Only the author can give permission to translate. Unauthorized translation would be a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)


  3. I’m new to web novels, so, this may be a dumb question. What’s the difference between light novels and web novels?

    Thank for translating~!


    1. Light Novels are officially published and printed, and in it’s more officially accepted definition is generally aimed for teens and young adults (13-25). Web Novels are any novel available online.


  4. Just here to thank all the good souls working on this translation, This is a job well done, but we actually enjoyed the Translation Corner with those hilarious jokes (of both English Clown and French Pierrot) as well as the delightful story later on, To be honest we enjoyed it as much as Rimuru’s adventures.



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