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Dear Readers,

What a wonderful month of September we have had! It began with me having consecutive days of class–sometimes on the weekends–with enough reading assignments to keep me working 6:00 am to about 11 pm. So, regretfully, my initially (OVERLY) optimistic schedule of a chapter every two days was but an impossible dream. In fact, the work has been so overwhelming – and with me getting sick – I felt death slowly reaching out to me! Hahaha…


However, that is hardly an excuse. Even if you are volunteering your time, botching up a case in law will leave you sanctioned by the court. Botching up a surgery – even if it is free – will leave you in prison. Failing to negotiate a transaction properly, even if it is done gratuitously, will result in you getting killed by the mafia. Thus, I have been forced to delay every chapter I have been working on to ensure that its quality is as good as it used to be. For these delays, I am truly sorry.


Now, with regards to the elephant in the room, I have read a number of comments complaining about the wrong translation in the past few chapters. When did I read about that, just today actually! How could we have let those sentences be translated incorrectly?!


There is a natural dilemma in the world of translation which makes this one of the most unpleasant jobs you could imagine: if you are too busy to translate quickly and regularly, the readers will complain about the speed. They will demand that you find someone else to help you translate. On the other hand, if you do find someone else to help, people will naturally complain that their quality is not as good as yours. So, regardless of what step we undertake, some people will remain unsatisfied and we will be subject to criticism.


I despair!

That aside. Many of you are wondering: what is Clown doing? Why is Clown not making sure this was fixed? There are a few reasons: 1) I did not know about this until a few days ago. 2) Even if I did, I did not have the health or time to seriously sit down and think about this. 3) Even if I did, I had no desire to proclaim myself the leader of this project; we were associate translators, not those ruled by me. That has changed!!!


Now, I officially proclaim myself the leader of this project. Here are the changes going forward:

  • There will be more delays due to translation check

Why? Because, other than chapters done by Guro-san, I will be personally checking the translation of each chapter done by other volunteer groups. As I have to fit in that time into my schedule, I will check those chapters whenever I find an hour to do so.

If you have any questions or concern, feel free to comment and I will try to respond by the end of next week.


The Clown


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  1. I’m gonna make a point opposing from everyone, after interesting chat i feel you’re being to easy on your viewers, when an entitled leecher appears to gloat that someone from the crew gets fired because the quality doesnt meet his expectations it’s a sign shit is gonna get bad real soon.

    Honestly i have no issues with white translations, why ? because when i started reading it and downloaded some of the epubs there were already some barely understandable chapters from time to time. It’s nothing new and i accept it, at least white translations i can understand and if something sounds wrong i quickly correct it by myself.

    Well i ain’t gonna tell you how to do your job, however i’ve seen many projects fall apart because of armies of entitled leechers making crew quit one by one. I just hope it won’t end up like this.


      1. I agree with you here. It seems disrespectful to take an author’s story and add your own elements to it. I feel it invalidates the purpose of fan TLs. Personally, as a fan I’m a bit saddened that it occurred. As an individual; however, I can quite easily forgive/forget/move on. Shit happens. The only thing I care about is whether or not it is recognized and eventually fixed. Acknowledging the error is perhaps the toughest and biggest step in the right direction.

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    1. The main problem being unable to accept people’s feedback. Several already posted that the translation is wrong, this should be that, but no, they won’t fix it because they assume they’re in the right.
      This mentality problem is more of a problem than the translation error. And, did you know that one of people that give feedback is one of the translator that is working on this?


  2. Glad to hear you stepping in. IMO mistake in translating is common, especially when source material is not your native languages. However as a translator(I used to translate from English to my native), we should strive for accuracy. This isn’t to satisfy reader but to show respect to your source materials. For me, this is the most important aspect of fan translation. Why bother translating or editing for stuffs you don’t care about? We translate the story because we want to share why we love it.

    Btw, good luck with your school and take care of your health

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  3. I feel bad that it had to be taken this far. I’ve not really commented before, and if so, it was one or two comments? But nonetheless, I think you should postpone this until your health and your colleagues time table clears or eases up a little. You’ve thus far produced over 100 enjoyable chapters and continue to do so.

