131. Demon Lord Leon

A few words from Smoggy: The timeline of this novel has officially gone crazy. It’s messier than the Legend of Zelda series -_-.

Demon Lord’s Gambit Arc
131. Demon Lord Leon

While looking at Rimuru that sat in front of him, Leon recalled the old days.
With an appearance of a shoujo, a genderless Demon Lord.
Even though it belonged to the weakest race the slimes, it evolved into a demon lord with a vast magic capacity.
It was a unique existence, with the appearance of Izawa Shizu, a girl whom he once saved.
And he was someone who knew this girl, whom Leon was looking for.
When you think about it, this is quite the peculiar twist of fate.
Although a visitor from Earth, he came as a “reincarnator” with the memories of his previous life—an unbelievable occurrence. Moreover, he reincarnated as a monster.
Such was Demon Lord Rimuru: a being who met with this world’s strongest species, Dragon Kind, who was fated to deal with Leon, and who attained absolute power.
But doesn’t this all appear as if it were all connected, as if someone was leading it?
He thought.
This all just may be pre-established harmony.
TN Note: Pre-established harmony is the idea that while substances only affect themselves, god programmed the way they interact and harmonize with each other…just look it up.

However, Leon disregarded the idea and began talking about the girl Chloe.
About 300 years ago, Leon came to this world.
Rather than being summoned, the cause of this was being caught in the accidental occurrence of a dimensional distortion.
Veldora has already been sealed then, and the great Jura Forest has already been established as a inviolable zone.
Despite the relative peace which the world had finally welcome, Leon was thrown into it.
At the time he was less than 10 years old.
However, there was someone who he had to protect. There was a young girl who fell along with him. That girl, was Chloe O’Bell.
She was a childhood friend of Leon, a best friend. An existence he loved like a sister, his everything.
That’s why Leon, even as his body was being destroyed by rampaging magic, he forcefully suppressed the destruction with his willpower.
With a strong will and feelings, a boy who was less than 10 had managed to control the magic that dwelt within him. As a result, he had obtained the unique skill “Guardian”.

From his desires to protect the girl younger than he, the power to protect has awakened within him.
Moreover that wasn’t all. By obtaining a “hero’s egg”, a portion of the remaining rampart energy was obtained.
Even at a young age, Leon had the qualities of a Hero.

「It’s alright. Because I will protect Chloe」

Leon cheered up the young girl, who was crying endlessly, with a smile
However, the girl in Leon’s embrace suddenly vanished. Despite the power to protect had just awaken with Leo……
And so, Leon began the journey to search for Chloe.
Despite the passing years Leon never gave up searching for Chloe.
Perhaps, she had returned back to their original world. So he considered.
Even in their original world, however, Chloe had no relatives. If Leon didn’t protect her, who would?
In that case, all he had to do was to summon her here again.
He learned of magic that could summon a specific person through appointing time and space.
With his exceptional intelligence, Leon learned magic at an absurd pace. All to summon a single girl, and to protect her.

However, his attempts ended in failure.
Even the genius Leon could not exert magical power in a world beyond this one.
Yet he did not give up and continued his research.
An extreme magic that could only be attempted once every 66 years, for success he traveled the world.
He learned from the fairies the method to be certified a hero, but they were so useless that it merely infuriated him.
He seized from them 8 great spirits, and because it did not seem to have caused any great problem, he continued his journey.
Having reached the pinnacle of human wisdom, he left into domains of the demon lords.
Leon’s thirst for knowledge was boundless; he would not hesitate to do whatever it takes for the sake of summoning Chloe.
Thus, he continued living while destroying high ranking devils and taking their wisdom for his own.
There were also those who wish to join as his subordinate, who were allowed to do as they pleased so long as they did not interfere.
As time went by, the number of subordinates under Leon gradually grew in size, and he even came to own a small territory.
Leon never named himself, but soon the name “Platinum Devil” began to spread.
Before long, that name came to be associated with the name of a Demon Lord, but Leon paid it no mind. That sort of thing didn’t matter to him.
Rather, taking knowledge from the wise devils who came to fight him was most important.
And for the first time, an existence that could be called a threat attacked Leon.

“Curse lord” Kazalim, was offended by Leon’s nickname of demon lord, and paid a visit to purge him.
Even for Leon, the genius with a “Hero’s egg”, the “Curse Lord” Kazalim was a formidable foe.
Superficial attacks will not work on Kazalim, king of the undead. With Leon’s abilities specializing in defense, he couldn’t inflict a fatal strike on Kazalim.
On the other hand, Kazalim too found Leon a difficult opponent. Breaking through he iron wall-like defense was tough, and all his curses were null and void.
With both sides lacking a decisive factor, the battle that unfolded extended for several days.
However, the ending was a disappointing one.
His egg hatched.

