068. Soul and Hope

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 68

TL: Guro & Yukkuri Onii-san

Editor: TheDefend

TLC: TheDefend

TL: Please comment any mistakes you found!


Chapter 68 Soul and Hope

3 days has passed.
Shion hasn’t wake up yet.
I think she sleep too much. Really, I wish she would stop doing such thing.


No, I know.
I know she will never open her eyes again.
However, I did not want to admit it.
I wish she can always fool around and making her really crap and unpleasant cooking as usual.
But, such wish will not come true.
Because dead person will never come back again…..

《Notification. The analysis of the barrier that covers the surroundings had ended.
Release is possible. Do you want to execute it?  YES/NO 》

No, you may not execute it yet.
It seems, the analysis of the barrier by『Great Sage』had ended.
It took more time than I thought, perhaps it’s because of the size of the barrier that cover the whole city. Maybe, it was possible to completely analyze it because I ate some part of the barrier.
The barrier too, I don’t care anymore.
How is the result of the other investigation?

《Notification. The search result, not found. Any Magic related to reviving the dead was not discovered.》

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9 thoughts on “068. Soul and Hope

  1. It’s kinda funny. The preview on clown’s website for chapters 68 and 69 show the unedited versions, but the link goes to the edited version.


  2. “Please comment any mistakes you found!”
    -“Please leave comments about any mistakes you find!”-

    Is it OK for me to comment that this very sentence and the first sentence in the translation have mistakes?
    Anyway, the grand majority of these chapters are more or less readable. Thank you very much for translating them. That’s what counts, right?


  3. I’m a little sad that Rimuru became like this. Obsession with resurrection is a classic path to madness, and he already seems much more cold-hearted and harsh…

    Not that it’s not appropriate. I hope the “harvest” goes horribly well. It’s just that…well….carefree Rimuru is the one I fell in love with. Anyone else with me?


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