    It’s kind of astounding to see that people are getting entitled about this, when you’re doing it for free and out of your own time. I could understand if there was conversations about the chapters or people saying that they come back every day or two for a new chapter, which admittedly I do all too often. But seriously, Clown, White, Guro, Smoggy, all of you deserve some time to yourself and from one of your leechers, thank you for your work, time and effort.

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  4. Well here’s the problem. People will always gripe and cry: Yes, that’s true but that’s not outside the norm. When people start raising pitchforks and crying more, there’s usually a reason for it. USUALLY that reason is because something somewhere went wrong. In this case, a couple things went badly.

    1) A schedule that was promised was NOT upheld. It’s true they don’t have an obligation to us, but in truth they have an obligation to their own reputation if they wish to respect it. The point here is that if a reasonable timetable was established and followed through on, then there would be less reason to gripe because they didn’t break any kind of promise.
    However! The fact of the matter is that they set a dangerous precedent that most amateur TL groups fall into. One delay can lead to another delay. This is not helped by the fact that over the span of 2 or so weeks the delays were rampant with no light at the end of the tunnel. When things become unpredictable, the public opinion starts to lose their patience.

    2) Quality took a nosedive somewhere along the line. Sure there might be external factors here and there, and again they have no obligation to us for providing high quality translations. We’re essentially paying for what we get. On the other hand, If Circus Translations is looking to uphold a reputation, then bad/rushed results are not the way to go. If they desire to simply offer a slapdash end result, then that’s their own prerogative. Public opinion will just see these chapter translations as a sort of joke that can’t be trusted to give an accurate representation of the work.

    The key here is not to have rapid daily updates, but to have CONSISTENT & RELIABLE updates based on a reasonable schedule that Clown&Co. can work at. The updates are not simply only for us leeches, but rather for the reputation of not only Circus Translations, but the WN itself. Isn’t the primary goal of fan TLs to give more exposure to works that we like? Why bother TL’ing if the heart of the translation isn’t towards positive exposure of the work?

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    1. Want to try suing me? Which theory would you like to use: promissory estoppel? Unjust enrichment?

      Just though you know, I am not an “amateur TL group.” Nor have I breached a single promise I had made. Why? Because unlike people who jump to conclusions being all high and mighty, I think before I speak.

      Note: Go back to “august update from clown”, and note that I said: “1 chapter every 2 days. BUT this will depend on the time I have at hand.” Moreover, I explicitly mentioned that I will be prioritizing law school work above it. Therefore, it is completely unreasonable for you to hold me to any promise. There is no court in United States that would declare my “promise” enforceable. So tough luck kid, no promise made or broken here.

      Now with regards to this “quality” issue. I would like you to elaborate what exactly you mean when you say you are “paying for what [you] get.” Yes, there is a donation page for the CLOWN. But, I will have you note, not a single one of my chapters’ quality has been changed. Therefore, even if you had supported my life, I have answered with the usual quality. So, you don’t have an unjust enrichment claim either. Sorry.

      Finally, unless you want to employ all of us–and my time costs at least $70 an hour, you know–you have to understand that we the translators are donating our time. No, that is not an excuse for shitty translation. But it is an excuse for the amount of time we have. Neither I nor any other volunteer translator will sacrifice their sleep or future for your pleasure. If you find that strange, then crawl from underneath of whatever rock it is you live under. We are not paid translators and cannot give you this “consistent” update that you demand. We will try our absolute best to make it reliable.

      That being said, I have always attempted to be most civil. But don’t think for a second that I’m a push over who’ll grovel before you when you complain for no reason. Courts don’t tolerate it. Neither will I.

      So here’s the deal: if you want consistence and reliability, leave. Wait for Yen press to pick this up. If you are willing to bear our efforts–which may sometimes err, but we will improve as time moves on–then get used to the delays.

      By the way, if you haven’t noticed, this is a Circus. We are all Fools here, and I am the ruler of these fools. There is no “reputation” to uphold.

