142. Military Affairs

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142. Military Affairs

I must also name the dolls Ramiris has been mass-producing.
Magical energy has coiled around their demon steel bones, giving birth to something like muscles. Even so, their birth—their completion—is still ways off.
Furthermore, cultivating these monsters in a Cultivation Capsule further increases their strength by 1.5-2 times.
And, of course, the time required for higher monsters is greater than for lesser ones.
If you tried to accelerate the process, you would get an inferior monster, and naught can be done about that.
Of these capsule dolls, we have only finished but a thousand so far.
But time has yet to pass for them to be born.
And we expect them to be high class monsters.
Worst case scenario, they will only be stronger that Gelmudo… so they are a terrifying force.
In other words, we are mass producing A ranked monsters.
In human terms, we are producing monsters equivalent to a Templar Knight.
And that is their force at birth—O! How I long to see how strong they can grow!
Oh, surely you want to know whether a soul could dwell within?
So long as you etch a core into them, it will fill with magic energy.
Thus we are ignoring the point of creating souls for them, and instead giving them a jump-start.
Perhaps they will be mere shells of might but no mind.
Should that happen, we only need to make use of Sarion’s possession skills, to have common foot soldiers take control of them.
Ramiris did recommend having Beretta link into them and command this great host, but with his processing power it may prove difficult.
Moreover, Beretta is Ramiris’ subordinate.
Can’t keep depending on him.
And he also has the responsibility of guarding the Dungeon, which he certainly cannot abandon.
But these points we can fret about when they are complete.

I sigh upon returning to my office.
There are too many things to consider.

The first corps.
Gobuta will be the commander, and Hakurou will advise him.
Affiliated with the first corps are…
———-Ogre wolves, 100 members. Evolved from the combination of Wolf Riders and Star Wolves. Their battle power is at A rank [EP: 9,000 ~ 9,900] and they will serve as captains of this corps.
———-Green numbers, 12,000 members. They have been split into a host of 4,000 members, comprising three teams. Their numbers have increased greatly over the past year, so they will be put to good use. The majority of them come as warriors from the many tribes in my domain. Even so, they are B rank [EP: 5,000~6,000] and are a splendid fighting force.

Next, the second corps.
Under direct command of Gerudo, and the primary strength of Tempest.
Affliated with the second corps are…
———-Yellow Numbers, 2,000 members. These are the High Orcs serving under Gerudo. Individually they are strong B+ rank [EP: 7,500~8,000]. They are also able to unite with Gerudo to become a single shield. We reorganized them into teams and assigned captains.
———-Orange Number, 35,000 members. Recently “born” high-orcs. They are C ranked. However, only 15,000 will participate in combat with a 20,000 support and engineer corps.

The third corps.
Vice-commander Gabil will lead them, launching air raids upon the enemy.
The affiliated members are
———-Hiryuu, 100 members. These are, on average, the strongest unit in Tempest. A rank [EP: 9,500~9,900], but coordinate their attacks extremely well. There are some among them who are surpassing A rank as well. Their trump card being『Battle Dragon Transformation』
———-Blue Numbers, 3,000 members. Comprised solely of new applicants from the lizardmen. They are only C ranked. But that be not their true strength. Nay, their power lies in their ability to mount the Wyverns and take to the skies. In fact, this division has the ability to completely dominate the air space. Even within Tempest, they are a secret division.
***By the way, Wyvern is a lesser dragon species. These B+ beasts we acquired with the help of Milim.

Standing above all of these are three divisions of absolute power.
With the supreme commander Benimaru at the top.
Benimaru has full control over every force, such that not even I could command them.
But it seems that Raphael-sensei linked thoughts with Benimaru, so it’s not like my will is not being carried out.
Benimaru’s personal cohort is a group of 100 members of Crimson.
Crimson is a group of A rank monsters focusing on strength and truly possess ridiculous abilities. I attended one of their practice sessions, and while raw power wise they may only be at Gelmudo’s level–level does not mean everything. Oh, their current “level” would match the Templar Knights.
The problem is that one’s level is determined by how much energy one possesses.
Their strength is basically determined at the moment of birth. And Tempest did attempt to inculcate greater strength.
Of course, in reality, energy does not define your actual strength.
Who can doubt Hakurou’s strength despite his little energy?
And the captains of Crimson endured Hakurou’s hellish training. They are a very dependable force.

Then there’s Souei’s information squad.
100 members of Darkness, was it?
To be honest, I only know four of their members. They do specialize in espionage, after all.
Souei said they have zero fighting strength, but I don’t believe him. He does carry out assassinations after all.
Souei has sole and exclusive control over them, and few even know of them.
Truth be told, they are kinda frightening, and their name comes up only in rumors.
Oh, and I’ll have Souei supervise the Third Corps as well. Information gathering could be done extremely well from the sky you see.
However, Souei can only command if Benimaru issues such an order.
Of course, Souei is not the kind of person to ignore chain of command and issue orders without authorization.
Oh, and you may have noticed: there is not a single group over which I have direct control.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my guard, Shion’s Yomigaeri.
These individuals continued training even while suffering mortal wounds, and have reached a rank of B+ [EP: 8,000~8,500].
The most efficient division.
They have developed splendidly since fighting the Templars, and may soon reach A rank.
Though currently the most powerful are the Hiryuu, the Yomigaeri are capable of surpassing them.
As they cannot die, they are perfect for buying time.
And no, I did not choose them as my personal guard; the other members did.
Let me add: I will not issue them orders. They exist to serve them, and will, of course, obey every one of my words.
So did Shion happily report to me.
To be honest, it feels like I’m babysitting a bunch of uncontrollable kids… I can’t tell her that, can I?
You know, you have to wear a façade at times like this.
Oh, but Shion will be issuing them orders.
They are her personal squad… her fan-club.
They are not a fighting force we mean to rely on, and their ability is rather unknown, but is this really okay? None of them will seriously die, I hope.
Shion has been raising them in secret, so I don’t know how powerful they are. Well, surely there are no more than a thousand of them, and they won’t be on the front lines.
Dagrule’s children will be the captains, as they performed admirably during the fight between Leon and Yuuki. I guess I can depend on them… maybe…
By the way, the Dwarf King has sent a formal letter of gratitude for Shion’s assistance then.
Seems like she actually diligently carried out her duties then.

Such are the current state of military affairs in Tempest.
Then there’s Diablo.
He left to travel with the words “I’ll be searching for those worthy of following you!”
He helped resolve the matter with Hinata nicely, and he’s getting more and more involved in domestic policies.
Sure, he loves to fight, and maybe that’s what I should leave him to do.
But peace will surely return after we defeat the Eastern Empire, and I’d rather he focus on domestic affairs at that point. At the moment, he seems more interested than Rigurdo.
But that doesn’t mean I can relax just yet. What if he suddenly goes out and creates an absolute monarchy around me or raises taxes to 90%? Life isn’t a game where you can just mess around like that.

In summary, these are current Tempest forces:
Gobuta’s corps: approximately 12,000 members.
Gerudo’s corps: approximately 37,000 members.
Gabil’s corps: approximately 3,000 members.
We number nearly ten legions strong.
But this is our entire standing army.
If you think about, the majority of the second corps are engineers who are not really fit for combat.
That does not mean that I think our army suffers numerically.
But it’s not enough to counter the Eastern Empire.
For this reason, we have decided to send out “invitations” to nearby monsters.
At this point, every power under my domain has received an invitation. Their arrival is now but a matter of time.
Since figuring out their placement ahead of time may prove difficult, we may just have to do it once the war starts.
We do plan to resort to them only if we are unable to win with the standing army, but…
Oh, and we forecast the summoned to number roughly 50,000.
This shall become the Forth Corps, the Crimson Numbers.
Under Benimaru’s direct control.
He has the『Generalissimo』skill he can use to control them effectively, so none are better fit than he.

Then there are the mercenary troops from the Council.
The fact that Tempest’s defeat means the invasion and destruction of every country neighboring the Jura forest forced the countries to give us their full support.
As such, mercenary troops from those countries just keep coming and coming.
Templar Knight Arnaud is overseeing them.
There are currently 30,000 such mercenary troops. If they keep coming I wonder if we’ll be able to feed them all.
For the time being, we’ll set up a garrison in the south-east border. Ruberius will guard the north-east border.
Northwest region is under no threat of invasion at the moment, so they left primarily border guards there.
Considering that 30,000 mercenaries sounds like too big of a number, I have a feeling that countries actually sent their knights here as well. The threat of complete destruction must have been that effective.
Arnaud concluded that

「I am of the opinion that the 30,000 have come from nearby countries. The rest have been delayed.
I think we could expect at total force of about 60,000 members here」

Knights and mercenaries of every country…
Add up to only that much… is that few or many, I do not know.

Last but not least, there’s the adventurer’s guarding the Adventurer’s city inside our dungeon.
These volunteer soldiers risk their lives protecting the dungeon-city—so they are fools who keep getting killed by our avatars.
They too can be of use, so I decided to have Masayuki command them.

「Why me?」

He asked with a pained expression, but he’s the kind of guy who can actually produce good results.
He’s pretty reliable at times like this.
Oh, the volunteer troops number 10,000. There’s a surprising number of them.
Well, considering that the Dungeon will be on hold—it will go in sleep mode, so people can’t be slacking off there—this is for their own good.
We promised to take care of their sustenance, but there’s rumors of a reward as well.
I have a feeling that Souei spread these rumors, but it just may be a good idea to pay them.

Thus our country’s standing army of 50,000. The monsters in my domain, 50,000.
Mercenaries from other countries, 60,000. Adventurers 10,000.
Together we are a great host of 170,000 warriors.
We’re currently only at 50% of the expected mark, but fret not, preparations proceed smoothly.
* * *
At the same time, the Empire was gathering strength.
For as long as Tempest, nay longer even, they have been preparing.
And now they have finished their preparations.
And this Great Leviathan awoke, and in its rage caused great destruction…


140. Research Results (Guro)

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 140
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Research Results

My diet had become more diverse.
Previously, with every meal, the dessert had been fruit, but now there was also cake.
Ah, it’s wonderful to be alive. I had decided to make Sunday and other public holidays special because I had grown tired of eating too much everyday.
It was a satisfying life. When I had just reincarnated into a Slime, I had never thought about leading such a luxurious lifestyle.
If there are no problems with the East Empire, I could immerse myself in my hobby but………..

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139. The Whole Story of the Assembly (Guro)

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 139
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The Whole Story of the Assembly

Yesterday’s cake was delicious.
Therefore, I will visit again in order to heal my weary mind after the tiring conference.
As expected of the royal capital of Ingrasia Kingdom where the Freedom Association’s Headquarters was located.
Yuuki actually did a good job.
He searched for “World Travelers” and sheltered them. Not just people with high ability but those with knowledge and those familiar with technology as well. Since I was mainly obsessed with food, I could learn something from this.
To be honest, there was no satisfaction in a meal at the level of a frontier village. Modern Japan was too luxurious.
Only one boiled potato every day and a tasteless soup made with bitter grass. Such meal was the norm.
Because salt was a high-class item, food that had flavor was precious.
Even bread, since it was eaten when hard, would be nothing more than a hardship.To try and improve the food was a very natural action, but whether or not it was possible was different issue.
Just like with me, the images formed with the knowledge of the former world might not be conveyed properly to the other party. It would be certain that there would be many attempted trial and errors between a “World Traveler” with common sense and the other party.
I could pretty much estimate that much.
Thanks to their efforts, I could eat a cake, even in this world.
Although the reason I came to Ingrasia Kingdom’s royal capital was to participate in the Council’s conference, I believed this issue could be more important than that.

