082. Equality in Death (Guro)

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 82
TL: Definitely Guro with a bit from Yukkuri Oniisan
ED First half: Rizza
ED 2nd half: TheDefend
PR + Re-edit First half: TheDefend
PR 2nd half: ?

TL: The POV changes in this chapter too. Enjoy guys! and go stalking Kuma-san and Yuuka-san now. hehehehhe 俺が悪い人です。Just Kidding. XD

Chapter 82 Equality in Death

※Warning: There are depictions of cruelty and violence this chapter.
Read at your own will.


Clayman found the situation unfathomable, his eyes became bloodshot.
His gaze swiftly alternated between Millim and us.
And, when he turned his gaze onto the other Demon Lords, He became petrified.
It seemed he had realized, that he had confessed about controlling Milim.
Though it’s just an act of Milim. The tables had turned, it was Clayman who was actually being manipulated.
Clayman became flustered and began to slowly back away.

「Preposterous…Demon Marionette should have been succeeded completely!
Why are you not under the control of the Incantation? This can’t be happening!」

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10 thoughts on “082. Equality in Death (Guro)

  1. Spoiler .. dont read this till you finish this chapter ..

    The king got tortured well at least he still got his limp intact .. well new limps


  2. I have been reading this for a while and really love it. This is my first time commenting, since I finally learned how to post. I look forward to more updates and for some reason, I like Leon a little. Rimuru is still my favorite though, followed by Shion and Milim. Please continue the good work.


  3. After reading comments on Guro’s site and here, of course Shion would be really strong. She’s one of his main lts, she is probably just below Diablo and Guy’s gals. Now that Rimuru’s so strong his followers should be strengthened.


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