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      1. I believe some of what I’ve said has been lost in translation (pardon the idiom). I’m simply explaining -why- people are angry. I just wished to propose that maintaining a different style of schedule as a method of appeasement. Rather than focusing on “daily” there should be a focus on “weekly” The idea of consistence and reliability simply means “when can an update be expected” and “will there be any large mis-translations”.

        My point on quality doesn’t mean how vivid the translations are, but rather how accurate they are. There has been proof that translations on this site (not necessarily yours) have had grievous errors and falsehoods. My point wasn’t a knife to stab in your back, but a reminder that previously Circus Translations has had a worrying dip in quality (Looking at you Chapter 103) for some reason or another. Judging by the structure of the teams back then, this wasn’t anything you had any control over.

        Perhaps I didn’t make enough of a deal about it, but I stated a few times that Circus Translations has no obligation to us the reader. That’s clear as day and night, and not the point I wanted to focus on. I simply wanted to emphasize that fan TL groups were originally formed to provide more exposure for a WN/LN that we particularly love. I just believed that the teams in Circus Translations started this group because, like myself and many others to frequent this site, we love the story that the author is trying to write. Perhaps this is unreasonable of myself to project this view onto others who TL and read. If so, then simply ignore the ramblings of an avid reader.


    2. I will point out that my goal isn’t to vindicate either the TLer or the Leechers. Surprisingly enough, in order for this site to function, we need both TLers who love what they’re TLing and Leechers who love what their reading. Problems only occur when TLers and Leechers stop loving what they’re doing. My goal here is to offer a simple (in theory) solution. Rigorously maintain a weekly release schedule. Promise nothing more and nothing less. If you release more, people will be happy at the surplus, if you release less, people will be angry at the deficit. If you release what is promised, people will only cry because they love this series so much they want to read even more.

      As for a schedule that works? 1 or 2 chapters per team per week. Judging by the delays that occurred during the past couple weeks, giving teams a full week to complete 1 or 2 chapters seems easy going given how short Slime chapters are. This way a double/triple release per week seems far more manageable with the proper distribution of labor. Just make it very clear by what time+day that releases will occur.


      1. Average Po, you don’t have to answer this but just think about these questions: how old are you? What does your schedule look like? Have you ever translated a piece from one language to another? Heck, do you even speak another language?

        It is impossible–in case you did not understand that: IMPOSSIBLE (I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E) [cannot be done]–to divide the labor as you suggested. Why? Because life inevitably forces us to prioritize factors that have a greater bearing on our life.

        I am a Law Student. White is a Med School Student. Most translators are university students or more. We don’t have consistent schedules where we can plan this stuff ahead. You think I want to delay a release of a chapter? You think that I spend my time partying when I delay it?

        I spend every waking hour doing work. Except now, when I’m wasting my time. And Slime chapters are anything from short. They are between 2500-4000 words long. That’s approximately 7-15 pages. For a fluent speaker of Japanese, translating a chapter takes between 2.5-5 hours. So, if you haven’t realized where this is going:


        Most people understand this! And I am truly grateful for their support. You don’t understand that clearly because you put in zero thought into it. So do all the other translators a favor (as they can be seriously demoralized by your crap) and think a bit more before you comment.

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      2. In respect of your question, I will reply. Admittedly everything might as well be taken with a grain of salt. I am a pursuing a Ph.D in mathematics after a few years out in the workforce with the completion my Computer Science masters. I spent a number of years working in HR and PR for various reasons and decided that I wanted to go back to school because I find learning things to simply be more engaging/interesting. Yes, I do know a number of other languages (Vietnamese and French and low level Japanese), however that really can’t be compared to learning an Eastern language admittedly. Vietnamese doesn’t completely count because not only do they use the Latin Alphabet, but also borrows heavily from French (Chinese, too). In the course of learning both languages, yes I’ve had to translate them into English. A rather tedious effort that can be accelerated a bit with MT. I admit that comparing that to JP translations isn’t equivalent because of the complexity of Eastern Characters. I’m guilty of heavily utilizing the Translation Aggregator for heavy lifting when it comes to Kanji heavy works, but I make no secret of it. I simply relegate myself to a TLC, proofreading and making notes of anything that is off.

