August Update from the Clown

Clown: Oh wow, things have been moving really smoothly lately!

Pierrot: Right? If it wasn’t for your fooling around, then we’d be done with the whole book!

Clown: I’m a clown! I can’t help but fool around!

Pierrot: And what’s with our story, it’s so depressing!

Clown: That’s just what I felt like doing! Next one may not be so dark.

Pierrot: So there may be a next one?

Clown: Who knows? Anyways, let’s get to business.

Pierrot: Alright, now then: Are there any changes regarding translation speed in the next coming weeks?

Clown: Unfortunately, yes. Starting August 20th, I will begin a new semester at my Law School which means I will be very, very busy! Currently, I am expecting to be able to finish only 1 (ONE) chapter every 2 (TWO) days. But this will depend on the time I have at hand.

Pierrot: Will you prioritize classwork over the translation?

Clown: If you know anything about law schools, you grades matter. Crappy grades=unemployed. Hence, I will be prioritizing grades.

Pierrot: Will you prioritize leisure over the translation?

Clown: Huh? This is my leisure time!

Pierrot: Anything else?

Clown: Ah, yes. Circus Translations recently got into a verbal argument with a person who wanted to host all our work on their website. For various reasons we rejected this agreement. If you see our translation somewhere, please let me know!

Pierrot: Alright, now questions from the audience. First, “will you marry me?”

Clown: Huh?! Who?! What!!! … Umm, well… you’re making me blush! I would like to devote myself to studies right now! Please ask again when I graduate!

Pierrot: Next, who is that person collapsed in the banner?

Clown: That’s the Leech AK! Don’t you see that adorable leech on his back!

Pierrot: Next, there’s a mime behind you… is this a question?

Clown: Kyaaaah!!!

-Extra Notice:
Smoggy: *cough, now that Clown san’s scared off (That mime was hard to catch, he ran like his life depended on it!), now it’s my turn. Incidentally, both Yuuka san and I are also having our respective irl issues as well, namely school. Thus, we too will be posting chapters between longer intervals. So please understand, thank you 🙂

P.s. if any disrespectful individual says boo or any other insults because we’re delaying post times, I’ll grant them an audience with my claws. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


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