Absorbing his pure feelings within the inner soul of Leon, the “Hero’s egg” had hatched.
Leon has awakened and became a true hero.
He who reigns as the demon lord, he who is the true hero. And that, is Leon Cromwell.
He awakened an ability, the ultimate skill “King of purity Metatron”.
An ability which draws purest energy possible from power, magic, aura, and skill.
For Kazalim who uses complex skills this was the worst possible match-up.

With cursed blood of hex and blood, rotten flesh of sludge and microorganisms, bones of magic water.
The parts that constitutes Kazalim’s body, was dismantled under the pulsating divine light of the ultimate skill “King of Purity Metatron”.
Without being able to put up any resistance, the “Curse lord” Kazalim has been destroyed before Leon.
By an ironic twist, Leon who has overthrown a demon lord was recognized as a demon lord in name and in reality. And Leon took it as a good thing.
In the castle where Kazalim resides, an experimentation facility was established.
In addition to it being used as an experimentation facility, he began considering his place of residence.
When Chloe was successfully summoned, he needed to give her a place to live. So Leon thought, and decided to get his own territory.
And he discovered new lands to the southwest.
Extreme magic was used without holding back to reform the very ecology itself.

And thus, the golden town El・Dorado was completed. However, Leon has conducted research exclusively in Kazarim’s residence in the demon continent until…
His summoning has failed, and Izawa Shizu was summoned.
Her condition could be understood with a simple glance.
Unlike Leon, this girl with burnt raven black hair has suffered grievous injuries and would soon die.
Due to his failed summoning, this girl’s body may soon collapse under the rampaging magic.
However, age wise it was a success. Which pleased him. Furthermore, if it wasn’t for his summon, this girl would have burned to death.

Leon was slightly troubled. Calling this helping would be presumptuous. After all she was summoned for his own convenience.
If the girl was saved as a result, this was due to her own luck, and not Leon’s efforts.
And so he thought.

And that’s why,

「Although I thought you were trash, you seem compatible with fire.」

After saying so, the “Flame Giant” Ifrit was summoned, and possessed the young girl. The high ranking spirit stolen from Ramiris’s dungeon now proved useful.
The girl was stabilized, and snatched from the jaws of death.
After that all depends on the girl’s luck.
It is not a result of his actions, but the girl’s own: for she should be the one to strive to create her own path.
In addition, Leon could not afford to get involved with the girl.
Leon was Leon, the girl was the girl; and she had to figure out her own life. It may seem cold, but such is the law of the jungle.
Leon had thoroughly considered this, and he had no reason to carry the heavy burden of the young girl’s fate.
At that time, Leon had not noticed his whimsical actions would create such a twisted tapestry of fate.
And thus, the weaver of fate had spun yet another pattern.

Before Leo, a young boy has appeared.
The Young boy called himself Kagurazaka Yuuki.
The young leader of the Freedom Association has told Leon that his organization would be useful to him.
He seems to have heard about Leon’s search for the “Otherworldly” Young girl through illicit means.
Confidently, he boasted he could help Leon find the girl he seeks.
On a whim, Leon permitted it.
Either way, he would not be harmed if Yuuki had failed.
No matter how many years it took, he was determined to successfully summon Chloe with his own two hands.
After deciding to giving it a try due to no potential loss, the characteristics of Chloe was conveyed, and the proposal was accepted.
When you think about it, that was his biggest blunder.
Kagurazaka Yuuki had successfully summoned
Chloe O’Bell.
He had succeeded.
Not from another world, but rather from when Chloe and Leon first came to this world.

In other words, if he hasn’t relied on Yuuki, fate might have turned out differently.
Chloe was summoned by Yuuki, met the monster called Rimuru, and traveled to the past alongside Hinata.
Trapped in the laws of the perfect world, Chloe had awakened her own ultimate skill whilst repelling all external interferences.
If it wasn’t for Yuuki, Leon’s summoning might have actually succeeded.
However, that was something that already could not be determined.
Whether Leon would eventually succeed in his otherworld summoning or not, there was no long any point in speculating about this.
Because the problem now was what to do in the future.

