Clown Update Month of November and December

Hello Folks! Clown here!

They teach us in Law School to get to the point, so here it is: I will be finishing up chapter 111 either tonight or tomorrow. It has taken a whole of three weeks!


Second: after I do finish chapter 111 I will go on a break until December 19th.


I understand that I have not been as active as I had wanted, and looking at the month of November I fear that any more participation from me might only result in longer delays. So, until the Winter Break, i will refrain from translating anything.


There is about 25% chance I will be able to translate a chapter over Thanksgiving break, but since finals are right after that… well…

That being said, here’s a sample of my standard schedule so that no one here thinks I am just being lazy:
6:00 am: wake up
6:30 am: make breakfast
7:00 am: leave my apartment and walk ~1.5 miles to the law school.
7:30 am: arrive and study before the class
8:45 am: morning classes start
11 am: morning classes end
11:10 am: lunch
11:30 am: study before afternoon classes
1:30 pm: afternoon classes begin
3:30 pm: afternoon classes begin, go home
4:00 pm: make dinner
5:00 pm: study for the following day/compose a research paper (memorandum)
10:00 pm: shower, put in a bit of time into translating
11:00 pm: either sleep or answer emails asking for legal advice

Weekends are essentially the same. I do get 8 hours of sleep on the weekends though. All this work has been very…


So, I will not ask you to understand, since this essentially means that I am abandoning one professional responsibility to fulfill another. I do apologize for letting you all down, though



The Clown


80 thoughts on “Clown Update Month of November and December

  1. Thank you for all your hard work!! Gonna miss not having you around for a while. A life without Clown? Something to contemplate on hahahaha. Good luck on all your endeavors, Clown.


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