122. Hinata and Yuuki


Edited by the Clown


Demon Lord’s Gambit Arc
Chapter 122. Hinata and Yuuki
Confronting Yuuki, Hinata felt a strange sense of pressure.
She had proceeded with the plan under the assumption that she could not be noticed.

「How did you notice?」
「Oh? A question without even a greeting! How cold, Hinata」
「Shut up. What do you mean the children are bait? Was this a trap to begin with?」

He shrugged,

「Isn’t it obvious? Now that they’ve been stabilized, they are useless as material for a re-summon」

Yuuki smiled, as if the question wasn’t anything special.

「Did you say re-summon?」
「Yeah. You know how it takes a while to summon again due to the tremendous magical energy consumption?
And how you need to keep doing it until you summon a proper pawn; well, kids are useful too, you know.
It’s just, I can’t use them anymore now that Rimuru-san stabilized them.
As a result, we lost on a contract… most unfortunate」

He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Though his words and gestures were calculated to put a person at ease, Hinata felt as if they were dread itself.
And to Hinata,

「Hmm? You mean, you didn’t know about it?
When children explode from the unstable magic energy, the conditions for re-summoning are met.
Using that, we could summon again.
That’s why even failed summons are not a waste.」

—- Ah, but sadly even that popular hero Masayuki was just a small-fry in the end —-

The words came as if from far away, but enraged Hinata.
This guy, what do you think a human life is! Is probably she wanted to say.
Hinata couldn’t tolerate such an act: Yuuki repeatedly summoned people in order to meet an order of his business partner.

「Yuuki-oniichan, you saved us, didn’t you?」

Alice tearfully asked,

「Ahaha, you finally get it? I only kept you alive because you had use.
Alice, making such a sad face isn’t going to help, you know?
I’ll kill you once your use runs out… in other words, I’ll keep you alive as long as you’re useful」

Yuuki responded harshly.
A cold-blooded part awakened within Hinata, urging her to kill the man standing before her.
This man should not be allowed to live.

「You bastard, not only manipulating me, but the children as well!
And where’s the other girl?
Where’s Chloe Aubert?
Did you erase the children’s memories?」

Hinata shouted,

「It was unfortunate, raising bugs is so much hassle, and I even got a great pawn…
And then……
And because you had your emotions “frozen” as you clung on to the despair of being abandoned by your mother!… The expression on your face was priceless.
It truly is a pity. I completed the overly rational, ruthless Hinata with so much effort, and now all you are now is an ordinary person with a strong sense of justice.
By the way, who’s Chloe Aubert?」

Those words angered Hinata.
However, Hinata calmed down and thought: Yuuki did not appear that he was lying about not knowing who Chloe O’Bell was.
What’s this about? Hinata repeated whilst controlling her anger.
From the corner of Hinata’s eyes she could see the teary-faced Alice.
That’s enough, this man can no longer be allowed to speak so self-indulgently. Hinata thought as she drew her sword from the Bracelet form Holy Sprit armor.
At the same time, light particles warped around Hinata’s body. When the wild dance of light died down, a fully armed Hinata emerged.

「Yuuki, for the sake of our old friendship I’ll give you a chance to repent.
Now swear you will apologize right now, confess, and compensate for your crimes.」

「Ahaha, why? What is there to apologize for?
Isn’t it the law of the jungle in this world?
The ones who are weak, the deceived are the evil ones, you know?」
TN note: Law of the Jungle basically means survival of the fittest/the strong feed on the weak.

「Don’t give me that crap!」

With her rage like a roaring fire, Hinata’s blade flashed towards Yuuki.
The main armament of the new holy spirit armament was a katana shaped blade. Previously, Hinata used a rapier that also had the ability to cut on its sides, but it’s slightly thicker, with miniscule difference in weight.
There isn’t much difference in terms of weight and inertia control, however when using fencing techniques it is easier to wield than a broadsword.
Its performance is equal or above.
The new holy spirit armor that was copied and analyzed with a demon lord’s ability, now has a higher level of performance than before.
In short, Hinata was able to use the equipment as if she were born in it.

A single cut sliced open Yuuki’s cheek as he dodged the sword flash with a clowning expression
A red line, with a single drop of blood flowing out.
Yuuki’s previous facial expression vanished. As he looked down on his foe, his ridiculing attitude doesn’t change.