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138. A request from the council

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138. A request from the council

The Council is a collusion of the countries that surround the Great Jura Forest.
With congressmen selected from each country, a monthly meeting was held in the Ingrasia Kingdom.
If one had to describe it, the congressmen met first to control profit, and second to manage operations of their countries.
When I say profit, I mean more: damage control and monster control.
There’s also the need to balance the trade of country specialties, but because speculations and policies of individual countries often get lumped in, these discussions are often difficult.
In addition, on the agenda is aid for victims of famine and monster attacks.
Issuing subjugation requests to the Freedom Association to mitigate future harm is also the job of the council.
Operation funds are from member countries, the amount they pay is proportional to the country’s size.
Along with this financial burden is the opportunity to increase the number of one’s congressmen. In other words, gain more say in the council. For example, a large country would need to pay three times as much, but sends three times as many congressmen.
This doesn’t have a direct effect on one’s nation, but does allow a country to show off its power.
As one’s voice in the council increases, so does the opportunity to get preferential treatment. Thus, even though one would profit from the meeting itself, there is profit to be made there.

There is also a minimum membership fee, failing to meet which results in expulsion.
Expulsion means no help during emergencies… a death sentence for smaller countries. The decision to expel a member is also made by the majority, which simply solidified the power of the larger countries.
Membership fees are expensive, and the largest Farmas Kingdom was recently destroyed.
And then there was the recent chaos regarding the Freedom Association. As such, it’s natural for the council to panic a bit.
And now terrible news have reached the council.

There’s movement in the Eastern Empire!

This was enough to throw the council into full-blown panic.
The council, currently amidst secession and confusion, was faced with a danger capable of eliminating every country.

The one who summarized the situation was the Ingrasia Kingdom’s congressman.
For the kingdoms to be in disarray just as empire’s beginning to move, this might be the worst case scenario.
To the royalty and legislator of each nation this was a self-evident truth.
If, a certain small nation were to submit to the empire’s scheme, the other nations would follow in suit. At that time, the remaining country’s defeat would be all but certain.
3 years ago, smart countries had already begun preparations in response to the Eastern Empire’s movement. However, matching the Empire’s military might with their own did not go well.
Therefore, the main agenda of the day was the formation of an alliance against the Empire.

That day’s agenda was looking rough.
Amongst them was the chairman of the Freedom Arbitration Committee was Hinata Sakaguchi.

While a large country can sustain a standby army, a small country cannot afford to do so in times of peace.
While hiring mercenaries at times of war has been a common practice, with every nation stockpiling fighting power simultaneously, they simply ran out of people to hire.
Thus, some of them suggested that every nation should send a portion of their fighting power to form a private army under the direct control of the council

「In other words, aside from the parliament guards, the council should also have an army!
During times of peace they would be used for patrolling and monster countermeasures.
Now that the Freedom Association is no more, it should be possible to hire adventurers as soldiers through the Freedom Arbitration Committee, what do you think? 」

This proposition was also the main topic of today’s conversation.
For some time silence dominated the council. Monster countermeasures has also been handled by paying the Freedom Association a certain amount. The name of the supplier may have changed, but that’s about it.
Donations and support has been given to the church, from the Council’s funds.
In exchange for the aid, the committee has managed to handle monsters without relying greatly on foreign troops. As a result, monster damages has been greatly lowered as compared to previously. [1]
ED Note: You sure it’s not just the monsters and the church in cahoots?

Thus the congressman demanded people to patrol and a permanent standing army.
Hinata looked at the congressman in amazement, and sighed.

「So, you’re saying that the Adventurers affiliated with the Freedom Arbitration Committee, will be forced under the control of the council? 」

Hiding her tired expression, Hinata asked the congressman.
Certainly, there are funds in the council. However, it isn’t a large amount.
Previously, the council would determine payment based on the rank of the monster the adventurer would face. The Freedom Arbitration Associaion, on the other hand, subjugates monsters as part of their faith, and require no other reward.
But with the funds that the council already had, the council wouldn’t even be able to treat every citizen to a meal. To impose a duty upon free men and women for such a meager amount is akin to treating humans as dogs.
The Freedom Association was an association that had no ties to any country. Therefore, by paying a certain amount of tax, the association had gained the right to settle in a country.
Of course, their stance is a neutral one.
When natural disasters such as monster outbreaks occur, a mobilization order per the agreement with the country would be issued, and they would cooperate with forced affiliated with the country.
However, wars are not natural disasters. There’s no reason for adventurers to join a country in a way.

Sure, directors may have changed and several adjustments were implemented, nut there’s fundamentally no change from the Freedom Association era. Or rather, by being incorporated with the church, the organization’s strength has increased and now rivals that of a nation.
The congressman’s remark of giving the council direct control over adventurers was absolutely absurd.

However, the circumstances have changed.
The countries feared that, even if they joined hands with the Freedom Arbitration Committee, they still would be unable to repel invaders.
Hinata was aware of this.
The intelligence gathering ability of the man from the Burmund Kingdom, Fuse, was high. The details of each country’s inner workings had been reported to Hinata in advance.
Thus, she decided to assess the attitude of the other party without flat out denying them.
As if facing a roaring waterfall, Hinata watched a portion of the legislators nod vigorously, and

「Precisely. As Legislator Giaban mentioned, it is natural for us to unite and face an unprecedented danger. We presume the association agrees? 」
「’Tis true, a good plan. As the Arbitration Committee, you can’t overlook this crisis either can you?
It’s natural for fellow humans to cooperate. Wouldn’t you agree? 」

And so on.
Probably through a secret agreement, murmurs of approval rose simultaneously.
Not everyone was included, however there were no objections from the rest of the legislators. Besides, having trouble with commandeering at times of war was a problem many countries shared.
So, many probably expect a prompt rejection, but can’t help but try to get some free soldiers this way.
But it all proceeded brilliantly within Hinata’s expectations, and in lieu with the evidence.
Now then, what to do? Hinata thought. Or rather, the answer’s a given.

Accept, or reject.
It’s easy to flat out reject them. To begin with, they’re on equal footing—they can’t be forced to accept.
Sure the point is to protect each other, but this is nonetheless a relation of give and take. The Association isn’t so weak that they must follow.
And even if she does reject, there’s no country among them that has the authority (now) to expel a nation refusing military support. The current council simply couldn’t continue to exist if they were to lose even a single taxpayer.
Moreover, the association is indispensable to the council—they prevent illegal activities and suppress criminals.
Only one group has such influence as to force other countries from the council—what was known as the Freedom Association, and what is now the Freedom Arbitration Association.
However, if this ends with a rejection, then the relation between the Association and the council will turn bitter.

I refuse! I want to say, but they won’t take this lying down.
Moreover, if the Association does not cooperate with the council, then they won’t be able to match the Eastern Empire.
Being callously commanded around is repugnant, and yet it’s hard to reject this. What a pain.
Then must they accept?
This will likely be seen as the Association’s fall from grace. No doubt within a year, the Association will be forced to lick the Council’s feet.
This must absolutely be avoided. Considering future relations with the group of countries, an equal relation must be maintained.
Sure it’s hard, but the Association must refuse.
But there’s no way she can simply accept.
And Thus, Hinata made a suggestion.
She suggested that they…
In response to the council’s request, I have come to the Ingrasia Kingdom.
I’ve been given a VIP treatment, they’re prepared a hotel of the highest class. Right now, I wander in the castle town.
I brought Benimaru and Souei along. Also Shuna. It’ll be troublesome if I bring too many, but this should be fine.
Shion is busy training the subordinates, and Gerudo has taken command of various constructions.
As for Diablo, he’s been out clearing whatever remains of Farmas. He’s been saying something about gathering his protégé… whatever that means.
Well, they’ll come immediately if I call them, and it’s not like there’s work for them to do here, so I let them do as they please.
And that’s why the four of us travelled to the Ingrasia Kingdom.

We’ve look around at various shops, and Shuna was especially interested in window-shopping the latest clothes and decoration.
Benimaru has been acting vigilantly as my guard.
Souei has been lurking about, giving me reports from the shadows.
Speaking of shadows, it’s been lonely now that Ranga no longer dwells in my shadows–he’s with Gobuta.
Gobuta has been called to train with Karion, and he suddenly broke into tears, saying he was going to be killed. With a “it can’t be helped”-kind-of-feel, Ranga joined him, but his tail was clear: Ranga too was depressed…
Oh, but I’m pretty sure Ranga likes Gobuta.
And all’s swell when they are doing well.
While enjoying a meal in the Ingrasia kingdom, we exchanged opinions about the upcoming council meeting.
Shuna’s holding on to the clothing I bought her happily, and is rather talkative. It’s fun to see such a difference, compared to the sad-excuse-for-a-secretary Shion.
Doesn’t seem like she was listening to us at all though, but I don’t think it matters much.
Honestly, I actually don’t give a damn about the council. I came out here with Shuna and Benimaru today to give them a well deserved break.
So unlike Souei who’s always on some business trip, I would like to give Benimaru and Shuna a chance to enjoy the world.
And that’s why we’re giddily discussing tomorrow’s agenda.

「So, Souei. What’s the agenda of tomorrow’s meeting?」

Souei then let us know.
Contrary to our expectations, seems like there’s a dragon rampaging somewhere, the appearance of a mysterious demon lord… or so Souei’s subordinates gathered.
Doesn’t Souei like to work hard!
Becoming something like shadow-beings, his troops were collecting information non-stop lately.So the reason for our invitation should already be known by Souei.
And by now everyone knows that I rely on Souei for info gathering.

「Well, we’ve already got the gist of it. We relied on records of country strengths and our own hypotheses…」
「Ah, spare us the details. So, why were we invited?
We’ve been treated as a national guest, but they probably want something.
I wonder is it because of the train? Do they want it in each country?
Since we would need to lay rails… it would be impossible even if they asked 」
「Perhaps, they want our help because a war is about to start?
The only ones we’re obligated to help is the Burmund Kingdom?」
「Ah, the empire. There’s that too. It’s about time huh」

Benimaru and I talked about important matters casually.
Shuna isn’t here at the moment, so no one can stop us from divulging state secrets in a café.
But thanks to a barrier we’ve erected earlier, no one can hear us anyways.

「What Benimaru said is correct.
However, it does seem that the train has also became quite the hot topic. To those who couldn’t imagine such a thing, that is. Some merchants contacted Myormiles-dono, but he’s not one that an be bought.
The main matter will be on Eastern Empire’s invasion, and possibility of Tempest’s support.」
「How unfortunate that they want our power and not the train… Well, I am planning on crushing the empire, but is there a reason for us not to accept?」
「Ay. Actually, from the information we grasped, the Empire’s forces are a big deal.
In a straight up clash, in terms of national power, we would be at a disadvantage.
It would be a different story if we forcefully mobilize every race of the Great Jura Forest, though」
「That’s true.
I mean, they have prepared for war for many hundreds of years.
Worst case scenario, we might even be asking countries here to cooperate」

And so the conversation between Benimaru and I continued.
In reality, it would be great if we could avoid open conflict, considering that Yuuki’s there as well.
That’s because I hoped to conceal our fighting potentials like Sion and Diablo, who are currently enthusiastically strengthening themselves.
Seems like I inadvertently caused our Department heads to go into a training phase. Even Gobuta is out and about trying to get stronger.
Moreover, even if the countries never requested our support, I can’t really imagine a case where we did not join in the conflict.

「I see, there’s probably no problem right?
In this situation, the power balance is split between the association and the council
The council reflects the noble’s opinions, while the association defends the interest of the commoners……
The Council pushed to commandeer adventurers, and Hinata proposed to utilize the strength of Tempest instead.」
「Huh? They want to use us?」
「Yes, using us. However, since we’ve been recognized as a country, our forces will be left to our own discretion.
In other words……」
「Hohou. I see, isn’t it fine… wait how is that different from just being used!?」
「This sure leaves a bad taste……
Well, the other party doesn’t seem to have any intention of taking advantage of us but it’s still hard to stomach. 」

We both nodded and concluded the conversation.
With our cake after a meal, the clerk had come.
Such an alluring food.
While a sweet taste can still be prepared to some degree, sugar is still a valuable commodity.
And so, cakes are super high class luxury goods even in Tempest.
Ah, this nostalgic taste.
Even though I ate this every day for too many days, it’s still great.
The real reason I brought Shuna here today is for the cake.
This way Shuna will remember the taste of the cake and reproduce it. My memory wasn’t enough to recreate the taste, so I had to bring her here.