        Perhaps the wording of my suggestion had the wrong connotation. When I stated “giving teams a full week to complete 1 or 2 chapters seems easy going” I meant it as relative to the initial estimate of 1 per 2 days. I apologize if I came off as frivolous with my previous wording. Mathematically, 2 per 7 days is far more manageable than 3 per 6 days. But I digress. It was simply a suggestion to change how the scheduling was worded. Rather than saying every few days a release, people will be more at ease if they were told “every week a release”. Revealing the trickery here might discredit it a bit, but psychologically, there’s is an interestingly different understanding when people are presented with things that mention “days” versus “weeks” or “Months” or “years”.



      3. Just shut up really. Try translate first before you speak. Are you a 10 years old kid? I try translate once and its really hard. Do it first before you talk. Don’t just blabbing your mouth. If you really wanna read it fast, learn the language on your own.


      1. Again. I’m explaining -why- people are grabbing pitchforks and torches. The entire summary of all the points I’ve made can be made as such:

        People (probably the angry ones) perceived some sort of nonbinding verbal agreement where Chapters would be released in a certain time frame. When the amount of time exceeded the amount of time that they -believed- was agreed upon, there was dissent. This dissent was exacerbated by various other things that people were dissatisfied with. People (majority, anyways) tends to gravitate towards something regular and patterned because it’s understandable. Because the majority tend to be sheep like this, delays can never really be the norm unless prepared for the inevitable negative feedback that accompanies it. And in the end, mobs do as mobs have always done once they’ve been given a platform. They get angry and riot. Is it bad? Yes. Definitely. Mobs never really get anything done correctly or efficiently.

        By no means am I speaking for you or for myself. This is just reasoning out the probable chain of events that led to this. I invite everyone who reads my posts to take a step back, take off your shoes, and try looking at it from a different perspective than your own. Hard working TLs and good-for-nothing scumbag Leechers are both important to this community no matter how much we want to avoid breathing each other’s air. That’s why I suggested a band-aid solution fit for appeasing the mob mentality. A bit of rewording in order to fool them into thinking they’re getting a better deal than they really are.


      2. If there’s a way to filter out all the unneeded scumbags from the nice non-scumbags without innocent people getting lost in the mix-up, I’m all for it. I mean, you for example, translate for interesting comments. But if you wanted to completely remove the scumbags, you might miss out on the interesting non-scumbags in the process. I only say they’re needed in the community because a community technically wouldn’t exist without the good and bad parts of it. You’d essentially just be getting rid of the community altogether and, maybe it’s a bit presumptuous of me, we don’t want that.

        Again, just wanted to offer insight and a method of appeasement. It’s a common PR tactic to word things in a way that essentially means the same thing, but sounds different enough to pull the wool over their scumbag eyes for a while. Then again, maybe no one wants to try to appease them, which is fair enough. Maybe I’m the scumbag here trying to use deceitful marketing tricks to make the masses happier with getting less. *cue evil laughter*


      3. Very few filters of any sort (physical or otherwise) are perfect. From my experience, most of the people who post anything interesting on my blog are rarely idiots. In general, you need to have a certain degree of clearheadedness and intelligence to say something funny or interesting, so there’s a selection bias/correlation in that respect as well.

        Honestly, it’s the same to me whether it’s the 25 interesting people who comment, or those same 25 + a thousand silent readers. I don’t have a donation link though, so perhaps my opinion is in the minority for this translation community.


      4. Ah, understandable. Filters can only do so much anyways. I was being a bit facetious about that, admittedly. And yes, I agree that written humor or insight tend to go hand in hand with intelligence. Though even if you have a minority opinion, it’s still a valuable one. I think your stance on the matter is admirable. You have your own clear reason and goal for posting up public fan TLs and you’ve stood by them. That’s a strong reputation in it’s own right.