「Hee…… What a surprise. I thought I completely dodged that. Hinata what happened? In such a short amount of time your strength has increased. When the parasite was latched onto you your strength growth was like any other ordinary person.」

Although he could have lied, Yuuki revealed that he was able to gauge the strength of targets whom he infected with a parasite.
That was within Hinata’s predictions. The problem was how close Yuuki was to obtaining the power known as the “hero’s egg”.
As the Grandmaster of the Freedom Association, his abilities would naturally be high. He is above S-Rank adventurers.
Previously, when the holy church collaborated together with the Freedom Association to subjugate an evil dragon in a united front, Hinata had witnessed a glimpse of Yuuki’s powers.
Without relying on skills, he dealt a finishing blow to the evil dragon with his own physical strength. Yuuki himself claimed that the nature of his tough body was the sole thing he inherited in this world.
It would be dangerous to believe that. There’s no doubt he has other hidden abilities.
Besides, is he being controlled by the Demon Lord Kazalim? It doesn’t look like he is.
Although there’s a reasonable possibility he had obtained a controlling ability from the Demon Lord Kazarim, Hinata found it necessary to confirm the relationship between the two.
If he is in fact being manipulated by the Demon Lord known as the “Magic King”, she wished to help. She earnestly hoped that he was in fact being manipulated.
Thus, Hinata decided to perform a final check just in case.

「Yuuki, are you being manipulated by Kazalim?”
Or …… is the one talking to me right now the “Chaos Lord” Kazarim?」
In response, an evil sneer appear on Yuuki’s face while he nodded.

「Eh? Ah, Ahaha. That right, or is it?
I am, no, we are Kazarim!… Just kidding.
Ahahaha, truly, you really are interesting Hinata.」

Yuuki continued bursting out laughing as if something funny was said. His laughter reverberated for a while.
Even though that stance was full of openings, she had no intentions to attack. It was awfully distorted, and gave Hinata a bad feeling.
While continually eyeing the laughing Yuuki, she sent Fritz a signal.
Fritz also equipped his spirit armor, and his battle preparations are complete.
In response to Hinata’s signal, he got into position to protect the children.
The children also felt Yuuki’s strange demeanor as they huddled around Alice protectively. Even if they couldn’t completely understand the situation very well, they could still understand that they were used. Hinata was merely happy that they weren’t so upset as to cry or attempt to attack him.
There are no signs amongst the children that they’ve been brainwashed, and even if they were Fritz would still be able to handle it.

The children left in Fritz’s care, Hinata was focusing on Yuuki.
Suddenly, Yuuki stopped laughing and,

「Hey? Why did you think I was on the same level as that kind of small fry?」

With his regular expressionless face, he asked Hinata again.
Without waiting for a reply,

「When I was summoned to this world, I was wondering in my spiritual body when that worm (Kazarim) came crawling to me.
When I was in the spirit world, he said some
self-important things. I didn’t remember any of it because I wasn’t interested.
By the way, if I remember correctly, my self-proclaimed right hand Kagali assimilated with him.
Because I was interested in his ability, I took it.
He earnestly wanted to serve me, so I left him alive.
With his wealth of knowledge, he’s useful in his own way.」

Ms. Kagari
She’s the Freedom Association Second-in-Command.
She was a beauty with the blood of elves in her veins.
Hinata recalled that when she came to this world, she had taken care of her.
An archmage aiming at reaching the truth, she’s someone who boasts the highest firepower in the Freedom Association.
That female, Kagari, could be considered as the perfect minion of Yuuki for she had assimilated with Kazarim rather than was brainwashed.
Not just simple brainwashing and thought probing, the roots that Yuuki set up had permeated deeply in her psyche.
These words confirmed that Yuuki and Kazarim had in fact came in contact, he was even able to show that he deprived an ability from his minion Kazarim.
However, in the end that’s if you believed in Yuuki.
Hinata has determined that Yuuki’s words were no lies. Even when taking into account the various possibilities, there aren’t many benefits in lying.
That means, worrying about Yuuki’s consciousness, and worrying about returning him to normal is pointless.
That was Yuuki’s intention right from the start, and we were all part of the plot.

「……is that so. That means, that kind demeanor, and that kind smile…
all of that and everything you said was just an act?」
「Ah, I see. I understand now.
In other words, you wanted to help because you thought I was manipulated by Kazarim. Was that it?
Too bad! That’s nonsense. I’m the one doing the manipulation. Only I manipulate」

Yuuki answered Hinata’s questioning with utmost ridicule.
Considering everything that transpired, it’s as if Yuuki enjoyed seeing Hinata suffer.
As if he was having fun, his mouth curled into a cold sneer.
Hinata obtained a “Hero’s egg” after she overcame deception and lies, and after she saw through all the anomalies, gaining the ability “Eye of truth”.
Even when viewed him through these eyes, no lies are detected in Yuuki’s words. He simply revealed facts.
There was little room for talk, concluded Hinata.