「Shuna, this is seriously delicious
During your stay here, feel free to eat as much as you want. So, remember the taste to the best of your ability」

Shuna, who was puzzled by my words, tried the cake.
First the short cake. It’s orthodox, but this cake affects all other cakes. If this one’s bad, no doubt the rest will not turn out well.
Shuna took a bite out of the cake.
And turning serious, she looked me straight and nodded. She then intently concentrated on the cake.
Soon, words were no longer needed. We understood each other on a deeper level. And if she could even replicate ice cream, cake would definitely be a piece of cake.
And so we, completely discarded our earlier discussion and indulged in delicious cake.

The next day, we arrived at the venue of the meeting.
The contents are as expected. Hinata visited last evening, and gave me an overview.
As per Souei’s intelligence, the council’s objective was to utilize our forces in the name of cooperation.
However, the feeling is mutual.
And so began the clash of wits between the raccoon and the fox.

137. A year of progress (Part 2)

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137. A year of progress (part 2)
I digress, but must again reiterate that we completed these transportation routes in but a year.
We even set up night lamps and anti-monster barriers for night travelers.
Towards the Dwarf Kingdom we set up a railroad, and half-way along it we built a few inns–those later developed into a town.
That town benefited greatly from the various engineering projects and became rather prosperous.
And because it’s close to a river, it’s a good place for people to come and rest.
That town, by the way, will later develop to be a central station district.
And yeah, we were wary of the empire’s invasion, so it’s not like I regret any of the choices then made.
The fact that we so quickly built the roads and railroads actually helped me solidify dominance over Jura Forest entire.
Each tribe pledged their loyalty, and their young joined Gerudo’s corps. Thanks to the roads we established a solid trade network of food and goods.
In fact, we may have created as efficient a system as the one back in my previous world.
I thought for a second on whether I should build forts and castles, but decided against it. It would just be a waste of time, I figured.
If the Empire really does invade us, then I’ll just completely destroy it. What’s the point of being anxious against someone you’ll know for a brief second?
We’ll just use our entire force and stop them before they even start. So there’s no point in building castles.
Though if the Empire does advance we might have to destroy some of the rails; but even if we have to do so, we can just rebuild them later.
And since we don’t know when and if they come, there’s no point in stalling our development even for a moment.
The matter of the angels is the same.
When they invade I’ll annihilate them. What’s broken we can simply repair.
After all, things are not as important as people.
Protect not the art but the artisan, so I say.
Having arranged our affairs around this notion, even I was surprised at how fast we developed.

The spirit research was primarily handled by the Dwarfs’ and Elves’ joint venture.
Bester was originally involved in the “Magic Armor Research,” and this type of research is the most common in this world.
In contrast, Sorcery Studies are veiled in secrecy and taboos.
The genius researcher, Epress Elmeshia basically founded this field by mixing Elemental Studies with Alchemy.
With many brilliant minds from the Sorcerer’s Dynasty here, we’re going to have a splendid Sorcery facility here. Of course, no state secrets will be divulged, though.
Then there are the Vampire’s researchers, which are unlike anything in this world.
They study not magic, but physics and the laws of the world. Science of our world.
They depend not on magic but on using laws and the building blocks of reality to achiever desired results.
For a world full of magic, this kind of study is the true heresy.
And the amount of information they have is so vast, that it will greatly affect our future research.
The whole point of this was to fill Tempest with research of every kind—to exchange ideas of every kind, and, as a result, to create fields of research and facilities the likes of which this world has never seen.
It is thus paramount that the research is carried out in utmost secrecy.
So we need a location that can be easily protected and difficult to infiltrate.
What better place could you chose than the 95th floor of the labyrinth? The treants have set up a city there, you see.
And this city is also inhabited by elves, some of whom may want to help in the research.
It’s easy to defend, easily accessible, so it really is the ideal location.
Even if the angels attack, they will probably not be able to reach the 95th floor. Even if they do, Ramiris says we can just swap 99th for the 95th floor at a moment’s notice.
So this will give me a peace of mind.
So with this, we proceeded to set up sleeping quarters.
And when the research began in the earnest, we immediately ran into disagreement. Every single group wanted to focus on their field and was worried about the confidentiality of their studies.
That, however, would defeat the whole purpose.
So, I decided to divulge all their secrets quickly.
What secret is safe from Raphael? I compiled their research in easy to understand terms and handed such a portfolio to each one of them.
Oh, and I wrote it on valuable paper, not parchment. The paper is low quality—made from wood fibers.
But it is a step in the right direction.
Like this we got them to cooperate.
Of course alcohol played a role. There’s a beautiful paradise of alcohol and elves right outside of the research facility. Any dispute could easily be… dissolved in a bar.
The Vampires, too, though they did not need to suck life out of people, certainly enjoyed sucking the alcohol out of cups.
By the way, I too joined them on many occasions but was never paid for overtime work. Unfair, right?
Seems like exchanging cups is a way for people to transcend national boundaries. Thus we all became good friends and brought forth various results.
Ramiris, of course, was also interested in this research.
At some point she became the research facility’s mascot and idol.
Oh, and I did not forget that I broke her golem so long ago, so we focused on that first.
Being familiar with both “Magic Armor Plan” and “Spirit Armor,” we quickly completed the research. For some reason, most of the researchers laughed an empty laugh when we did.
How long did they work without a single break through? I guess you would get discouraged if that were to happen.
And admittingly, the gem I invited came in handy.
We also were able to push for the release of the “Barrier-kun”—Kurobee’s and Bester’s Simplified Magic Circle Equipment.
Using their invention and other data, we were able to start absorbing magical energy from the atmosphere and thus complete the Spirit Amor.
The spirits would convert magical energy into spiritual energy, which would then be stored in batteries.
In other words, so long as some magical energy is present, perpetual motion is possible.
I have finally attained unlimited energy!
The first project we built was the Spirit Armor for Ramiris.
7 feet tall, weighing 1.5 tons. Charged with a number of batteries, allowing for individual and high-speed motion via gravity control.
Arming it was also kind of fun. It’s one of those things that would excite any military otaku, though its performance is far below Beretta.
So I personally think it’s more of a toy than anything.
But this research did come in handy for the Magical Energy Train.
I was considering at first to use golems or demons to power it, but that’s no longer necessary.
We took time to design the wheels to fit the tracks, as well as to create passenger and cargo cars.
We emphasized horse-power, efficiency, and load capacity.
And after a few test runs, the train started running. Reaching an average speed of 50 km per hour.
This invention, which redefined commerce, naturally altered history. With trains, you could transport even produce before it spoiled.
We will never stop laying rails.
Not only between us and the Dwarf Kingdom, but also towards the seas, the four corners of this Earth! Too many requests are coming from other countries.
Brumund Kingdom wants a stop, so does Ingrasia, and Sorcerer’s Dynasty Sario wants a direct line.
Nonetheless, the rail towards Dwarf Kingdom took a year to develop, so new rails will have to wait for a bit.
We still need to master inertia and gravity control, as well as consider armed trains.
While Fortresses are not needed to counter the empire, armed trains might come in handy.
How about equipping a spirit cannon on it, maybe some rail guns, and also ferry troups on it.
Well… this really was just a hobby, and I’m not really serious about this. So long as no one takes my words seriously.
As in any world, how fast you can deploy your soldiers decides the war. So it’s not like arming the train will make that big of a difference.
It’s fine to use the normal train cars.
And thus in a year, we created twenty trains. Each consists of about six-cars.
With these trains, we created a four-thousand-man strong train corps. We could increase that number, and would likely do so soon, but not now.
Right now we’re just ironing out the problems of using trains.
Once we’re done, a trip between the Dwarf Kingdom and Tempest should take at most three days.
So a roundtrip would take a week. Though hopefully with time we could increase the speed.
And when did announce to the world this invention, countries were in total uproar over it.

So we accomplished lots in this one year.

According to what Leon’s spies gathered, Yuuki has been climbing the ranks of the Empire.

But they are still unable to invade us. There’s no doubt they are preparing for war, but war will not start just yet.

There may be a chance they’ll send assassins, but it’s actually rather unlikely. As Ruminas said: it’s a waste of men to try to kill us that way.
In fact, that’s just how it turned out. Any attempts were basically suicide, and they gave up after the first attempt.
And it’s not like we could permit them to see what we’re up to.
In any case, it’s clear that the Empire is getting ready.
And thus, our research continues.

There’s no question that, inasmuch as us, the Empire achieved grand things this year.
And we were not the only ones to prepare.
I actually found out about this just about when we started testing our trains.
The countries neighboring Jura forest, the Council, sent us an invitation.
Asking us to participate in their next meeting.
Of course, at this point, this invitation was essentially fated to arrive.

137. A year of Progress (Part 1)

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The Empire’s Invasion Arc

137. A year of Progress (Part 1)

After Yuuki escaped, we were unable to immediately pursue.
As they say: haste makes waste.
One could say that Leon’s impatience led to Yuuki escaping, but the real reason is the fact that we couldn’t trust each other.
As such, I noticed that we need to establish order amongst ourselves first.
I mean, there’s no question that all of us desperately want to save Chloe.
But no good will come from acting rashly, and who could have excepted Yuuki to slip into the Empire.
Fighting the Empire along with him puts as at a disadvantage. We need to prepare.

I was tasked with handling Milim, while Leon would handle information-gathering. But that entailed basically waiting for his spy to report in.
With regards to the resurrected red knight, the blue knight was delighted and Leon thanked Ruminas. Thus we decided on our future actions.
Leon will collect information while refraining from impatient actions.
Though Leon’s anger was easy to understand, the fact remains that he let Yuuki escape.
Well, maybe he can just create a barrier around the battlefield—though whether a bearer of an ultimate skill would be affected is a different story—but I still believe that we should not act independently.
Sure, we won’t come to trust each other with our lives; but we do share a common goal.
This common goal is the only thing that binds our group together. Should that common goal disappear there’s no way I’ll be able to control the other two.
While Leon is gathering information, there are places which we must visit.
For now, we need to return and prepare our countries for an eventual confrontation with the Empire.

But first, I have to deal with Milim.
Life got a bit complicated for me once I separated from Leon and Ruminas.

Soothing the raging Milim.
Telling her that her pet was resurrected, and getting thanked by a delighted Milim.
And have her “guardian” come right after Milim anger was soothed.

In short, I had to prevent Milim from rampaging.
I guess you could even say that I needed to manipulate her.
Her “guardian” (Frey) should have come sooner. She seems to have come the moment Milim regained her composure, but I don’t want to think that Frey was just waiting for the right moment to return.
In short: my life sucked, and I couldn’t help but wonder why I had to suffer through this.
Right… Leon forced me into this.
Well, since Milim’s mood improved quickly, I guess it wasn’t that bad.

From within the orb I carried the Chaos Dragon’s soul formed into a small monster.
A dragon hatchling… a DATCHLING!!..
He basically appeared from within the egg the moment Milim came.

「… Gaia, is that you?」

The dragon and the girl embraced each other.
A touching reunion.
After that, we “partied”… by going to the labyrinth and power-leveling Gaia.
What? No! We weren’t just playing around. I mean, we only got into our avatars—Ramiris, Milim, Veldora, and I—and delved into the labyrinth.
Since Gaia could fly, he followed close behind me.
And as you would expect from a Chaos Dragon,
The dragon got used to fighting after only a few battles, and quickly started using miasma breath against multiple opponents—miasma breath would drive our enemies mad.
The dragon also had a skill etched into his soul—gravity manipulation—which he used to create shield around us, thus becoming one of the most valuable members of our party.
The barrier is rather strong, and now, even if the enemy is a mage, my magic barrier and Gaia’s gravity barrier creates an impenetrable wall.
As a result, though we had previously struggled against the boss of the 30th floor, we have now cleared him with ease.

