118. Labyrinth and Trust

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 118

Translator Corner

Hai hai! Guro de arimasu yo!

On this day we got our dearest Clown-sama coming back to give you all the reader of Tensei Slime (Including Me) new chapter (117), I also give you guys this chapter (118).
Hope you enjoy this series as always!
With love,



Guro & YukkuriOniisan



Labyrinth and Trust

The labyrinth management is going smoothly.

The hearts of the visitorsAdventurers are captivated due to the initial lavish hospitality.

With this, they will challenge the Dungeon and try to conquer it many times just like ants attracted to sugar.

Even though the reward after every tenth floor is one of the attractions, it’s nothing but a ruse to attract customers in the beginning. The things obtained inside the labyrinth are more important.

From the11th to 20th floor, the monsters will begin to work together.

It becomes impossible to conquer the Dungeon with just brute force. And on each floor the amount of fiendish traps that block their way will increase.

From there on is the real deal.

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3 thoughts on “118. Labyrinth and Trust

  1. Thanks to Guro and Clown, and a super warm welcome back to Clown-san! Thank you to you and all the teams taking time out of your busy schedules and translating this for us leeches! I honestly cannot express how much gratitude I have that I can continue reading about Rimuru’s endeavors thanks to you guys.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    (On a side note, all this labyrinth conversation makes me think about Anri-sama…)


  2. thanks Clown-san and Guro for translating for us……………………………………. dont worry your not the only insane people around……….I CAN HEAR THE VOICES……………THE VOICES NEVER STOP


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