102. Audience with Monsters

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 102
[Inside the Samurai Lair]

“Well now, I suppose it’s been awhile since i’ve last made my appearance. How should I go about things…”

“You could just start editing the piece, I mean, there’s 20 people watching you type this right now after all…”

“Guh… Well, at the very least I should give a situation report right! Before I embark on such a hard journey such as editing an already translated work!”

“Your laziness knows no bounds…”

“Well, you know Black, we haven’t had any conflicts or major campaigns in quite some time. An editing piece here, write a page for the novel there. Why aren’t we doing something more important?”

“You’re lazy?”

“Guh… Hurtful Black, really hurtful.”

“Not to mention this conversation of ours is really dull. I mean, can’t you come up with something more interesting?”

“Whatever, let’s just edit…”

“I thought you’d never ask, just do a short story next time… Let’s get to work guys!”

*Several Colored Samurai leave the room with Black*

TL by: Guro and YK
Edited by: WhiteSamurai

Audience with Monsters

One and a half months have passed since I had ascended to a Demon Lord.
The construction of the Colosseum has also progressed well. Gerudo’s command and capacity for construction has allowed the project to progress just as planned.[1]
Furthermore, the youngest of the three Dwarf Brothers, Mildo, had actually revised my blueprint and made it into a gorgeous building with a high artistic value. As expected from a dwarf, no, this was the work of a true artist. Simply splendid craftsmanship.
With this, the workmanship can even please those from royal families. For me, who has a rather low level of artistic capacity, it’s quite helpful to have someone around with such talents.
Even with Mildo’s additions, there will still be plenty of time before my debut and the Tournament are scheduled to begin.

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