「Kua-ha-ha-ha! He’s no match for us now!」
「Yep! It’s only Gozule, after all!」
「Wahahaha! This made my day!」

That was fun.
Hmm? No! We weren’t just playing around!
Stop saying such foolish things. We’re trying hard for Gaia’s sake!
As long as it’s for Gaia, what’s the problem with us having a bit fun?
But soon we… no, I couldn’t help but be overcome with worry over Chloe.
No matter how much you enjoy the present such thoughts just creep up unexpectedly.
But, no, I must not worry. ‘Tis not an emergency yet, and undue worry harms one’s heart.
I wonder if Milim and the rest suggested we come here because my worry was showing on my face?
If so, I would be very grateful.
As soon as we tried advancing to the next floor, Frey appeared.
And though Milim protested, it was useless.
Even though Milim was crying and wailing like a child not wanting to leave he arcade, Frey’s iron smile and words of “persuasion” won in the end.
Figuring that Milim came over to play, Frey made sure that Milim understand that she’ll be working without a break for a while.

「I’ll be back!」

Milim said, leaving.
In and out like a storm.
As for Gaia, he continued wandering the Labyrinth in his current form.
It was too soon, he said, to have Milim train him, so he planned to return to her side after becoming slightly stronger. The labyrinth has an magical energy level, and Gaia has Ramiris’ bracelet, so he should be fine.
And thus another companion joined us in our labyrinth adventures.
By the way, we didn’t know of this at the time, but our five member team came to be known as the unique bosses of the labyrinth. Inhabiting the floor above the first, a bosses of unbelievable strength, they say.
In other words, when we controlled our avatars, we were so strong that adventurers would just roll over and die.
I found out about this later when these rumors reached me.
This, though, is how we appeased Milim’s anger.

None of us would dare to have fun while Milim was away.
So we decided to actually do some work. Well… I’m not sure what I can do actually.
There was that thing, about doing a joint research venture?
I was supposed to supervise it and make any requests I could think of to them, I think.
Thanks to Gerudo’s efforts in building a road and setting up barriers along it, the preparations for our various joint ventures are going well.
We’ll soon have a road running directly from Sarion to Tempest.
We also have a plan to build a railway heading towards the dwarfs, so as to facilitate faster exchange of goods and materials.
But I worry—should the Empire invade, would these railroads not harm us in the end? That’s why we prioritized building a road to Sarion first.
By the way, the researchers have arrived: the Dwarf Artisans, Sarion’s Sorcerers, and Holy Empire’s Engineers.
Though the roads have not been fully paved yet, they could easily travel here already.
That’s why they arrived even before we completed the roads.

136. Eastern Empire

Demon Lord’s Gambit Arc
136. Eastern Empire

The Eastern Empire.
One of the oldest countries.
It’s official name is  Sovereign Alliance of the Naska-namrium Ulmeria Empires. (SAN-NUE)[1]
People say that it has been two thousand years since the records first speak of nations managed by San-nue .
Managed under its overwhelming strength.
And for two thousand years, San-nue did not allow a single rebellion to go unpunished.
Under its sole emperor, Ludora Nam Ul Naska.
Who ruled with an iron fist.
And thus the empire eventually came to be called simple Eastern Empire.


Eastern Empire is a homogenous state.
They rule through power, conquer and pillage, complete battle maniacs.
Their only creed [Power is Everything] allows anyone to achieve greatness as long as they are powerful.
There’s only one reason why this empire has yet to invade the Jura forest–they are in the middle of preparations.
Three-hundred fifty years ago, they attempted to subjugate Veldora and lost a city because of it.  A whimsical dragon destroyed it before they could as much as regret.
Around a hundred thousand lives were lost that day, and that was a city fortified to be the gateway for invading the forest.  They have built it up over a hundred years.
“Build up your forces, conquer that forest, and expand our dominion.” That was the Empire’s burning wish since then.
Expand beyond the Jura forest–their failures pained them for a hundred years.
But why would a country as bountiful as the Empire need to expand?
Only because the Emperor wanted it to be so.
That was the only reason, but no one complained.
And as the invasion plan progressed, the Empire build up its forces and weapons.
And hundreds of years ago they announced its invasion plan.
Who would have thought that a single foolish idea that commanders had would cause that plan to crumble?

The forest needs a master. Those lizards are no threat to us!

This foolish thought let them to their doom.
They hardly know what actually happened. The books, the record keepers, and anyone who knew was reduced to ash.
Their dreams, their ambitions, were reduced to ash.
And time passed.
The Empire continued with an additional creed: “Never invade Jura Forest.”
Veldora’s anger left it’s scars; his power revealed how wide the world really is; the Empire could never as much consider an invasion.
There were those who resented Veldora, but not one of them would disobey a superior–each of whom forbid an invasion.
As such, voices of young warhawks never reached the upper echelons.  As such, the army solidified even further, regaining control superior to before the invasion.
They could not allow the second invasion to fail.
For them, this was an opportunity to prove their loyalty to their Empire.

And two years prior, they received those news.
Storm Dragon Veldora disappeared.
The Empire rejoiced. The time has come! Drums of war beat now even in the hearts of the commanders.
These were not brash youth; they were hardened soldiers, so the fires in their chests burned all the brighter.
Moreover, they could hardly allow their Emperor to wait any longer.
And the Emperor blessed them with a single word,


The Empire was ablaze in activity.
The Empire, you see, has a Political and Military branches.  Both are managed directly by the Emperor.
No one else has any real power there.
There are nobles, but their only boon is a fancy name and ability to enter the parliament without an election.
Perhaps some of them do own and manage property, but such would be a rare and special person.
In other words, the Emperor has absolute power.
This Feudalistic state listens to the wishes not of the people but of the Emperor.  Every soldier pledged his loyalty to the Emperor.
Even Imperial Guard is but a position that is rotated between various troops.
Can you believe it: a single person is managing every aspect of such a large nation.
But regardless of how bizarre it may seem, the truth is thus: the Empire has enjoyed many years of prosperity.
And the Emperor gave his orders.
Surely everyone was elated to hear them, but no one rushed–they meticulously carried his orders out.
And soon the preparations were complete.

A single carriage was heading towards the capital.
Inside, among the baggage, an armless man lay and two women sat.
The carriage was driven by a knight clad in black.
Yuuki’s entourage.

「By the way, shouldn’t we restore your arm?」

Kagali asks Yuuki the most obvious question in the world.
A loss of body part, albeit significant, could be treated with a high level potion.  Even Kagali’s magic could restore that kind of wound.
There’s hardly a reason to remain armless, at least no reason Kagali could think of.

「Hmm? It’s fine, no problem!
They say the blacksmiths are awesome in the empire, so I was thinking of getting myself a metal arm!」
「Haaah?! The hell you dare to say, after losing to that bastard Leon!
What? “I’ll surely win!” you said?
Instead you suffered a terrible defeat and we barely escaped with our lives!」
「Ahaha. For you to be that angry. He was stronger than I thought, so what could I have done about him?
Besides, it’s not a loss if you live to see the morn! *snicker*
I got an ultimate skill and stole the power of a Chaos Dragon.
Also took that Red Knight’s teleportation power, so what’s the big deal?」

Yuuki casually responded to Kagali’s grumbling.
He’s totally not reflecting.  Realizing that, Kagali decided to give up.
The fact is, Yuuki suffered a crushing defeat before Leon.
His trump card was useless, and the abilities he gained were not worth the loss.
Luckily, when the Chaos Dragon’s power was taken it disrupted the magnetic field in the atmosphere allowing Yuuki and the rest to escape  by teleporting away.
Even so, Kagali could not bear to see Yuuki remain as he was, so

「Yuuki-sama, are you sure you would not like me to lend you a hand?
Leon was far stronger than I remember him.
As such, I must take responsibility for my mistake, but I must ask…
Why did you hold back against him?」

When Kagali finished the sentence, Chloe opened her eyes and glanced at Yuuki,
For but a moment, Chloe was able to “see” into Yuuki’s actual strength.
Since it was but a moment, Chloe was unable to measure his actual strength and could only curse her inadequate analysis abilities.
Even so, it was clear that he had another ultimate skill.
And this was not something Chloe could ignore.

「Ahahaha, what did you expect? I can’t go around parading my power in front of Chloe.
We’ll fight eventually, and, although she may suck at analyzing, she could always just let Demon Lord Rimuru know–who clearly excels at it.
I mean, I have to keep at least one hand in check, right?」
「Oh, I see… just a beaten dog making excuses, huh」
「Hey! That’s mean, Kagali!」

Always hiding his true intentions under the guise of a clown.
But this time he may have spoken his mind, so thought Chloe.
He truly is an enigma–Kagurazaka Yuuki.
His words are fraught with lies and deceit.
Like that time with the kids,

『Oh, did you not know?
When a child’s body is on the verge of collapse the energy it releases is just right for another summoning.
In other words, you can just try redo the summoning!』

Without a question, that was a lie.
Yuuki the 『Summoner』–such is one of his unique skills– has no need for that energy.
He can continue summoning as long as he wants.  Well, considering the necessary requirements he would have to wait a month, but still..
There’s no need to recycle the kids.
From the time Chloe observed him, she has noted how bizarre he really was.
He hopes for the world to crumble, but handled his Guild duties admirably.
He said he was exploiting the kids, but he built them a nice school.
He doesn’t hesitate to do evil, and would probably go all the way without any hesitation. Even when opposing the Demon Lords, he causally used hostages and stole Claud’s heart…
Even so, if he truly desires to destroy this world, his method is haphazard at best.

「Hey, why didn’t you take that Red Knight’s life?
If you wanted to, you could have taken the energy of her soul, right?」

Without breaking her gaze, Chloe asked Yuuki.

「Huh? What do you mean? I took everything.
If any was left that would be because I can’t use the skill very well, yet.
Damn, I guess I should have pulled more」

Yuuki replied, laughing cheerfully.
Chloe concluded that getting a straight answer out of him was impossible. If so, she could do naught but continue observing him.
An enigma–Kagurazaka Yuuki.
If he truly desired to destroy the world, then he was, without a doubt, Chloe’s enemy. For that reason she would continue to watch him.
Rimuru, Leon, Ruminas, Hinata, and the kids.
She had many people she cared about.
If Yuuki sought to destroy their world, she would mercilessly slaughter him.
But what if he sought something else?
Before she finished thinking, the city they would stay in came into view.
The Capital of the world’s strongest military state, Naska.
Chloe again closed her eyes.
There was a lot to consider, and Chloe was bad at thinking things through.
She would observe first and think later. About Yuuki, and about his goals.
In the end, Chloe could only observe.

Empire’s military was split into three divisions.

The Armored Corps–a marvel of technology by Imperial engineers. They ride modern tanks and symbolize the Empire’s technological prowess.

The Beast Corps–from the four corners of the world, the Empire brought beasts of wonderful strength and forced them to obey.  They symbolize the Empire’s strength.

And the Mixed Corps–a group of engineer rejects and beast exiles.  These members are too powerful and too smart to work as a single organization.
If their power was combined they would become the most potent threat.
They represent the Empire’s heart.  Young as it may be.

Their armies are not something one could achieve without otherworld’s influence.
Otherworld’s technologies and skills are interwoven to create an army of never-before seen prowess.
The Empire did not just collect beasts from the four corners of this world.
People with various skills and knowledge.
The Empire welcomed world travelers with open arms, and most of them by far reside there.
Which is why their influence changed the empire so.
Of course, there being many in the Empire who possess a unique skill, these too have been assembled into an army.
The Empire has grown too strong.
And behind the scenes another army is protecting the Empire.
But calling it an army is too much, it is at most a unit, but its strength is far beyond that of the three armies’.
In other words, they are powerful enough to be called an army despite being a single unit.

