Still not a new chapter (yet)

Hello, Smoggy here, was kinda fighting the demon lord of exams in the other world when my vision turned white, and suddenly Dusty told me I was revived, after dying for a bit…hm.

Thing is…Might be gone for another week, depending on the wifi of where I’m going. I’m visiting the woods where the other bears lived. (i’m serious, some kind of post test trip)

BUT BUT BUT, put down those pitchforks, I’m not running way. I did handed in my homework to guro san before I leave. I’m a responsible bear! (albeit unedited)

Speaking of responsibility…exactly how many chapters do I owe you guys?…I’m a little worried here…


on a side note: never edited the front page, so no idea how clown san does it…so for now please just endure it.


13 thoughts on “Still not a new chapter (yet)

  1. “owe” = zero, “missed over the duration” = not like we could actually demand that you make up for that, you were already working at the pace you were able, you can’t just pull more than 24 hours out of a day.


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