    3. Leecher here.
      I would be thankful if you don’t put words into my (our?) mouth. You ‘assume’ that all of the pitchfork is because of reputation, schedule, and whatnot.
      Most of us (except troll) understand that we’re baby chicks, feed by mother bird (tl team). But the phenomenon that happens is other mother birds tell my mother bird that I were given the wrong feed, which is surprising because when I hatched until a moment ago, the food I received is well balanced, then I started to get confused when did things get so wrong.
      Of course as a baby chick, I wouldn’t mind get less feeds, but more nutritional balance, as long as our mother bird don’t suddenly leave the nest and never returned.

      No, I at least, don’t need consistent & reliable chapters nor daily updates. It’s like saying Berserk should start consistent & reliable, or HxH should stop hiatus-ing. Just tell me that everyone is doing fine irl, not dead yet, not retired yet, and I’ll be fine.

      Then about the quality, the main problem being the recent ‘nosedive’ as you say it, is confusing to the reader. When a reader started to get confused, he start skipping text, figuring out what happens in their own mind, sometimes not even related to the original story, and just summarizing the main story while adding his own ‘event’ to fill the gap, which some would call it ‘fan-fiction’. This is what the pitchfork is all about. We don’t need pro-quality translation, but a decent one to avoid the above problem. As you can see, the pitchfork is unrelated to any schedule or reputation.

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      1. You are fully capable of expressing yourself in a reasonable and rational manner, I was never trying to put words in your mouth. I apologize if it seemed that way to you. Perhaps I should clarify that I’m talking about scumbag leechers moreso than a regular leecher. If you identify youself as one of the scumbag leechers, then that is your own prerogative. I simply offered 2 probably reasons why the non-eloquent people (The simpleminded scumbags that don’t include people like you who have already voiced their concerns in a reasonable manner) would be angry. I’ve always mentioned 2 reasons. 1) Inconsistency of schedule or 2) “Nosedive” in quality. Perhaps I should say “drop is accuracy” rather than “nosedive in quality”. Admittedly “nosedive” sounds more serious than it should be, but depending on perspective, adding fanfiction to a fan TL could be a serious problem.
        The only reason I offered any kind of solution to delays is because the only way to fix accuracy is simply throwing more people into TLC (which is apparently already being done). With Clown taking the reigns, I honestly believe that kind of accuracy problem will be quickly solved anyways. Either way, half my point is apparently spot on according to your comment. The other half is unverified and perhaps pure speculation. But tell me, is my “fix” really that much different than what is the current norm? Why do people find such disagreement from changing the wording from “Update a chapter every 2 days or when I have time” to “Update a couple chapters every week or when I have time”? The amount of work put into it is equivalent. The presentation I offered gives the illusion of consistency. It’s like saying to a student, “Hey, here’s a workbook with 3 problems in it. You need to complete a problem each hour and turn each into me when you’re done.” versus saying “Hey, here’s a workbook with 3 problems in it. You’ve got 3 hours to do it and turn it into me at the end of 3 hours.” Technically the same, but the feeling of time constraint is different.


      2. It’s because you’re turning the ‘schedule’ into a problem, which is not. If it’s not a problem, why would it need a solution? It’s making you sounds more entitled & bossy that you should be.


      3. Lets take 2 steps back before we reduce ourselves to personal attacks.
        Are you claiming that because you, yourself, don’t see it as a problem that it absolutely cannot exist as a problem? This just might be a difference in mindset then.
        I believe in nipping problems in the bud before they come up rather than playing the catch up game when the problem becomes too large. Future-proofing if you will. Then again, it’s all about opportunity cost as well I suppose. Is the effort involved in future proofing too great? Then perhaps it’s not a good idea. But I tried to keep that in mind and offered something deceptively simple.

        In an effort to diffuse this situation before people start attaching names to insults, I will politely rescind all my inflammatory comments and refrain from causing any more commotions.

        I apologize to Clown and Co if my comments were misconstrued to be personal attacks at specific people. And I apologize to those involved in my discussions whether or not they found my reasons incitefully insightful.


      4. calm your teats, bro
        it will get released when it gets released
        their schedule is whatever they want it to be
        just need to cross fingers that they don’t invent too much in the translations anymore.