The Empire is founded upon the maxim that strength is everything.
There are two beings of absolute power who have authority over the rest [2].
The Emperor himself, the generalissimo is one.
The other is the de facto commander over the armed forces, the being whom the Emperor himself trusts. That being also has the duty to protect the Emperor with the Guardsmen.
That being is so powerful he is said to surpass the demon lords, and has ensured the Empires safety for hundreds of years.
Next, there are three generals. These three command each of the three armies.
These four men are the pillars of the Empire.
Each has been given the Empire’s treasured God-tiered equipment. Equipment of unbelievable power.
The strongest equipment before which no man can be an equal.
And then the Guardsmen.
A hundred individuals of great power join the Guard; their strength is legendary.
Of course, many of them are from another world.
The Empire does not discriminate against world travelers, and recognizes only strength.
To these one hundred the Emperor bestowed legendary equipment. These one hundred are the Empire’s strongest force.
But how are the one hundred selected?
Through inter-army  duel and combat.
A system where the young may usurp the seat of the elder.  Though forbidden during marches, any member of the army could challenge a superior to a duel..
If they were defeated, they would have to wait a year before they were permitted to challenge him again. As such, everyone continuously sharpened their skills.
Such was the best system for a country where strength was everything.
In place of a captain, Guardsmen would serve. As a result, if you wanted to rise in status, you would wait for an opportunity to defeat them.

A general was replaced for the first time in many decades.
A single lad had made history.
This lad reached the pinnacle of the Empire.
With a metal arm, Kagurazaka Yuuki became a General of the Mixed Army in the shortest time.
A warrior of legends.
In a blink of an eye he built up support for himself; and though there were already some who supported him from the beginning, no one seemed to mind.
And now,
The Mixed Army consolidated under a single will.

The legend will go down to say that the Empire’s invasion began on the day Yuuki gained power.

End of the Demon Lord’s Gambit Arc


[1] Played around with acronyms. What do you guys think?
[2} I know this seems contradictory, I think so too… probably will be edited out in the Light Novel.


017. The outcome of the promise


Chapter 17 – The Outcome of the Promise
It was the beginning of a new morning. Everyone had gathered in the work
Yesterday, we had borrowed a vacant room that was meant for apprentices
in order to stay the night. When we first entered the work room, there were
already four people inside that were just staring at the “magic steel ingot”.
All the while sighing, they were turning it over and over in their hands,
checking if it was real. The ingot I had handed over was only the size of a
human’s fist.
I thought it was an overly exaggerated reaction, so I asked, ‘Is it really that
rare to see?’
[What are you even saying?]
Uncle-san (Kaijin) answered me, and followed it up with an explanation.
“Magic ore” was the raw form of “magic steel”. Even in its unrefined
form, “magic ore” was considered to be valuable.
The reasoning was very simple. Its rarity, and its versatility.
There was a major element that existed in this world called “magic
This “magic essence” that didn’t exist in my original world, occupied a
major role in this one.
When a demon was defeated, very rarely it would drop a condensed mass
of magic essence called a magic stone. This magic stone was something
like a concentration of energy, which was used as fuel for an invention
unique to this world: spirit engineering.
This magic stone acted as a core for superior demons, and on top of being
more beautiful than most precious gems, it was said to contain an
unimaginable amount of energy.
As such, magic stones of superior demons were used as the core for many
manufactured goods. Craftsmen were said to even use these as raw
materials for the accessories they created. Those items would grant
various effects upon the wearer, such as an increase in abilities, or an
effect that would bind the item to the user only.
And between “magic ores” and regular ores, there was one decisive point
that set them apart. Without exception, “magic ores” would only form
around the vicinity of superior demons. The reason was, that when regular
ores are exposed to dense concentrations of magic essence, they would
slowly absorb it over a very long period of time. Only when a great
amount is contained would regular ores finally undergo a change into
“magic ores”. It was similar to how minerals would suddenly change.
Naturally, only powerful demons would be inhabiting locations with high
levels of magic essence. “Magic ore” was hard to find in locations like the
habitats of weak demons that adventurers defeated to earn pocket money.
For “magic ores” to form, at the very least, it needed to be a place that Branked
demons or above would live in.
Incidentally, this was the first time I learned some information regarding
the ranking of demons.
[So that’s how it is! Well then, I wonder…I should also be around B-rank?]
[…….(If that’s what you think, it must be true. Though you’re alone in
thinking that!!!)]
*Everyone thinking to themselves
Most likely, everyone apart from that ninny Gobuta was thinking the same
Well, leaving the idiot aside.
“Magic ore” was already such a difficult thing to obtain, but the amount of
“magic steel” that could be extracted from that said ore was only roughly
In other words, a lump of “magic steel” the size of a fist, was worth money
that was 20 times its value in weight.
The way money was valued here, was almost the same as in my original
A common way of measuring money, the gold standard system, was
adopted across the nations.
Well, what all this meant to me, was that the metal was much rarer than I
had guessed.
As expected of me! Not missing a single thing! (in the cave).
By the way, I became just a little bit scared about the fact that I secretly
possessed a huge amount of that “magic steel”. There was no way anyone
could find out but…what if someone did?! Was I thinking this because I
was a petty bourgeois?
Anyhow, the main issue was from here on.
“Magic steel” was not simply valuable just because of its rarity.
There was a true reason for its worth. That was because the metal
possessed a property that had extremely good affinity with guiding magic
It was possible to control magic essence to a certain degree using imagery
in the mind.
My 『Magic Perception』 was the same, and even the effects of 『Water
Manipulation』 was brought about the same way. The majority of skills
used by demons were based on using magic essence in such a way.
Although I didn’t know much in regards to magic, I had suspected that the
theory behind its use was no doubt similar.
And so, what if a huge amount of magic essence was included in the raw
materials of a weapon?
Astonishingly, apparently it will become a “weapon that grows”!
How romantic!!!
Eh, what’s it like? I want it!!!
Though I managed to firmly hold my inner thoughts back, the words that
almost burst from my throat still remained on the very tips of my tongue.
It was a weapon that responded to the thoughts of the user, gradually
altering its shape into the desired ideal form. And depending on the magic
power of the user, it was even possible to freely transform its form in the
midst of battle! Furthermore, due to its high affinity with magic essence, it
would amplify the power of skills.
In a way, when compared to normal weapons, unless there was a great
difference in talent, the magic weapon would definitely bring its user
Perhaps…though this was just my speculation of a case of pouring money
and utmost use of technology…if a superior demon’s magic stone was
inserted into a blade of pure magic steel, would it possibly become a
“sword of fire”, or “sword of ice”?
Though in my heart I was screaming, ‘Hurry and make it already!!!’, it
was not good to get too excited. I felt that it could be done, so I wanted to
procure a magic stone if the occasion presented itself.
After a long time of explanations, Uncle-san and co were now working on
the sword.
For future reference, we were also observing what they did. Although that
Gobuta was no doubt just sleeping….
When creating a sword, there were a variety of kinds that could be made.
In my heart, the strongest sword is of course, the Japanese sword.
However, even among katanas’ there was still all kinds of varieties. To
contemplate on what kind of sword you could make, was also something
quite interesting to think about.
It had been 10 hours since they had begun work. A longsword that looked
nothing out of the ordinary had been completed.
What’s this? A large part of magic steel was still left unused. The
remaining amount was still largely the size of a fist. It was to the extent that
made me think to myself, would it be alright to use just that much for one
Upon asking, I was given an answer saying, ‘If all of the magic steel was
used as raw material for the sword, who knows how much money that
would cost!’.
If you thought about it, it was natural. It was no wonder they didn’t make
such extravagant things like elemental swords. I now understood that it
simply required too much money.
Apparently, they had used magic steel as the core part, while most of the
blade was made out of ordinary iron and steel. I was told that magic
essence in the magic steel would seep into the iron and steel parts, then
eventually become completely merged. It was said that the more it aged,
the stronger it became.
Another special characteristic of magic weapons was that the blade would
never rust or become chipped. Curiously, I was told that the weapons had a
life of their own. If it became completely broken or bent, then the magic
essence would burst out and dissipate all at once.
Uncle-san had explained all that to me, all the while holding up and
displaying the sword he had completed.
