Summoned Slaughterer 30: From the Inside

Dear folks waiting for Tensei Shitara,

I apologize for the delay on the next chapter.  Due to work catching up to me quick, and that it was my turn to finish the next Summoned Slaughterer chapter, I had to work on this instead of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken.  So no, I am still alive.  Just busy and didn’t have time to work on our main project 😦

Smoggy should have a chapter sometime this week, and I’ll make sure to edit it within a day or two after he sends it to me.

In the meantime, I hope you already are following this series, if not, do check it out!


Chapter 30 : From the Inside

Although they solidified the national border, many of the new fortresses belong to Orsongrande in name only—they are unoccupied.
The invasion so far, primarily due to the fact that preventing people from getting out also slowed down the speed at which news travel, has continued without much opposition from Vichy.
And now, via these fortresses, some people are living Orsongrande for Vichy.
Hifumi, who observed this happen, merely marveled at how few actually emigrated.
Yet their hesitation to leave their home cities and villages is predictable: the roads are underdeveloped and their only means of substance comes from the businesses they took years if not generations to develop.
The only who do travel are the seconds sons, the unemployed, and the wealthy.
「Frankly, I thought you might just decide to massacre everyone…」
Kasha said, while partaking with Hifumi the lunch the supply corps prepared
「Civilians are not the enemy. Only the enemy needs to be slaughtered. But fighting tens or even hundreds of soldiers is inefficient and boring. Instead, it’s best to force those Vichy bastards to become afraid and to strengthen their ranks with more people. Then, they might finally come at us for real」
「・・・If they do, wouldn’t we lose?」

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