Translator: Sir Magician, (The Incognito)
Species: Human?
Title: The ‘?’ Mask and Silent Magic Expert
Magic: Too many to describe
Techniques: Sudden Bursts of Overkill Translations, The vanishing Act (Disappear for a while)
Weaknesses: Mute, Lack of Common Sense and No patience with crowds
And now for you delight and wonder the great magician Incognito!!!
a burst of applause
A masked man walks in the stage wearing a tuxedo with a top hat besides him a beautiful female assistant.
He walks to the center of the stage and points to the crowd and then point to himself and then to the ground and finally points to the female.
Someone in the Crowd: “What?”
Female Assistant: “The Great Incognito is telling you that he will perform a magic act for all of you here and will use me to do it.”
Old Man: “All he did was point, why doesn’t he talk?”
The magician points to the person and snap his fingers a ball of smoke rise from where the man was and outside everyone hear a loud noise,
Outside of the tent a voice rings out
Old Man: Oh God! Is this manure? Elephant Manure? Why it stinks so bad?
Female Assistant Shouts: “Small kids tend to give the Elephant Ice Cream, unfortunately it is lactose intolerant, that’s why the smell.”
The magician bows
Female Assistant: “He is expecting you guys to clap for his magic act. Incidentally I should tell you he have no patience with crowds and may use the rest of you in his next act”
The crowd applauded in nervousness
The magicians bows again snaps his fingers and turn his back leaving the stage
Female assistant: “Thank you for watching, also you should run thanks to that old man he lost his patience and conjured a stampede of circus animals to trample you guys, see you next time for those of you that survive.”

8 thoughts on “Magician’s Team

  1. Welcome to the team 🙂
    Are you also translating from Japanese to English or do you translate to a new language?
    And if you ever need a knife or anything with a blade for one of your tricks, just ask me.


  2. Hey hey hey! A magician! Show me a trick and pull some fish out of that hat of yours! Actually, give me that hat, this bear needs a top hat!

    …Just joking, welcome to the team!


    1. – Nods and bow to the bear –
      – points to his hat and shake his head in denial, snaps his fingers and disappear leaving a bowl of fresh trouts in his place –


  3. Hello there. welcome to the team.
    Yo. Bem vindo ao time.

    I say! what a beautiful hat. I would kill that hat.
    sim sim sim …. eu mataria por este chapeu …. que precioso…
    eu poderia por um chapeu como este … parece magico…


  4. Dear RobbWe’ve had a wonderful Nowruz, peaceful and relaxed. I hope the whole world enjopys the same for obe day, one year. It would be nice to have no negative headlimes, no Fritzel, no bad Afitangshan, no bad Iraq, no bad world. Am I dreaming ?bob


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