It was quite interesting to listen to.
I took up the finished sword and gazed at it in my hands. (Though I had no
Looking carefully, although it was of a simple design, it was perfectly
straight. It could be said that there was no unnecessary part to it.
It didn’t appear to be meant for pure cutting, which was the main principle
behind a Japanese sword, but still seemed capable to be used for slashing
I see. The goal of this design was to use this simplicity as a base to make it
easier to realize an individual’s respective ideal form!
Keeping that in mind, I could agree with the way it was made.
Well then.
As promised, Uncle-san and the others had completed a magnificent sword
for me.
Now it was my turn.
[Alright! From here on I’ll be working in secret. I’m sorry, but after
confirming the raw materials, I want everyone to leave the room!]
Saying that, I made sure that everyone would leave the room.
After all, I couldn’t afford to let anyone know my manufacturing method.
Mainly because it would be troublesome to explain!
[All the necessary materials are assembled in this room. But will you be
alright? If needed, I can help out.]
[Mhm. I’ll be fine! Rather than that, during the next three days, make sure
not to peek in the room okay? It’s a promise!?]
[I got it. I’ll believe in you and wait…]
After that, Uncle-san and the others left the room.
For some reason, Gobuta also went with them…
There might be a need to strangle some sense into that idiot at least once…
Now then, today’s recipe on the menu shall be, how to make “longsword à
la carte”!
The method of production was simple!
The first step, was to swallow up the model product!
Next, what I had to do with all these materials lined up here was…to
swallow them all!
Chew, chew, gulp!
And then, I would mix them well inside my stomach…
All I had to do was repeat that process 19 times over, and it would be
Easy, wasn’t it?
But still, good children should never imitate this, right?
And that was how I carried out my work, with my head full of silly
This was bad…the time needed to copy one sword took roughly 10
190 seconds…a little over 3 minutes, and I had made all 19 longswords…
it hadn’t been 5 minutes since I had driven out Uncle-san and the others.
How should I put it…even though I knew I could do it, the way I did it so
easily made me feel a little guilty toward all of the hardworking
Craftsman-sans out there…
『Predator』 was seriously too cheat-like.
Well, what now?
Since I had told them something like, ‘Don’t peek in for three days!’, was I
to confine myself in here for next three days?
No…. As one would expect, there wouldn’t be any use in pointlessly
staying here.
I might as well be out with it and tell them bluntly that I was done…
Loudly opening the door, I stepped outside.
Kaijin-san and the three brothers were looking over in worry as they
hurriedly rose to stand up.
Gobuta was…sleeping.
You…to be asleep within a mere five minutes since I was in there, what
was up with you?
Indeed. That was the moment I decided somewhere in my mind, I would
really strangle him sometime.
[Hey, what’s wrong? Did something happen?]
[Was the materials perhaps not enough?]
[… Or was it that it was impossible after all?]
Everyone was questioning with the same concern in their faces.
[Uh, mm. No, actually…you see.]
All those eyes full of worry was hard to stand. I couldn’t help but put on
Still the same as ever, I had such a bad personality. I’m sure I couldn’t be
cured of this even if I died.
[Just kidding~! Actually, I’ve already finished it all!]
[……. Haa???]
They raised their shocked voices in perfect harmony.
Well of course they’d be surprised…!
In honor of successfully completing our work, we were drinking in a bar.
We were celebrating under the pretext of having made sure the goods were
safely delivered.
Well, I did tell them that it wasn’t a necessary thing to do…But they said…
[Now now, there’ll be plenty of pretty elder sisters there!]
[Yeah yeah!!! Young pretties and mature ladies! It’s just the right place for
gentlemen to visit!]
*Third bro is silent. Sort of
PR/N: S*x Drive has activated to an amazing Tentacle/100%
[Hey now! If master Rimuru doesn’t go, the party won’t begin?]
I didn’t want to, but there was no choice!
These guys were really a handful!!!
Man~, my sincere image of a refined man will go to waste~! This was
really troubling!!!
I was told the name of the establishment was, 『Night Butterfly』.
Would there really be butterflies? I wouldn’t forgive them if there are
…No no, it’s not like I’m interested in that, okay?
And while thinking these thoughts, we entered the shop.
[Oh my~! Welcome~!!!]
[Welcome to our shop~~~!!!]
*Collective welcome by waitresses/hostesses
Extremely beautiful women were standing all lined up!!!
Ohhhhhh!!! Those long ears!!!
E-, erofu! No I mean, it’s an elf~!!!
PR/N: E-, erof*ck! No I mean, it’s an elf~!!!
Wha-! Oh man! Their clothes were too revealing~~!
Ahh…you could almost see, but couldn’t…
What was with that! I was even using 『Magic Perception』 with all of my
strength!!! (Normally I use it on a 10% output low energy consumption
These elder sisters were all resolutely dancing in between the lines of
Argh…was this a challenge? Was this a challenge towards me!?
Damn it, damn it all!
[Uwaah! How cute~!!!]
[Waait! Even though I had my eyes on it first~!!!]
Boyoyon! Boyoyon!
*Bouncing sound effects, basically
It-, it’s here!!!!!
On my body a sensation of Puyon Puyon!
On my back it was Boyon Boyon!!!
Was this paradise?
[……. Eh, uhm…although you seemed discontent at first, it looks like
you’re having a great time of it?]
Oh no, for the great me to be like this…
[Eh?…no, not that much?]
I guess that was a bit too forced…
Not a single one of them believed in me.
However, I couldn’t help it. What could I do!
I mean, right now I’m on top of an elf’s lap and being hugged from
My heart is so deeply moved!!!
Ahh…if only my late son(currently non-existent) was still alive, he would
be so excited and frolicking about….
We were passing away the time and enjoying ourselves when someone
interrupted us,
[My my, isn’t this Kaijin-dono? That’s no good at all, to bring a vulgar
demon into such a refined establishment as this!]
A provoking voice had called over to where we were.
Who was that? Who was this old man?
All of a sudden, our surroundings had quietened down.
As if they disliked that old man, the serving girls all had a hint of dislike
on their faces. But it was hard to notice unless you carefully observed
Unusually for a dwarf, the old man was of a slender build, and rather tall.
Though I say that, he was around the height of a normal human.
[Hey, madam! Do you permit the entering of demons into this shop?]
[N-, no, even though it’s a demon, it was only a harmless looking slime
[Huuh? It’s still a demon! Am I wrong? Do you mean to say that a slime
isn’t a demon!!!?]
[No…it’s not like that, I never meant…]
Mama-san had replied non-committally in an evasive manner, trying to
avoid those angry words, but the old man paid no further attention to her.
It was plain to see that the old man’s objective was us.
[This isn’t good…that’s the Minister Bester….]
So that was the rumoured Minister Bester?
I see…how should I put it, his face had a high strung and obstinate look
about it.
At that moment,
[Hmph! For a demon, this would suit you well!!!]
Saying such nonsense, he splashed the top of my head with water.
That really got on my nerves, but I firmly put up with it.
Since my opponent was the Minister, I couldn’t let my quick temper get the
better of me and make trouble for Uncle-san (Kaijin) or this shop’s Mamasan.
To be banned from this shop or something like that, I didn’t want to
experience such a sad thing!
But just when I had resolved to endure it all,
[Oi…. Just because we were nice and quiet, you get full of yourself!]
Uncle-san kicked the table flying with a ‘Bang!’, and stood up.
[Hey, Bester! Bastard, acting so rudely to my guest, are you ready for
what’s coming to you?]
…Eh? Hang on, Kaijin-san…the other party is the Minister, is that okay?
Minister Bester had become stiff from astonishment, and I was also
jumping up and down in a panic!
A gentle and soft sensation exploded from my back! …It wasn’t, on
purpose. Absolutely!!!
[Yo-, you bastard! To dare to use such words towards myself…!!!]
Minister Bester couldn’t even properly speak due to his anger and
[Isn’t it about time you became silent!!!]
Bellowing in a fury, Kaijin-san sent an unhesitating fist flying towards
Minister Bester’s face….
[Rimuru-danna, you were searching for skilled craftsmen right!? Would I
be lacking?]
You would be far from lacking but…I should say, will this be alright?
But well, after hitting the Minister, there would be no place for him in the
country now.
In a man’s life, there would be times, when words were unneeded.
[I’ll take you up on those words! I look forward to working with you,
I didn’t care about the minor details.
If Kaijin wanted to come with me, I was just fine with that!
Pretty words can go to hell! I’ll be satisfied with living the way I want!
Kaijin and I, passionately nodded to one another.
And so, our promise was fulfilled!!!
But still…from here on, how should we escape the country?
As expected, when in society, if you didn’t act with prudence, a mountain
load of problems would come about….
Even if you were to put up a front, those problems wouldn’t simply go
Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Slime
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
Titles: “One Who Controls Demons”
Unique Skill 『Great Sage』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Inherent Skills 『Dissolution, Absorption, Self-Regeneration』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skills:
Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Mist Breath』
Centipede 『Paralysis Breath』
Spider 『Sticky Thread, Steel Thread』
Bat 『Ultrasonic Waves』
Lizard 『Body Armor』
Black Wolf 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Intimidation,
Shadow Movement, Black Lightning』
Heat Fluctuation Resistance EX
Physical Attack Resistance
Pain Immunity
Electrical Resistance
Paralysis Resistance