* * *

Leon’s story finished.
The black tea has long cooled. While we were talking, time has slipped by.
Or rather, the fact that Leon has been trying to summon Chloe was unexpected.
When the hero attacked his facility, he had this strange unexplainable feeling he should avoid confrontation.
And so, he decided ――Even though he wouldn’t say it―― to leave Shizu san in the care of the hero who came, and said he would withdraw.
When you think about it, it was easy to explain.
Although there’s no way Leon could have known, this was all a pre-established harmony created by Chloe’s ability.
I, to complement Leon’s memories, told my side of the story.
My encounters and farewells with Chloe, as well as Yuuki’s actions.
In addition, what Hinata and Ruminas told me about the current hero Chloe.
Leon had believed the words I said, and shared information that would only be known to Leon.
After the last of the cold tea was drunk,

「In other words, Chloe’s currently under the control of Yuuki.
Due to the unique curse “Three absolute orders” Chloe could not go against Yuuki.
Ruminas and I had tried to subjugate Yuuki, but unfortunately he was one step ahead and he escaped.
From now on, when Yuuki makes his move, we will be fighting against him.
Our objective is also to free Chloe, do you think it is possible for us to cooperate?」

I got to the point.
I thought about asking Demon Lord Leon to join forces against Yuuki, or so I did but,

「Hmph, I don’t particularly mind cooperating.
My wish was to summon Chloe was a wish to protect her happiness.
However, if there were any hindrances isn’t it natural that they be eradicated?
Let’s leave the question of whether Chloe really is the strongest aside for now.
And, how do I even know you’ll be at all useful in this?」

It seems we must first have a proper grasp of each other’s abilities.
Alright. If that’s what he wants, then I’ll present him with a blow as previously requested by Shizu san.
TN Note: he meant Shizu san’s will to give Leon a beating. Chapter 25ish.

「Okay! I understand.
I’m fine with ending this bothersome conversation. You should prepare yourself.
Unlike Ramiris, my punch isn’t all talk!」
「Fufu, come at me」

We laughed at each other, and stood simultaneously.
We headed for the training grounds. Where Shion and the silver knight Alrose had previously headed.
Lead by Leon we ventured into the palace. Sculptures and corridors of good taste from his hobbies decorated the halls, while glass walls allowed overviewing the view outside.
This is a fantastically elaborate palace. Of course I don’t say so and quietly follow behind Leon.

We arrived to the training grounds.
A magic formation was carved into one side of the wall, which seems to serve the purpose of absorbing and diffusing the energy absorbed within.
With this in place, a bit of violence wouldn’t be a problem.
So I thought as we entered unto the grounds.


Inside, Shion had an uncomfortable look on her face.

And that person over there that looks like a dust cloth rag constantly twitching and convulsing seems to be the silver knight Alrose.
I sudden felt cold sweat running down my spine.

「I-it’s n-not what you think!
He was earnest! And so in response I too got serious.
However, while he was evading with teleport, I felt a tingling feeling and attacked……
When I noticed, Alrose-dono was in this state!
What the hell was that, I too am deeply troubled about this!!」

Is that meant to be an excuse?
I wanted to seriously look into the matter, but now’s not the time.
I quickly took out a full potion, and sprinkled it over Silver knight Alrose.
Afterwards, I had Alrose drink another bottle after he was finally conscious enough to drink.

「T-that w-was my defeat. I did not expect Shion-dono to be so skillful……
I am sorely lacking in training……」

Apparently, he seems fine.
Now that’s relieved, there’s the problem child Shion.

「Oi, Shion……」

When I called, Shion instantly shrank and sat in Seiza.

「Did you properly understand our purpose for coming here?」
「Ay, of course. We’re here to… “forge fwiendly relations with Demon Lord Leon” right?」[1]

Does she really understand? For some reason, I have a budding suspicion otherwise.
Well, any degree of friendship I would happily accept, but a hostile relationship is certainly undesirable.
We came here to negotiate, and yet you beat the other party’s comrade black and blue, what were you thinking. No, you probably weren’t thinking of anything.
Choosing Shion as an escort was a failure on my part.
I don’t think it was the wrong choice leaving the competent Diablo behind in the Ingrasia kingdom, but that left me with no choice but to bring Shion.
I think I lucked out considering the fact the other party was still alive.

「Ah, Leon. My apologies, my subordinate seems to have beaten up your subordinate……」

I apologized evasively,

「No, that was simply my subordinate acting immaturely. No need to worry.
However……that really killed the mood.」

Yeah, it did.
I originally intended to serve Leon a single strike, but this really killed that intense mood we’ve built up.

「I’m, not in the mood to fight. Let’s save this for another day.」
「Fufu. All right then. You and I are even, is that fine?」
「Ah, thank you.」

Even, huh…
It would seem that fellow Leon, doesn’t intend to finish this with just one hit. It was this kind of feeling.
It seems, he’s the kind of person whose actions don’t always match what he speaks.
That’s why Shizu-san too……
However……if that’s the case, this concluded without a fight because of Shion’s… efforts.
So if this is the birth of our friendship, things have ended pretty well, actually.

