107. Tournament – Finals Part 2

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 107
Translator & Editor Corner
ED: I got 2 good news and 2 bad news, the good news is WhiteSamurai has been kicked out since he has been making up stuff and 2nd Guro has learned to English which made things a lot easier. And the bad news is Guro is now lacking editor and he was desperate enough to contact me and the 2nd bad news is I’m going to have to work on this thing again :D.
Anyway, the slight delay on release was due to me being sick (Food poisoning, allergic reaction, and Chikungunya which is still ongoing).
TL: I hope you get well soon, Defend-san!
Btw 108 is still under progress because various life reasons. Sorry Guys!

Guro & YukkuriOniisan

Tournament – Finals Part 2

The first match was a complete victory for Benimaru

Gozurl need to fix and discipline his temper. Anyway it was decided for him to be secluded alone inside the Dungeon.
Weighted bangle and anklet will be put on him, to make him have combat disadvantage when he was fighting the challenger.
Even with that handicap, he was still too strong.
Looking at the spectator’s appearances, though they didn’t comprehend the situation, it seems they vaguely understand Benimaru’s strength.
It seems the excitement will continue, let’s have another great battle.
Oh well, because the irresponsible announcement and commentary from Souka, it was impossible to comprehend the current match.
Souka, although I said that you were permitted to request an explanation to this place sometimes, however, your specialty was deception to some extent, until in the middle of this battle she never demand any explanation from here.
Oh well, though there was no plan to expose their true ability.
Suddenly I feel that someone was looking at my direction, it was a girl with a slightly long ears that’s staring (?) at me.
I remember she participates in yesterday’s second match and was blown off the grounds instantly.

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23 thoughts on “107. Tournament – Finals Part 2

  1. i’m not sure what’s going on but you said guro doesn’t have an editor, but the credits list TheDefend as an editor? either way, it’s clearly not edited. my god this is a re:monster level of translation.


    1. Well… that is how guro write it. Guro tried to preserve as much of how the author write it and i try not to tamper the translation as much as i can. Unless you prefer whitesamurai’s?


      1. thedefend-san,
        In my own humble opinion, its best to take some liberties and change the words to make it flow better than to stay “pure”. Of course, its totally up to you and the TL, but its usually an editor’s job to clean it up.

        That being said, its definitely better than the alternative, lol.
        Thanks for your work.


      2. Indeed, a lot of missing/misplaced “a”s and “the”s, wrong tenses, etc which makes each sentence/line flow badly.


      3. Oh god the tenses… By far the worst thing to be left unedited… Oh and the conjugation as well. When editing, you’re meant to change the sentences from incoherent to coherent while retaining the context. At least change the tense usage from present to past (except for dialogues). Nonetheless thanks for the work, I guess.


      4. My God stop your bit*hing wth. Are you all English profs? Is English what all of you majored in? As long as you can read it, it doesn’t matter of the quality. This is great quality already. Why don’t you try to read a MLT? See how much of a headache you get then.


  2. To each their own decision and judgement.

    Though I would have prefered finding out my services were no longer required via an email rather than reading it in the prescript of the chapter.

    I will not attempt to place defence on my style of editing and translation. It is not my project, so I have no grounds to say what is right here. I don’t see my editing style as wrong or making things up, it is a westernization of an oriental cultural style of speech and writing. The preferences of others are their’s to determine and hold to themselves and it is only their right. My work was that of a volunteer as they needed an editor, and my way of doing things simply did not match.

    Good luck on recruitment, i’ll be returning to my own projects then. Goodness knows i’d be able to do several Re:Monster chapters in the time it took to do one of these…

    Wait… did I just-

    “Yes, yes you did just say that you have the time to do Re:Monster again.”

    Well, yep…

    No other words really, I don’t hold it against the Circus crew, the hostility near the end is their choice and their representation during the discussions.

    I won’t reply to this message nor say anything more on the Circus.

    Just enjoy the novel~


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      1. he probably changed a part of original text to something different that matched the rest but didn’t go well with what author wrote


      2. That’s more or less exactly what happened.

        I was not aware that it was bothering people, so when I took an offensive approach (Offense vs Defense) to stating that I hadn’t seen any complaints, I ended up finding out real quick on just how many people disliked the difference between what had been done normally and how I did things.

        (PS, I intentionally posted here, Guro’s comment section was rather hostile back then. Guro and I have reconciled after the hostile attitudes faded on the circus side, allowing me to come out of hiding.)



    1. Honestly, the team is bad in handling internal issues. Why is there a need to put a good news that somebody is kicked instead of just saying it to them via email and keeping your team issues internally much more putting it in a blog which is seen by many which would defame the person involved.

      I would like to commend white samurai for his approach on this issue. Just to let you know that not all would view you negatively on this.


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