Bear’s Hiberation/plans

Hey guys,

Smoggy here. It’s been a while since I last did something like this huh…

Anyways, sorry for the sudden announcement, but I got some news y’all probably should hear. It just kinda happened over the last week

Firstly, Guro san’s back, so cheers to that.

Here’s the main thing: Him and I, alongside some other translators in the community had a little talk about my work, we all agreed I need some serious re-work from the fundamentals.

So, receiving some generous offer of resources and PDFs I can start my mountain cave meditation. After talking over things with Guro san and Lion san, I’ve decided to leave the series and go train myself in the arts of true Japanese translations.

Probably wouldn’t be back anytime soon in the Japanese translation world, and thus ends the circus show of the bear. Maybe I’ll work on CN or something in the mean time, but who knows? I’ll still give lion san some minor support if he needs it though. Sorry I couldn’t follow you all towards the end of the slime’s journey, thank you everyone who supported me all this time, and I hope you give your continued support to the Lion and ….actually, the Guro sounds really weird (for those who don’t know what Guro means…stay that way.), so I’ll go with Guro san. Someday, when my training is complete, I’ll return once more. But for now: さよなら、またね。



44 thoughts on “Bear’s Hiberation/plans

  1. Smoggy had I not found this site, I might not of followed the story up to now. I will be honest the Manga is what got me here but it left me craving more with its releases being so far apart. You helped filled that irresistible urge for more, thanks for all the hours you spent translating this series until now. I hope you enjoy your time in the cave, if you need a break from the isolation, you can always buy FF15 when its released next month. ;p
    Thanks again for staying in this circus as long as you did! Banzai Gluttony!


  2. Thanks Smoggy for all your hard work until now. I will really miss you. So be safe and at least make sure to remain in contact through comments.good luck for future.


  3. Huge thanks and respect for u Smoggy for giving us freeloaders the pleasure to enjoy the series. I’m gonna miss my favorite bear. *Sniff* I hope ur hibernation works out. If ever in need I bet my soul this community got ur back. Best wishes🙋🙌


  4. I feel bad for only noticing that now :/
    Thanks for all the work you did so far, I wish you all the best in your closed door training session, and I hope you will emerge as successful as you are hoping to.


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