    4. “Isn’t the primary goal of fan TLs to give more exposure to works that we like?”

      No, the primary goal of a fan translation is to give more exposure to works that the translator likes, as a fan, they can do this with a summary, they can even just relay the “gist” of a story in a single page/paragraph of text, and still fulfill that goal. They could even do what some of the people on Deviant Art do and “translate” the whole series into a group of pictures.


      1. I think Po might be doing his own TLs? Benefit of the doubt, but the “we” might be referring to TLs and giving exposure to the works “we”, the TLs who happen to be fans, like. Seemed pretty clear to me though.


      2. The comments I replied that to were from the side of “we,” the leechers though. it was unclear, I hadn’t scrolled down to see how many more times he posted. Scroll up it was a reply to one just before Clown replied.


  5. Po, translating is a hobby and Clown and White are in college. College takes priority over all (and Law and Medical schools are especially hard, I don’t know how they have any time for translations at all). And yes we realize you know a lot of stuff, as we all have our own specific specialties, but you shouldn’t talk down about these translators as they are some of the best I’ve seen. Again, it is a hobby, it’s OK if there is no set schedule to the translations, that happens with all translations as people have to deal with real life. Let them focus on life for a bit and when they have time they will give up their own free time to translate this amazing novel.


    1. I’ll reply for the sake of replying. If you’ve read at least the introductory 2 or so lines of each of my posts and perhaps skipped to the last couple lines, I’ve tried to make it clear that I’m neither talking for or against the TLs or the Leechers specifically.. I’m offering a -relatively- more well worded viewpoint from the ANGRY (not all) Leechers who are incapable of doing so. I’m going to keep re-iterating this as many times as needed: I’m not on the side of Leechers nor the TLers. The TLers have proven time and time again they have a mastery of the English language so they can explain themselves just fine. They don’t need or want me to speak for them when they are perfectly capable of it themselves. I’m saying that the >>ANGRY<< leechers lack such faculties. So in the spirit of equality, I'm just trying to better explain the platform that the mob mentality is standing on so that people at least understand how and why things are how they are. I also just gave a single suggestion as a means to manipulate the mob mentality without -really- changing anything.

      TLDR; Angry people will be angry people. Mobs will be mobs. The important thing is to figure out why, and how to manipulate it for a modicum of peace. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away, unfortunately.


      1. You said you were in PR and are using your marketing skills to try to reach a solution. Well, you need to go back and redo your communications training, you have made multiple marketing errors in your approach. It’s not just the overly wordy posts (That you imply we should be skimming over), the major problem I see is in your choice of words. You have chosen quite a few words with very negative connotations, it makes your posts sound very condescending and look like pseudo-intellectual trolling. If you truly want to help, you should really work on that.

        As it is, you aren’t doing your own reputation any favors, each of your posts is making you seem more disagreeable.

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  6. Wait a second, Po didn’t say anything new that Clown didn’t already initially address in the post. I’m pretty sure that even Clown said in the post that the two difficulties that translators have is translating quickly and regularly plus giving good translations. I don’t know about you guys, but If anything, Po was being redundant considering the post. Not sure if whatever he/she’s suggesting will work but I don’t think they were being completely wrong.
    Copy-Pasta time:
    “There is a natural dilemma in the world of translation which makes this one of the most unpleasant jobs you could imagine: if you are too busy to translate quickly and regularly, the readers will complain about the speed. They will demand that you find someone else to help you translate. On the other hand, if you do find someone else to help, people will naturally complain that their quality is not as good as yours. So, regardless of what step we undertake, some people will remain unsatisfied and we will be subject to criticism.”
    See? Clown even said so. What’s everyone even arguing about?


    1. schedule & reputation
      translating quickly doesn’t mean daily, or everyday, or weekly, or, whatever. It means as soon as possible.
      That’s why I said Po misunderstood where the problem is, and what should be highlighted. Because his post is redundant, as you said, but bring different context. Even without his solution, Clown’s post already meant ‘hey, to fix this, each chapter will take longer, thanks for understanding’. Done. Everyone accept it, end of story, except for Po.