「Yuuki …… final question. What is your purpose in summoning?
Why have your manipulated Clayman and caused an upheaval with the orc lord, then caused a war between the Church and Tempest?
Do you understand this throws the world into chaos!?」
「Aha. Ahahahaha. You say interesting things.
The last, the last huh? That’s right, it’s the end for you lot.
Alright, I’ll tell you.
It’s because it’s interesting, that’s the only reason.
What other reason could there be, really?
I intend to completely unify the world as one.
Angels, Spirits, Demons, I wish to rule over all of them.
Unfortunately, is it possible to rule over the world with my current abilities?
That’s why, I have to work hard and diligently.」

Yuuki replied in response to Hinata’s inquiry.
Rather than world conquest, he called it domination. As an absolute ruler, Yuuki would declare his reign.
The reason was something more abnormal than what Hinata though.
World Domination… that’s just impossible. Didn’t his common sense tell him that no matter how amazing he becomes he won’t be able to dominate the entire world?
This guy’s a madman! Hinata began feeling an ominous chill down her spine.
Deep within her trembling heart, Hinata realized she is feeling fear.
This isn’t due to his strength and the sort, but rather his serious attitude in proclaiming his dreadful attempt in ruling the world.
And then,

Kotsun Kotsun Kotsun……

The sound of walking echoed in the hallways.
A holy presence unlike any that Hinata had ever felt.
However, the mysterious presence felt unnatural due to its lack of color and feelings, as well as its unset directions.

「Ah, she finally came.
Unfortunately for you Hinata, there’s no longer any chance of victory for you.
Between you and me, you could have killed me.
As expected, you couldn’t stop me.
This, is a game. A simple game.
I want to rule the world, and the world tries to prevent it.
For the sake of my victory, I’m giving it my all.
You guys should also give it your all to stop me right?
You’ve neglected it, that’s why you lose.」

At the same time when Yuuki finished talking, a door from the side of the corridor opened, and a girl came in.
With long black hair collecting at the back of her head, she was clad in lightweight equipment completely in black.
A more compact version of Hinata’s own holy armor that did not at all inhibit movement.
A very beautiful face.
She placed one hand on the sword that hung below her waist.
The girl walked in sedately.
This was the “true hero”, known as the strongest.
Her eyes lacked luster as they’re covered in pitch black darkness, her whole body emitting a sacred inviolable aura.
An overwhelming aura began pressuring Hinata and the kids.
Yuuki didn’t even need any tricks in the beginning.
There was no need to manipulate the children, his combat ability was far greater than Hinata, this was his trap.

「Is that…the Hero…….? Why, is the hero here……?」

Behind Hinata, Fritz muttered.

To that remark,

「Ah, Clayman had some use in the end.
Although I wanted him to awaken as a true demon lord to have him as my pawn, I already have Kazalim.
Instead, I had him gather all the demon lords.
This way, Luminas who was guarding “the sleeping hero” will not be around.
You probably don’t, but do you know Luminas, who manipulated the “hero” is the true ruler of the Holy Church Ruberius?
I decided to seize her from Luminas in order to efficiently use her.
Thanks to all of your efforts, I now have complete control over the hero.
It’s actually impossible to dominate the kids to such an extent, you know. You worried over nothing.
But I must say, you fretting was enjoyable to watch!」

Yuuki Happily exposed.
Hinata also understood that there were no lies in his remark, and she felt the world disappear before her
That means, Yuuki had just said the demon lord Luminas is the true ruler of the Church.
If that’s so, the Sacred Empire Ruberius has its capital governed by a demon lord.
It’s no wonder why the Holy Empire Ruberius also had an unnatural feel of a monsters’ presence.
So, a system of dominion established for hundreds of thousands of years, the teachings of the church, were full of lies to begin with.

(That means…… I was used not only by Yuuki, but also by the demon lord……)

However, that’s not limited only to Hinata.
Those who belong to the Sacred Empire Ruberius and the Western Church, they were all being used.
Yuuki continued talking to Hinata who was wrapped in despair.

「Just do me a favor and consider this for a second: wouldn’t you join me Hinata?
It seems you have obtained a “Hero’s egg,” and was even able to awaken it.
An increase in our forces is always welcome.
Considering we’re from the same country, I’ll even make you an executive. How about it?」

「Don’t mess with me! Bastards like you deserve no mercy.
Here and now, I’m going to punish you for your sins!」

Refusing Yuuki’s invitation, she gripped on to her sword.
However, contrary to her vigorous proclamation, a retreat signal was sent to fritz.
This outcome was far worse than one could ever imagine.
Hinata would make her stand, while Fritz would secure an escape route. No matter the cost.
The opponent’s strength was far above theirs and this was the best she could come up.

「Can’t say I expected you to say otherwise…
Now then, I talked for a while, didn’t I?
You know, revealing a secret about the behind the scenes action when being confronted as the mastermind?
I always wanted to try it once, it was splendid and fun.
Then, after exposing all this, doesn’t the mastermind usually lose?
Wonder if I raised a flag?
I had just arranged and raised a grand flag, so try your best in defeating me.
Maybe you might be able to awaken as a hero and defeat us?」

These were the last words exchanged between Hinata and Yuuki.
What came afterwards was the battle.


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