080. The Incident Before the Banquet (Guro)

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 80
Chapter 80

TL: YukkuriOniisan&Guro
Editor: TheDefend
PR: Rizza
TLC: TheDefend/Rizza

TL: Many parts need tlc. ED: Yes, VERY!
ED+TLC: I’m only touching the parts where it doesn’t make sense. Parts where the text felt like it flow well, I left most of them as it is. Also, SOO many things need tlc ;(
PR: this is going to be fun … yay?
TL: Sorry for that and sorry for the waiting, here it is!

The Incident before the Banquet

The Demon Lords’ Banquet (Walpurgis).
The people who participated in the Banquet were the current nine Demon Lords.
Andthe most prominent figure at the banquet was the one who had just transcended into the realm of Demon Lords.
The participants were listed below:

Demon Race…”Dark Emperor (Lord of Darkness)” Guy Crimson.
Fairy Race (Pixie)…“Labyrinth Fairy” Ramiris.
Dragonoid Race…”Tyrant of Destruction (Destroyer)” Milim Nava.
Giant Race…”Wrath of the Earth (Earthquake)” Dagruel.
Vampire…”Queen of Evil Night (Queen of Nightmares)” Luminas Valentine.
Fallen Angel Race…”Sleeping Ruler” Dino.
Winged Race (Harpy)…”Sky Queen” Frey.
Undead Race…”Marionette Master” Clayman.
Former Human…”Blond Demon” Leon Cromwell.

The seating order around the round table was decided based on the order in which they become Demon Lords.
There was one vacant seat, and a temporary seat was prepared at the lowest position.
Guided by the maids, each Demon Lord would take their respective seat.
At that silent hall, in the middle of the room that separated from the outside world were three people. They were already seated on their own seat and were waiting for the arrival of the other Demon Lords. Those three were Guy, Leon, and Luminas.
Then, some noisy people invaded the room penetrating the silence.

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13 thoughts on “080. The Incident Before the Banquet (Guro)

  1. Actually, it doesn’t specifically say Fallen angel, in the raw, it only said 堕天, which is fallen. Fallen angel is 堕天使. Btw, you guys are neither first nor second. look at the blogpost comment section.


  2. RIMURU MAD! Clayman is going down for messing with his close friend!

    I have to say, that kind of protectiveness over a demon lord as strong as Milim is refreshing somehow.


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