The web novel is being translated with written permission from the author until stated otherwise. The translated copy of the letter received from Fuse-sensei via’s message system can be viewed here.

Here you will find the chapters translated by the Clown for [Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken], or in English, “Regarding Reincarnated to Slime” (official title) by Fuse-sensei. The official web novel can be accessed at this link.

Introduction: Mikami Satoru is a successful, 37 year old adult who has two problems: he has never had a girlfriend; and, while meeting his colleague on the street, Satoru got fatally stabbed. The result? He has reincarnated as a slime. Will that be his third misfortune or a blessing?


In collaboration with: Guro, Lion Mask san

For members of teams please see the About page.


Empowerment Arc (PDF and EPUB – courtesy of randomperson)
Prologue – Death and Reincarnation
001. Let’s see what I can do
002. First Contact
003. First Conversation
004. First Friend
005. Trouble Stirring
006. Skill Acquisition
007. First Battle
008. The Power in my Hands
009. Negotiating with the Goblins
010. The Battle of the Goblin Village
011. Evolving Monsters
012. Preparing our Environment

013. To the Dwarf Kingdom 
014. Trouble (Wuxia)
015. A Deal with the Guards (Wuxia)
016. The Dwarf Blacksmith (Wuxia)
017. The Outcome of the Promise (Wuxia)
018. The End of Turmoil
Extra: Bagworm Gobuta (Guro) [Will Edit]
019. Return to the Village (Guro)
020. Towards the Village’s Revival (Guro)
021. New Movement (Guro) 

022. The Adventurers who finally arrived 
023. Flame Giant (Guro)
024. Reminiscence ~ Funeral March
025. Transforming into a Human! (Guro)
026. New Abilities
Extra: Light Novel Illustrations (Guro)

Forest Disturbance Arc (PDF and EPUB – courtesy of randomperson)
027. The Ogre Tribe

028. Jobs
029. Lizardmen’s Invasion
030. Envoy
031. Emergency Meeting
032. Stage Curtain Rises
033. Audience 
034. The Outbreak of War
035.  War Preparations
036. Participating in the War (Guro)
037. Encounter – Benimaru & Ranga 
038. Devil Gelmudo (Guro)
039. Gears of Fate
040. Orc Disaster (Guro)
041. Predator 
042. Jura Forest’s Great Alliance 
043. War Reparations
044. And thus we finished the city
Extra: Map
Extra: Light Novel Illustrations

Life in the Royal Capital Arc (PDF and EPUB – courtesy of randomperson)
045. Those who Observe

046. A Country’s name and two treaties
047. A City’s Specialty 
048. Demon Lords’ Invasion
049. Hurricane Milim
050. Frontier Garrison 
051.To the human city
052. Journey 
053. Freedom Association
054. Business ~Start of a Trade
055. Adventurer Registration 
056. Ingrasia Kingdom 
057. To Learn Magic (Guro)
058. The Summoned ~ those who are called heroes ~ 
059. The Church Moved
060. A bit sudden, but let’s have a test
061. The First Dungeon Conquest (Guro)

062. A Spirit is… 
063. Children and Ghosts 
064. Last days in the Royal Capital 
Extra: Light Novel Illustrations

Birth of a Demon Lord Arc (EPUB – courtesy of randomperson)
065. Prelude to the Disaster

066. Chance Meeting 
067. Forest’s Assailants
068. Soul and Hope (Guro)
069. Birth of a Demon Lord (Guro)
070. Harvest Festival 
071. I, the one who had sprouted
072. Upon Awakening

073. The Freed One
074. Veldora
075. Conference
076. Conference ・ Main Act
077. Ramiris’ report
078. Demon Lords 
079. Dino and Dagruel
080. The incident before the Banquet (Guro)
081. The Banquet
082. Equality in Death (Guro)
083. Eight-Star Demon Lords
Extra. Volume 5 Illustrations
Extra. Volume 6 Illustrations (Guro)

Extra. Character Introductions (Guro)

Saint Demon Confrontation Arc (EPUB – courtesy of randomperson)
084. The Downfall of Falmas Kingdom (Guro)

085. Words that reached
086. He who moves in the dark
087. The Holy City
088. Towards a second encounter
089. Different Plans
090. vs Holy Knights pt. 1 (Guro)
091. vs Holy Knights pt. 2
092. vs Holy Knights pt. 3 (Guro)
093. vs Holy Knights pt. 4 
094. Mastermind
095. Complete Victory (Guro)
096. Chance to Speak
097. Compensation and future relations!

Illustrations for Volume 7/This arc, big shout out to Luthfi san 

Founding the Demon Capital Arc (EPUB – courtesy of randomperson)
098. Letters of Invitation
099. Tournament Preparations
100. Underground Labyrinth
101. Smooth Plan
102. Audience with Monsters (Guro)
103. Demon Slaves
104. The Night Before
105. Preliminary Round
106. Tournament – Finals Part 1 (Guro)
107. Tournament – Finals Part 2 (Guro)
108. Tournament – Finals Part 3 (Guro)
109. Tournament – Finals Part 4 
110. Tournament – Finals Part 5
111. Tournament – Finals Part 6 
112. Tournament – Finals Part 7 (Guro)
113. Tournament – Finals Part 8 (Guro)
114. Tournament – Finals Part 9 (Guro)
115. Underground Labyrinth Exploration Party (Guro)
116. Evaluation Conference
117. Smooth Sailing
118. Labyrinth and Trust (Guro)
119. How to enjoy a dungeon

Demon Lords’ Gambit Arc (EPUB – courtesy of randomperson)
120. Setting Off
121. Hinata and the Kids
122. Hinata and Yuuki
123. Predestined Fate (Guro)
124. Birth of a Hero
125. The Memories of the Hero (Guro)
126. The Rebellion’s Beginning
127. Excuse and Reflection (Guro)

