It’s me, Mario.

Yup, it’s Yuuka.
Chapter 89.
Some of you guys have addressed the issue with the spacing between lines, and I’ve explained why I didn’t correct it. Some people didn’t read what I said and just thought that I’m imcompetent/nonchalant and bashed me about it.
I’ll clarify this: when I published the chapter it was past midnight; school starts at 5am(I have to leave at 5am to not be late) and I had undone assignments. Thus I said that I won’t have the time to change it now. As to why I didn’t delete the spaces between the lines is because I usually publish using visual view, not html, I was too tired and didn’t notice that it was in html.
Then this one guy goes ahead and says that my editing has inconsistent use of () and the other Japanese speech thingy.
() is used in the raws to signify thought transmission; speech through thoughts.
Japanese speech thingy is used as a replacement for “”
Seemingly not having said enough, he goes ahead and calls me “not taking this shit seriously“, “dragging the circus down” and proceeds to laugh at my “hard” and “good” work.

I’m bad at English, I get it. I’m trying to learn; English is not my first language.
I joined up because I wanted to improve my English, and if you want to say that my sentence structure and grammar sucks you can.
But even if you say it sucks it’s just utter bullshit and not constructive criticism because I have no idea where or how or what the fuck I am doing wrong. TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SHIT I WRITE. Mate. I don’t fucking know where I went wrong, you laughing at how bad the shit I edited is doesn’t help either. Tell me what’s wrong.
Again, I don’t work for money, I don’t work for the readers, I don’t work because clown tells me that I must work.
I work because I want to. And I am taking this shit more seriously than you think. I don’t think that we are dragging the circus down.
After all, what are we dragging down?
The donations? The readers? The reputation?
And I know that some of you will just say “oh just ignore that guy” “oh don’t be bothered by this”, but I just can not be not bothered by it.
I know that there are many people who like the work I do but, I just can’t let this go.
Imagine you are at a meet and greet session and there are a thousand people who came to meet you. 999 of them shook you hand, asked for your signature, took photos with you. But on comes along that one prick who gives you a slap, spit at your face and laughs at your work.
Who will you remember? Those 999 people or that one prick?
It’s not that easy to just ignore this.

I think I’ve said enough, so I’ll end it off with one of my favourite quotes of all time.
It is by Gandalf, the wizard from Harry Potter, and she said: “May the force be with you, hasta la vista baby.”

I hope you get diabetes from all the love I gave you through this post.

I’m the editor, not the Translator. I don’t know what is reddit so I’m sorry if I don’t use a solution posted on a site I don’t even know existed.


94 thoughts on “It’s me, Mario.

  1. Bummer, you’ll always remember those who stand out, especially if they hurt your pride or the like.
    Anyhow good work and good luck with the english, so far it’s great.


  2. My english isn’t the yellow from the egg either so don’t worry. You’re better than some other people. Never stop trying to improve though, that’s what I’m doing.


  3. I get that it’s hard and tiresome. Please don’t mind those arrogant fools. I am grateful for your hard work. Please continue as you do. I don’t mind spaces or bad English. I love the story the way it is.


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