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      1. Seems like you’re too willing to fight even when Po “rescinded” his argument. Even if he or she was being redundant, at least it didn’t seem like attacking anyone specific. Even apologized to Clown for the mutual misunderstandings. Po probably made a good decision though. your style of comments seems very justice warrior-y. it’s like debating god with a religious fanatic. (hint hint)


  7. I can’t comprehend why anyone would bash on “An average pro”. He just stated his opinion, not forcing it on anyone and neither did he express it in a degrading manner. If you don’t like it then disagree after reading it and try not make a big deal of it. I didn’t count but I’m pretty sure that more than HALF of his posts started with him stating that he means NO HARM and that it was only a SUGGESTION.


  8. lol… all these drama remind me of the case of n0man with his DxD translations. he used to translate very fast, but suddenly his speed droped because RL stuff and some emo-kid keep bugging with the release. in the end, n0m lost his motivations and stop completely from TL-ing DxD now.

    why don’t we learn from that. stop all these meaningless stuff, TL-er had their RL, we should be thankfull they share their times to TL some awesome stuff for us (some people called leecher) who know nothing about nihongo.

    all in all, take your time mr. circus (errr, or is it a miss? Yuuka right? or Aiko?) many people out there will wait patiently for your release, so i hope you won’t lost your motivations and stop your grace of translations for us plebians readers…. thakns for all the hard work all these times!

    p.s. damn, never thought that i’ll put my 1st post on circustranslation web because of this.


  9. Leecher here.
    Po you’re too serious. All of ur comment feel like machine writing & too much PR bullsh*t, no feeling of appreciation at all for the translators. If you want to show off, do it somewhere else, it feels very arrogant 😒 What translators need in time like this is not ur PR bullsh*t, but support, appreciation & encouragement from fellow fans. Just little things that can make them smile while scrooling down comments is the least we could offer them.. 😤 So congratz on “nosediving” this comment section to sh*t! 😠

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    1. Stop responding to him and just offer words of encouragement to Circus & Co. He’s already made it clear that he doesn’t want to continue this discussion. The best way to get rid of it all is to bury it under a mountain of positivity!

      Keep up the good work Clown! You’ve got my support! \o/


  10. Hello

    First time commenting here and I would like to say thank you for your work in translating this interesting novel.
    I am one of the people that prefer to see the drafts received from volunteer translations first (if they are readable), before seeing the final edited version. Still, each way of presenting translations has its own pros and cons.
    Other than that, I am happy this translation project is still alive and well. As a University student, I know that the workload can get tough sometimes, but it should not be worth straining your health.


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  11. Hey Clown & Team,

    I’d just like to mention that you should take your time doing this. I’m also a university student so I understand how taxing uni life can be x.x
    This is after all a free fan translation, since you’re doing it for free in the first place, as a leecher, I’m very grateful to you.

    Please keep up the good work!

    P.S. Po, please shut up. And don’t reply to this post either. I find your posts too windy (too much bullshit).

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  12. Thanks for the heads up ! Yeah with school starting, it starting to become busy again …sigh…back to my readings. I don’t mind the pace as long as the quality is consistent 🙂 and was it that some translations were not right 0.0 umm. I didn’t know that T-T Will it be fixed ? Anyways I appreciate and would like to give my thanks for every ones efforts especially because I know how crazy being in university can be 🙂


  13. So, i was wondering if you or anyone was planning on fixing the mistranslations. Sorry if already answered, i skim read out of habit. Also im not demanding they be fixed, i was just curious to see what the original meaning was. This is an amazing story, and i enjoyed every one so far. Thank you, sincerely, clown&co. Im sorry all this drama happened while you were feeling so badly. Hopefully everything, irl or not, becomes better soon.


  14. Hi, just wanna say I loved all the stuff you’ve done so far and thank you for all your hard work. That’s all. 😉

    Although tbh po-san seems to be misunderstood and tried too hard to defend him/herself. Nobody is the mood for advices so you’ve come at a bad time…


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