128. Alliance of Three Kingdoms
129. Yuuki Subjugation Raid
130. A sudden invitation
131. Demon Lord Leon
132. Kagurazaka Yuuki (Guro)
133. Leon vs Yuuki – Part 1
134. Leon vs Yuuki – Part 2 (Guro)
135. After the Incident
136. Eastern Empire

Empire’s Invasion Arc
137. A Year of Progress Part 1 Part 2
138. A request from the council
139. The Whole Story of the Assembly (Guro)
140. Research Results (Guro)
141. An Unexpected Guest (Guro)
142. Military Affairs
143. Circus (Kuma or Clown) (Unedited) (Guro san’s edited version)

144.Underground Labyrinth Capture –Enforcer Scout Platoon- (Guro)
145.Underground Labyrinth Capture-Capture of Irresistible Force- (Guro)
146.Underground Labyrinth Capture –Outcome and Conclusion- (Guro)
147. The Empire that starts to move(Guro)
148. A Decision made too late
149. Night before the war begins (Guro)
150.Expectations that became True (and a little extra)
151.Great war outbreak -Start- (Guro)
152.Great war oubreak -Agitation and resolution- (guro) (unedited) / (edited)
153. Great War Outbreak -Beginning of trampling- (Unedited) (Edited)
154. Great War Outbreak -The Smiling Demon- (Guro)(Unedited) / (edited)
155.First Victory and the Enemy’s Main Forces(unedited)
156. The conference in the dungeon (Guro) (Lion san)
157.The battle in the dungeon (Unedited, kinda.)
158.The absolute strongest in the dungeon (lion san)
159. The defensive battle of the Capital (Kinda Edited?)  (Lion san)
160.The Clean-up slaughter (Kinda edited) (Lion san)
161.The Demon lord’s work isn’t a gods. (Man this one took a while) (Lion San)
Intermission. Shinji’s situation  (Somebody’s)

Ryuma Clash Arc/Clash of the Dragons and Demon Arc

162. Rewards and Evolution Part 1 (Gato san and Alfha san)
163. Rewards and Evolution Part 2 (Lion san)
164. Rewards and Evolution Part 3 (Lion san)
165. The out-of-control gears
166.The Imperial capital’s Coup d’etat
167. The Segregation point of the era 
168 Guy・Crimson
169. Negotiation with Guy
170. The Tranquil Tea Party
171.Clash! Strom Dragon vs Scorching Dragon -Prelude- (Coming to you live soon 😀 )


5,447 thoughts on “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken – Chapter List

  1. i hope somebody out there do transfer this in anime..cos it will be epic ..i really need to see rimuru in anime now day kinda not my taste too many harem here and there with no plot whatsover …ahhhhh deep sign …. thank you so much for the least my crave on epic master piece is cure a bit

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    1. “plus anime now day kinda not my taste too many harem here and there with no plot whatsover”

      well because majority anime fans who spend their money to buy the figurine, BD version Anime and manga via legal way is those who really love porn and fan service (Ecchi and Hentai).

      well majority not everyone.

      probably in 2 0r 5 years till we can see anime.
      since manga only at the meeting between souei and Lizardman chief tribe (Later named by rimuru as Abil).


      1. I’d argue that the fan-service addicts are a minority. I’d rather believe the majority are either people who don’t like the fan-service and trudge through for the story, or the people who don’t mind/notice fan-service because it’s everywhere these days. The reason it is present is often a marketing ploy to pander for those few more $$

        I do have to say, a vocal or actively horrible minority is not a majority. The “few bad apples” mentality does create bad stereotypes that many of us face in one way or another.


        As for fan-service where it isn’t needed or wanted, I couldn’t finish watching Rosario+Vampire because they added fan-service in to an distastefully high amount. The manga, while being a “looser gets a harem and powers up” story did contain some fan-service.

        Fan-service is like salt or sugar in certain recipes. Sometimes the recipe calls for a lot of one or the other to save the dish. Sometimes using a lot ruins the dish. Sometimes the dish is good without either. Finally, sometimes it can be used to gently or greatly enhance the flavor without excessive use.


      2. @Beardpai when I say majority , I mean those who pay money to purchase bd dvd, manga, figurine etcetera in order to support the author.
        Do you know why otaku anime in japan is despised by society.
        Because most otaku anime in japan love to fap and even proudly spke that their wife is an anime or kanga character.
        Sorry but i”m not gonna include leecher who only read manga illegally , watch and download anime in illegal way as otaku you know.


  2. There is plenty of “plot” Sun X. What are you talking about. Just because it isn’t the plot you’re looking for doesn’t mean that there isn’t “plot”.


      1. Ah yeah, thanks for the heads up, I did in a 10 minutes duration after writing this on the page, have my head going and check Guro; read it up to chapter 198.
        What happened to Clown and Pierrot though? I used to enjoy their notes at the start of each chapters, but then it dwindles into nothingness


  3. Howdy Howdy. Anyone got pdf or mobi files for later arcs with none. Or alternatively, do you have a way to convert them for free on a windows computer. Many thanks.


  4. Clown-san.. I plan to translate your translation to my own language (Indonesia). I ask for your permission. may I? I plan to start translating around March. thanks


  5. uh…im having a hard time trying to imagine guy crimson’s physical appearance…’s like both man and woman, has this kind of “bewitching” feel, tried to kiss Leon……but that picture…..ugh, idk anything anymore, my head hurts…..


    1. After reading TL corner till 99, i developed a clown-fear….why clowns are scary?
      I do love her stories though 🙂 clown-san, thanks for your entertaining stories.


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