In the end, we were able to exchange useful information, and gave our consent for future cooperation.
That said, this is only a verbal agreement that needs to be revised and memorialized.
Even so, I think I will still proceed with Shizu san’s promise.
Even though I didn’t hit Leon, I think Shizu san doesn’t really wish for me to beat up Leon.
The invitation was sudden, but I’m glad I accepted.
After having a heart to heart conversation with Leon, I was able to get a grasp of his personality.
Achieving one of my purposes, I returned to my own country satisfied.

For Rimiru, this talk is a day’s work over.
However, for Leon this isn’t the end.
Rather, the girl he has been searching for years, Chloe has been found. He began taking action as soon as he could.
He commanded the Silver Knight Alrose, to gather all the main knights.
And so, to reclaim Chloe, the demon lord Leon moves out.
Lying in wait, Kagurazaka Yuuki
The day when these two forces clash draws near.
And that battle means that the fight between two bearers of Ultimate skills will occur anew.

Editor’s notes
[1] Shion is basically quoting what Rimuru said but in a way that would suggest she has no idea what she’s saying.


81 thoughts on “131. Demon Lord Leon

  1. I don’t think it’s a timeline thing, i think it’s more of an existence kind of deal. If you think about it, it’s similar to a paradox effect. No two exact beings can exist at the same time. So once something exists that shouldn’t, the stronger of the two will overcome the weaker and gain that one’s memories

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      1. Technically, the unnamed hero-adult Chloe didn’t exist at that time. She was sleeping in the coffin-an separate space and time. As soon as she was awoken by Yuuki and became an truly existence, the existence of the child Chloe was erased and people forgot about her.


    1. forge fwiendly relations with Demon Lord Leon.
      fwiendly – friendly.
      I ask you not to make such stupid mistakes.
      With love your fan -.-


      1. Read the note, its not a typo. Shion basically repeated back the phrase that RImuru had said to her but mispronounced part of it since she didn’t understand its meaning. Try telling a child you are going to do something with a complex statement, then ask them what you are going to do, they will typically repeat what you said back to you. If you then ask them what it means they will give you a blank look. Its a part of how children learn, if you say you are going to do something then they watch you doing a task, they will associate what you are doing to mean the task you are doing.

        An example: if you say to a child that has never seen a bow and arrow before, that you are going to shoot an arrow at a target and then throw the arrow they will think that throwing the arrow is the act of “shooting” it.

        Shions behavior shows just how child like her understanding of the world is. Of course this was kind of obvious when you look at what her “cooking” skill does. She set it not to let her cook things properly, but to make whatever she cooks be good, regardless of how she makes it.

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    2. There is an editor’s note at the bottom stating the reason why it was translated like that.
      Fwiendly is fine in this context.
      I ask you to at least check out the annotation before making an uninformed critique.
      With annoyance, someone who actually reads annotations. -__-

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  2. Wait… So, basically, Leon and Chole both arrived at this world at the same time. Then, Chole disappeared. Leon thought Chole went back to the world that they came from, so he searched for the way to summon her again.

    But Chole disappeared because she was summoned by Yuuki, who was using Leon’s research in summoning.

    But… WDF? Leon wouldn’t have researched summoning in the first place, if she didn’t disappear.

    I smell bullshit, and it stinks

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  3. Okay, the author really messed up.
    Chloe disappeared resulting in Leon searching for ways to summon her back. This then led to Yuuki summoning her for Leon from the past causing her to disappear in the first place. Logically this isn’t how it should have started.

    —- How believe it should have started.
    Both Leon and Chloe were both summoned, however only Leon managed to suppress the rampaging magical power and so after some time Chloe died.

    Leon having failed to save her goes on a search for a method to revive her and discovers it. However his method wasn’t reviving, it was the same thing Yuuki did, summon her from the past. This is then the initial trigger which ends up affecting the timeline resulting in the current story. Chloe disappeared but because it was no longer Leon who did it since his goal changed from “reviving Chloe” to “summoning Chloe back” and because it was a set event Yuuki was now the one who caused the disappearance.

    Well just how I think how the initial trigger should have been.

    Another initial trigger could have simply been that someone wanted Chloe couple hundred years after her summon, but since she was dead ( let’s say she suppressed the powers like Leon and lived till the end of her human life span happily with Leon ) they summoned her from the past when she arrived. Then following same as above.


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