016. The Dwarf Blacksmith


Chapter 16 – The Dwarf Blacksmith
[Ahh…why am I so busy….]
Kaijin, a dwarf man, was grumbling to himself.
He furiously thought inside, ‘Geez, the Empire in the east, might make a
move? What kind of idiocy is that!?’.
Indeed, for the past 300 years it had remained a peaceful era.
Kaijin couldn’t understand. Why would the Empire, which was plenty rich
enough as it was, go through the trouble of invading other lands?
Although for this dwarf, who made a living through creating weapons, the
beginning of the war should have been a really good chance to make huge
‘But still! Why did my workload have to increase so suddenly!!!’, was all
that ran through the dwarf’s head.
Moreover, there was one thing that he was greatly worried about…
Even as he cursed and fantasized about beating up a certain government
Minister, the dwarf was in deep consideration regarding another matter.
[What should I do…]
He breathed a tired sigh as he continued to think.
There was almost no time remaining for him to complete his work orders.
Missing the deadline would be a huge blow to his reputation.
Saying ‘I couldn’t do it!’, was simply not an option.
Right now, his future depended on whether he would receive contact from
the friends he had sent word for.
He was well known for his skill as a blacksmith, but there were still some
things he couldn’t do.
What was troubling him so much, was the lack of materials to create
weapons with!
And then the people he had been waiting for finally appeared before him.
[Sorry…we should have made it by yesterday, but there was a matter
beyond our control…!]
Saying that, the three men entered Kaijin’s shop.
There were three of them, all siblings, and also of the dwarven race. All of
them were in the business of mining.
The eldest son Garm. He was a skilled armorsmith.
The second son Dold. He was for known his first-rate craftsmanship.
The third son Mild. Though he was a dwarf of few words, he was an expert
at what he did. Having knowledge in construction, and well-versed in the
arts, he was a one of a kind genius.
By all rights, these three outstanding talents should have been the owners
of their own shops, but unfortunately, they were all rather clumsy in
regards to general living.
Blessed only in their respective specializations, they were hopeless when it
came to planning things or business trades, which was why they were
frequently taken advantage of by the people around them.
And so, their shop was taken over by a person they had trusted in, and what
was more, they even fell into a trap laid by a fellow apprentice who was
jealous of their talents, and ended up literally kicking an officer of the
king and was now under watch by the country…
Having nowhere else to go to, they chose to rely on Kaijin, who was their
childhood friend as well as the big brother of the group.
Although he ruefully thought to himself, ‘You should have depended on
me sooner!’, he was aware that it was already far too late to say that.
He had decided to shelter three brothers into his shop and hire them to
work for him. However, there was no work to entrust to them.
While Kaijin’s shop mainly sold weapons, his other goods were bought
from other suppliers.
Since he personally made his weapons, there would be no problem in
receiving assistance in regards to that, however…he feared that
unnecessary troubles would occur if his shop suddenly stopped trading
with the other suppliers and began self-producing armors and crafts.
There was a need to continue business operations as usual until the three
settled down. This was why he had tasked the three brothers with
overseeing laborers in the gathering of ores and raw materials.
After hearing their circumstances, he found out that they had encountered a
demon. Kaijin was greatly perplexed at this. Nevertheless, their safety was
something to be happy about.
Thinking of how fortunate the three were to avoid any injuries, he voiced
his relief.
[Well, it’s good that you guys are safe! You must have done well in
running away. It’s great that none of you were hurt!]
Indeed, as long as they were safe, it was always possible to go back to
gathering the needed ores.
But while he was thinking to himself, ‘The safety of my friends are much
more important!’, the three brothers exchanged awkward looks with each
They said,
[No…it’s not like we managed to get away in time.]
[Mhm. To tell you the truth, even now I still can’t come to terms with what
happened yesterday…]
*Third bro is silent
From then on, he listened as they explained what happened in detail.
They claimed, ‘A mysterious slime gave us medicine that brought us back
to life!’.
Normally, he would have laughingly replied, ‘I don’t believe that!’, but he
knew that the brothers were never the kind to lie. Or rather, they just
weren’t skillful enough in telling lies. Which meant that what they said was
However, seeing as it was only yesterday that a demon attack had resulted
in casualties, hiring new miners would most likely be impossible.
Due to yesterday’s events, the men he had employed were resigning one
after another. Since they also incurred considerable injuries themselves, he
could not really complain.
In regular circumstances, this would precisely be the time to go to the
Freedom Association with a request, but that was not an option.
He had already issued a request for the gathering of ores, but there was yet
to be a reply. It was the same situation for every other workshop, and so
the stocks of goods in the market were deteriorating.
In the case of commissioning guards, not only would the fee be
comparatively high, they would only work within the extent of the request.
If you asked for escorts, they would do just that and no more…
And when it came to the price of adventurers capable of defeating a B rank
demon…it wouldn’t do any good. Far from making a profit, he would go
bankrupt instead.
He thought to himself, ‘Tsk! Why did such a strong demon have to come
out in the outer zone of the mines!’.
Kaijin sighed heavily.
He contemplated on what he should do.
The deadline was drawing nearer. He even considered going so far as to
personally gather all the ores with his own hands
But no good ideas popped into his head, and time was running short…
The four dwarves were all lost in thought as they looked at one another.
And it was then that a strange group came into sight.
*Returning to slime perspective
[Hey! Big bro, you there?]
While calling out to someone inside, Captain-san, now known as Kaidou–
san, entered the shop.
In the midst of our conversations, we had become much more open and
friendly towards each other, and were now on a first name basis. I was told
that the owner of the shop , the one he wanted to introduce me to, was his
actual elder brother.
From the outside, it looked like the kind of small shop run by a stubborn
old uncle.
[Sorry to intrude~!]
*Rimuru greets
[How do you do!]
*Gobuta-kun greets
Saying our greetings, we followed Kaidou-san inside the shop.
The moment we entered, we saw that many eyes were focused on us.
All three dwarf brothers had exclaimed at the same time
The three dwarfs I saw yesterday had all raised their voices in surprise and
were looking over here. They were looking healthy now. Although for
some reason they were making depressed faces…
And then surely, as expected, there was a grim looking uncle whose face
didn’t lose one bit to those of the scary town construction old men. He was
the owner of this shop.
Honestly, he didn’t resemble Kaidou-san at all.
[What’s this? They friends of yours?]
[Kaijin-san! It’s this slime!!! The one that saved us yesterday!!!]
[Yeah, that’s right! So the Captain-san was the younger brother of our shop
*Third bro is silent
[Ohh…! So that’s the slime you were talking about! I’ve heard you were
the one who saved these guys. You have my gratitude!]
[Not at all! I don’t feel as if I’ve done that much, or perhaps I might have?
For one such as I, who easily gets carried away and goes too far, words of
praise is taboo…because I wouldn’t be able to calm down for the next long
[So, why have you come here today?]
After slightly regaining his composure, Uncle-san asked a question.
All of us had moved further inside of the shop to talk. And then, Kaidou–
san began briefly explaining my situation. I also chipped into the
conversation, when needed, to help move it along smoothly.
But I must say, this third dwarf brother called Mild-san, he never says a
single thing! I mean, how did he still manage to actually communicate? It
was mysterious.
[I understand what you want now. But I’m sorry. I don’t think I can be of
any help…. The thing is, we’ve already received a request from a certain
He told us that it was a secret, and explained what was happening
worldwide while withholding the important information.
It appeared that many countries were feeling pressured by the fear of a war
occurring because of ‘A certain fool somewhere!’, and that was why craft
orders for weapons and armors were being issued everywhere. Putting this
information into consideration, it made sense that the medicines and other
goods were out of stock yesterday.
[And so, about the request I received. Although I did manage to make 200
steel spears overnight…but on the other hand, regarding the main order of
20 swords, not even a single one has been made yet. I don’t have the
materials, you see…]
Despite hanging his head low, Uncle-san still grumbled.
[If it can’t be done, isn’t it fine to cancel the order?]
It was a reasonable question, asked by Kaidou-san.
[You idiot! Even I told them from the beginning that it was unreasonable!
…but then that sh*tty government Minister Bester butted in and said…
『Famed throughout our kingdom for your skills, can not a man of your
caliber, Kaijin, complete a small task of this degree?』
…is the kind of drivel he prattled on to me!!! Not to mention, this was said
in front of the king! Would you forgive him? That sh*tty bastard!!!]
He was furious the whole time he talked.
As we continued to converse, I learned that in the past, the third dwarf
brother Mild-san had rejected a request from Minister Bester to build a
house that he wanted. Bearing a grudge from that incident, the Minister had
repeatedly harassed Mild-san to the point where he was starting to think
about escaping from the country. And I was told that the one who took him
in at that time was Kaijin-san.
However you looked at it, it was definitely an unjustified resentment
towards Mild-san.
Then I thought to myself, ‘Wasn’t it likely that the Minister bought up all
the materials to obstruct Kaijin-san’s work?’.
[If you couldn’t make the swords due to the lack of materials, does that
mean that spears require different materials?]
And to my question Kajin-san replied,
[Yeah. The swords require a special material called “magic ore”. The
spears only needed to be made out of steel.]
He had replied in a very tired manner
Without the materials, even a master blacksmith was just an ordinary
person. It must be so frustrating for him.
But when you think about it, wasn’t it possible that the Minister was
waiting for Kaijin-san to come to him begging for help?
[To top it off…it takes a whole day to complete one sword. Even by using
the assembly -line system for efficient production, it would still take 2
weeks to make 20 of them….]
I was about to ask about the time limit, but then decided not to. The despair
on his face told me everything I needed to know.
But he told me anyway.
[The deadline is by this weekend…. On the first day of next week, I have to
deliver it all to the King. This job is something that is assigned to each and
every craftsman, commissioned by the country…if you can’t complete it,
it is possible to have your qualifications as a craftsman revoked…]
In other words, only 5 or so days left to complete the order. Or rather,
since any progress couldn’t be made today, then only 4 days until the
I got the feeling like the talk was getting serious. I had nothing to do with
this, so why was I here?
Just wait a moment, I can’t seem to understand what’s going on~?
Actually, if it’s “magic ores”, don’t I have some? Well, it’s not like it was
my business…
I didn’t know if they were misunderstanding something or not, but
everyone was looking towards me. Being stared at by men doesn’t make
me happy!
Their eyes seemed to be telling me, ‘Hey you! Can’t you do something
about this?’.
These people…what did they think a slime was capable of?
Guess I’ve got no choice.
For now, I should magnanimously lend my help them…And while I’m at
that, I’ll have them assist me with the revival of our goblin village!
[Fufufu. Hahaha. Ha~~~hahaha!!! Hey now, isn’t this talk just too
insignificant? Uncle! This thing, can you use it?]
With a loud thud, I placed before their very eyes, a fully extracted ore on
the work table. And then I went to lay down on the sofa with my legs
outstretched! (That’s how I imagined it)
[…He, hey! Heeeey!!! Thi-, isn’t this “magic ore”!? Moreover, its of
unbelievably high purity!!!]
Heh. Actually, that wasn’t “magic ore”.
It was a premade “magic steel ingot”~!!!.
[Hey now, uncle, are your eyes just for show?]
If he wasn’t even capable of identifying this, I doubted he would be of any
use to me.
I would sell the material to him at a suitable price, but wouldn’t further
involve myself!
[What…? …You don’t mean…no, that’s ridiculous! Are you saying that
the whole of this ingot is “magic steel”!?]
As expected, Uncle-san saw through it! But still, like how he was
astonished, I was pleasantly surprised as well!
[Wi-, will you turn this over to me? Of course, I’ll pay the asking price!]
Fufufu. I caught him!
[Well now, how should I go about this~]
[Argh. What is it you want? I’ll do anything that is within my ability!]
[I was waiting for those words! You’ve already heard of our
circumstances, yes? Among uncle-san’s acquaintances, I want you to find
someone capable of teaching crafting techniques.]
[What did you say? You’re okay with just that?]
[Hmph. Our first priority is to secure the life necessities, clothing and
housing! And also from now on, I want to request an intermediary for
supplying clothes, and someone capable of making weapons.]
[If that’s all you need, there’ll be no problem at all!]
With this agreement, I handed over the “magic steel ingot” to Uncle-san,
Kaijin, and in return I gained a promise.
We planned to go over the smaller details after he completed his work
From the response he showed, it would have most likely been fine to
request a little more, but wanting too much wasn’t good.
After all…greed was always the cause of my failures!
I’ve learned from my past mistakes.
The very same day, after everyone had dinner, Kaidou-san left us and
returned to his post.
Even though he was captain of the guards, it wasn’t a good example he was
setting by skipping his work from noon. But well, it was for the sake of
guiding me around. I have nothing to say about that!
And then, the three dwarf brothers had excessively expressed their thanks
to me.
It appeared, that because they thought it was their fault that Uncle-san
(Kaijin) was under supervision of the country, they felt very grateful that I
helped out.
When I asked, ‘If you like, why don’t you three join us?’, their eyes went
wide with surprise, and then they began a discussion among themselves.
Well, I was sure they would arrive to some sort of conclusion.
But it was about time to ask the most important question.
[Uncle-san, there are 4 remaining days. Including today, that makes it 4.5
days. Will it be enough time to finish your work?]
[…. To be honest, I don’t think it can be done. Even so, I’ve no choice but
to do it!]
So he was planning on going ahead with only fighting spirit….
However, I know this. What can’t be done, can’t be done!
To be successful in something, all the components that makes it possible
must be assembled.
There was nothing to be done about it…since I started this, I’ll see it
through to the end!
[I understand. I have a plan! For the time being, wait until tomorrow. I need
you to calm down and make me one sword that is of the finest quality
[What are you saying? Aren’t you an amateur in this? What can you do to
[It’s a secret. Believe in me! If you can’t, then do as you like. However, I’m
sure that you won’t be able to fulfill the request!]
[… It’s okay to trust in you, right? In the case that you can’t make this
succeed, I won’t be paying you for the “magic steel”. Well, it wouldn’t
make a difference to me either way, since I wouldn’t be able to pay
But, if you manage to keep your promise…I swear to keep my side of the
promise as well! I’ll prepare for you the best workers there is!!!]
We’ve made our promises!
And a promise made was something to be kept!
Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Slime
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
Titles: “One Who Controls Demons”
Unique Skill 『Great Sage』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Inherent Skills 『Dissolution, Absorption, Self-Regeneration』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skills:
Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Mist Breath』
Centipede 『Paralysis Breath』
Spider 『Sticky Thread, Steel Thread』
Bat 『Ultrasonic Waves』
Lizard 『Body Armor』
Black Wolf 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Intimidation,
Shadow Movement, Black Lightning』
Heat Fluctuation Resistance EX
Physical Attack Resistance
Pain Immunity
Electrical Resistance
Paralysis Resistance

