069. Birth of Demon Lord

Chapter 69 Birth of Demon Lord

(POV: Rimuru)

After the conversation about Youmu had ended, the real strategic conference begins in earnest.
Everyone is looking at me with stiff expression.
First let’s hear their opinion.

「First of all, before I give my own opinion, I want to hear what everyone had in mind.」

Hearing that, everyone start to actively give their reply.
Only Gabil himself that use spirits, it’s can’t be helped.
I want to avoid disturbing the barrier for many times. (TL: opening and closing)
Everyone put together their opinion.
To sum it out.
There’s an opinion, that the Human who’s responsible for the cowardly surprise attack won’t be forgiven.
Certainly, that’s true. I don’t think that’s wrong.
There’s another opinion, there is also good Human, so it’s not good to lump them all indiscriminately.
Hearing such opinion, I’m glad. It’s not good, if we incorrectly reach our goal because of anger and resentment.

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