015. A deal with the guards


Chapter 15 – A Deal with the Guards
[I offer my sincerest apologies~~~~!!!]
I was deeply bowing my head (in my heart at least!).
We were being detained in the guard station of the dwarven gatekeepers.
After causing an uproar to such an extent, it was somewhat obvious that I
wouldn’t be declared innocent and released on the spot.
The dwarf guardsmen had come rushing over and instantly surrounded all
of us that were involved.
Although…my previous opponents of 5 were perfectly knocked out, so I
felt like it was just me being trapped in that circle.
That was it! I should secretly turn back into a slime and…. Run away.
I thought to myself, ‘Eureka!’.
But as I returned to my slime form and attempted escape…
My body was abruptly seized, and then a feeling of being suspended came
over me.
I was so easily captured…
The soldier-san who caught me was smiling with a face that said, ‘Where
do you think you’re going?’
But I could tell by the bulging vein in his forehead, that he wasn’t happy in
the least.
[Wai-, I haven’t done anything you know! I’m also a victim in this matter!]
I tried pleading the way Gobuta-kun would, however…
[Uh huh. Is that right! All the same, I’ll listen to your story at the guard
station! You’d better not think about running away!]
He still wore that wonderful smile, even as he warned me.
It might be a better idea to just give in…
Suddenly I thought to myself, ‘What’s Gobuta-kun doing right now?’, and
when I looked around…
I saw that even now, his eyes were still closed and his ears covered.
…That idiot! What was he thinking?
No wait…he was probably not thinking at all. He was a ninny after all.
While feeling somewhat amazed, I called Gobuta-kun over.
And this was how we were dragged away to the guard station.
The order of how events played out that time!
First, I was forced into a fight!
Second, I transformed into a wolf!
Third, I let out a howl at a teensy bit loud volume.
How about it? I’m not to blame right?
With that in mind, I sneaked a quick look up at soldier-san.
As ever, he was still wearing that wonderful smile.
His beard was a fine match with his good natured and hearty looks.
It’s such a pity though~, if only those veins on his forehead would calm
[Uhm~, why was I brought along with you?]
[You i-di-ot! What are you saying? Because you got involved in that mess,
we are the ones getting reprimanded!]
[Eh?! So that’s what happened! I’m really sorry…. I caused alot of troubles
[Well, it couldn’t be helped this time, but make sure to be more careful
next time alright?]
Whew. I think I fooled him somehow. What I used just now was the
ultimate skill, “shifting blame”!
*Original text is 人のせい. I’m pretty sure it has to do with controlling blame, but not completely
sure. If you know what it means please let me know
This was an advanced social technique which you could master only after
many years of life experience. The trick was to not let the other party
suspect you.
It was considerably difficult to use!
*If you’re wondering what that accomplished, the guard’s mood got a little better, I guess
Moving on.
Actually, while I did jokingly recount how the incident had occurred, it
was mostly quite accurate.
Using the information they gained from the witnesses, the guards had also
reached the same conclusion as how I had described it.
I felt that their attitudes towards me had become softer to a certain extent.
[Now. About that demon wolf. What was it?]
Asking the question was the soldier-san who was in charge of the
What did he mean by what it was?
The name of its species?
[Let’s see, the name of that wolf species is-…]
[Not that. I don’t need to know the name of its species, or anything like
that. Why did that kind of demon appear in that place? To begin with,
where did it come from and where did it go? Speak of everything you
Although I told them I transformed into the wolf, it seems they don’t
believe me?
As a rule, heroes hide the fact that they can transform, but I’m no hero.
That was why I had openly talked like a chatterbox, and yet…
[No…now see here, I’m telling you that it was me who transformed into
that wolf!]
[Ha~. Really, I get that it’s rare for a slime being able to talk, but
[Wait wait, then should I show you I can do it?]
[Hmph. Well whatever. However, let’s say for arguments sake that the wolf
really was you. Why can you transform? Aren’t you a slime?]
Confronted with such a question, how should I reply?
Honestly answering, ‘It’s a unique skill!’, would be a foolish move. If I did
that, it would put me on the same level as Gobuta-kun.
Come up a good explanation right this moment, me!!!
[To tell you the truth…a magician cast a curse on me. I think it was done
out of jealousy for my talent…. Back then, I was a user of illusion magic.]
[Uh huh. Cursed by a magician…you say. And?]
[Well err, right. I had learned a number of illusion spells and was fully
focused on studying, but an evil magician changed me into a slime…
Right now, I’m on a journey to find a method to break the curse on me…
and that’s how it is!]
[How did you come to meet this evil magician? Why were you not killed
but instead cursed??]
Ughh…it would have been so nice if he took everything at face value….
His persistence was almost annoying.
Well, it was reasonable I suppose. If he believed me just like that, I would
consider him no better than a goblin.
And from then on, a seemingly never ending 2 hours passed.
It was a time of non-stop offense and defense (questions and answers)
between me and soldier-san.
-The passionate exchange of words between the two, had gradually given
shape to a never-before heard of story.
A story about a certain beautiful girl, who was cursed by an evil magician
and turned into a slime.-
I didn’t mean for it turn out that way, but in the midst of responding to
every one of soldier-san’s pinpoint questions, I had given birth to an
exceedingly strange story.
In the story, I was the young maiden who was a prodigy of transforming
and illusion magic. She was cursed by a witch and was on a journey to
break the spell, or so it went…
You may ask, how did it come to this?
Whenever I had mentioned something odd, soldier-san would mercilessly
tackle it in the name of cross-examination.
And in the process of fixing up my story enough to make him say, ‘So
that’s how it was!’, it was already too late…
Me and soldier-san. At the end of it, we had exchanged looks full of a
feeling of accomplishment…though I had no eyes!
No words were said, but our feelings got across to each other.
[Alright! The written evidence (though the content is nonsensical…) is
completed! Thanks for your co-operation! By the way, what will you two-
[It’s-, it’s terrible! Down at the mines, an Armorsaurus appeared! They say
that several miners who were picking ores have already been injured!]
[What?! So, has this Armorsaurus been put down yet?]
[There’s no problem there! Just now, a suppression unit has been sent over.
But those who were wounded are in bad conditions. I don’t know whether
it was for war preparations or something else, but everything related to
medicines have been sold off, and it seems they won’t bring out the
emergency stores in the castle…]
[Are there no healers?]
[That is…you know that to mine “magic ores” you need to go deep into
the caves, right? At the moment, all of the capable healers are away
escorting the miners, and the only ones available right now are
[What did you say…!?]
It appeared to be a serious situation…and they’ve completely forgotten I
was there.
I thought to myself, ‘If there are emergency supplies in the castle, bring
them out!’….
Restorative medicine huh. Although I have them…what should I do?
[Oi, mister! Mister!!!]
I’ve decided to hand them some.
As for why I would do this, it’s not like I thought maybe building a good
image of myself would perhaps would prove my innocence in the earlier
incident…it’s absolutely not like that!
Saving lives is a natural thing to do!
Though I admit, I sounded suspicious…
But they say that compassion is not for the benefit of others. In other
words, something good may happen for me!
[What is it? I’m busy right now! The investigation is finished now, but I
can’t release you yet. For a while, you’ll be waiting in this place!]
[No no, not that. It’s about this, you see?]
I took out medicine from a pocket. (Or from their view, I simply spat it
[…? Ah, what’s this?]
[It’s restorative medicine. It’s of excellent quality! Good for drinking!
Good for applying on wounds!]
[Ha? Why would a slime like you be holding on to something like
Hey now…. Where did my setting (story of a young maiden) from before
Just now I was completely treated like a slime! As I expected, he was also
going along with the flow at that time.
Well putting that aside…
[That doesn’t really matter right? Please try using it. How many do you
[Six people were injured but…will you have enough?]
The young soldier-san, that had come to report the situation, was glaring
at me with suspicion.
A demon giving you medicine…if it was me, I wouldn’t take it.
[Tsk! No matter, don’t leave the room! We’re going now!]
[Eh? But, captain…that’s a demon you know?]
[Quiet! We’re going! Hurry and lead the way!!!]
While saying that, the bearded soldier-san who was called captain snatched
the 6 medicines I had taken out and took off running.
Although we never had a proper talk with each other, I think he decided to
trust in me.
He seemed to be a good person, just like his appearance. Though it was
surprising that he was a captain.
[Is it over now?]
It was Gobuta-kun who was asking. He had been silent right from the
beginning of the interrogation, only nodding the occasional agreements to
my claims.
[It’s not over yet, but well…let’s see how it turns out.]
[Roger that!]
From then on, we waited in a completely spaced out state of mind.
Occasionally, among the soldiers that were coming and going out of the
guard station, a few would stare at us in confusion, tilting their heads…
We had spent 1 hour waiting.
I was practicing my control over spider threads to kill time, when I sensed
the footsteps of the returning captain and his men.
Stopping what I was doing, I went back to the waiting room.
Gobuta-kun was sleeping there. This guy…unexpectedly, he might actually
be an amazing fellow!
[You saved us! Thanks.]
Entering the room, the captain said thanks while bowing his head.
Also with him, was a group of miners that had followed behind.
[I heard you were the one who gave the medicine! Thank you!!!]
[To be frank, I was on the verge of losing an arm, and not being able to
work anymore…really, thank you!!!]
The miners were all expressing their appreciation in turns.
Oh there’s one guy left…why wasn’t he saying anything!
Well, I’ve properly received their feelings of gratitude.
A while passed, and the miners had all finished what they came to say and
left already.
Before I had noticed, the sun was already going down and it was getting
darker outside.
After that, the captain and I shared another conversation. This time, I didn’t
hide anything from him.
The five people, from the previous disastrous incident, turned out to be
adventurers that were part of this country’s Freedom Association.
Apparently, they were talented individuals, but were quite well known for
their troublemaking.
Without holding anything back, the captain had laughingly said, ‘That
oughta teach them a lesson!’.
He also informed me, that while it was already confirmed that we didn’t do
anything wrong in particular, but taking into consideration the feelings of
the bystanders involved in that incident, there was no choice but to detain
I found out that a damage report was never made.
But really, it was understandable. Making a complaint saying, ‘I want
compensation for my soiled underwear!’, would be extremely
In return, I also told him of our circumstances.
For the sake of reviving the goblin village, we needed clothes, weapons
and armors. If possible, I also wanted to hire a capable advisor for the
village, and so on.
The captain had listened attentively throughout it all with keen interest.
When the other guards learned of our situation, they had begun talking to
me about all sorts of things. Even Gobuta-kun was besieged with questions
from all sides, having to constantly reply with a bewildered expression.
And like that, the night passed….
The next day.
We were still staying at the guard station.
Gobuta-kun was borrowing the resting room. He must still be asleep.
Since I didn’t need sleep, I was already out in the backyard, gazing at the
scene of the guards training. Some were practicing swinging their wooden
swords (or more like logs), others were exchanging light blows in a spar,
while the rest were working out by running.
I was leisurely watching from the sidelines.
Taking in the situation before me, I simulated in my mind, a fight between
the various demons I have used Predation on, and the training guards.
It felt just like a game.
Still, I wonder if using 『Great Sage』 in this way was alright? The way I
was using it, it could be described as like pearls before swine…
Be that as it may, it couldn’t be helped since it was interesting. There was
no problem at all.
The result of the simulation: overwhelming victory by the demons.
Even when the guards were given a handicap, only a few could manage to
defeat the bat and lizard.
In a 1 vs 1 situation, the conditions were too favorable for the demons.
However, it seemed that in a group battle, with 5~6 people which made up
one party, there were a few party combinations that were able to beat my
On the other hand, even with all 20 of the training guards, they were not be
able to kill my centipede.
In any case, I knew that the men here weren’t of the strongest fighters in
this country, so perhaps this was a standard level of strength.
While I was doing that, Gobuta-kun had also woken up.
The captain was also here, reporting for duty.
[You’re free to go. I feel bad for confining you up till now. Though we had
a reputation to uphold, we ended up taking up a day of your time. Sorry!]
[No no, saving on lodging expenses was very helpful!]
[Hearing that really puts me at ease. As an apology, let me introduce you to
a skilled blacksmith!]
[That would be splendid! Thank you very much!]
Things were looking up for us.
Regarding the immigration inspection, we were given something of a
preferential treatment and it was completed without a hitch, while on the
other hand we saved money on lodging fees.
I also expected difficulty in searching for a capable blacksmith, but
soldier-san’s recommendation solved everything!
Looking at it optimistically, nothing but good things had happened to us!
[But in return for that…]
Mm? Was there a hidden catch to this?
When it came to things hidden beneath the surface, videos were all I
*Meant to be a pun on underground videos=pirated videos. Because under the guise of something
good there was something bad and underground videos are pirated videos and pirated videos are bad
and…forget it
**It could also be about p*rn. I’m just saying
[If you still have any of those medicines remaining, I want to buy them!]
I see now.
I did hear about it yesterday, that somehow supplies on medicine were low.
Seeing as I have a huge stock of medicines, it would be fine selling them…
but I didn’t know the market price for them.
What to do?
Well, whatever.
These medicines didn’t cost anything to produce after all. If he says he
needs them, then I’ll just hand over some.
[I can agree to that. Although I say that, I do need them myself, so it
depends on how many you need.]
[I’ll be fine with just taking the leftovers. Even if only one is left, I’ll take
Hn? Isn’t that strange?
Wasn’t he trying to procure a reserve supply of medicines?
Having just one, wouldn’t solve anything in the hour of need…
I suppose the need for medicine is just that great.
[Mm…then, how about 5?]
[5! That’ll be great!]
[Aah, and also, did you know that it’ll probably still have a good effect
when diluted with water? When treating the average injury, just 1/10 of the
medicine should be fine!]
When I explained how it worked, the captain nodded with a face that
yelled, ‘I want more!’.
After making sure he understood, I handed over the 5 pieces of medicine
and in return, I received a small bag.
Opening the bag, I saw some gold coins inside.
[Although it may not be much, it was everything we could take out. I hope
you can let me have them all for 5 coins each!]
It appeared that 5 pieces of medicine were worth 25 gold coins.
But at the present, I couldn’t tell profit from loss, so I thought to make use
of this opportunity to ask about the currency rates.
[Uhmm, excuse me…]
[Is it not enough? But this is the best I can offer…]
[No, though I’m okay with the amount you gave, there’s something I’d like
you to teach me!]
[Eh? You’re alright with this price? The-…then what is it you wanted to
Hm? Hnn?
Judging from that reaction…I was ripped off! It might have been fine to
push the price a little bit.
Well that’s fine.
I felt that this captain-san was a good person, so I doubt he took advantage
of me to a serious extent.
[Right now, I have only a small amount of money, but not only that, I have
no idea at all about the value of money and the price of commodities…
If possible, please teach me regarding those things! After all, being a
slime, I’m ignorant in these things!]
My current manner of speech was totally contradicting yesterday’s setting
(story of a young maiden).
At any rate, both us had never believed in that story in the first place, so no
problem there!
And so like this, we had a conversation before departure that lasted so
long, that it wasn’t until after eating lunch that I was ready to say, ‘Now we
I couldn’t taste anything, but nonetheless, it was a good meal.
Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Slime
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
Titles: “One Who Controls Demons”
Unique Skill 『Great Sage』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Inherent Skills 『Dissolution, Absorption, Self-Regeneration』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skills:
Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Mist Breath』
Centipede 『Paralysis Breath』
Spider 『Sticky Thread, Steel Thread』
Bat 『Ultrasonic Waves』
Lizard 『Body Armor』
Black Wolf 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Intimidation,
Shadow Movement, Black Lightning』
Heat Fluctuation Resistance EX
Physical Attack Resistance
Pain Immunity
Electrical Resistance
Paralysis Resistance