Letter from Fuse-sensei


Pleased to meet you!
I could not send an email to your personal address, so I responded this way
(Clown notes: I included my email in the message I sent him on ncode.syosetsu.com)


At the moment, since there are no plans to publish the novel in the United States, and as long as it is limited to the web novel, I will give your free and public translation my tacit consent. Do note that this is my statement as the author, and should the publisher have problems with it, the decision might be different. I am not transferring any rights to you, so please continue with the above in mind.
(Clown notes: So basically, continue as you like until the publisher gets upset. So as long as the publisher does not contact me or the author does not change his mind, I am now translating this work completely legally.)


Since fans can enjoy (my work) as a result, I am not planning on making noise about it; so, everyone, enjoy!

We can now continue the project without fearing a subpoena from the Japanese government!


74 thoughts on “Letter from Fuse-sensei

  1. Now then Clown, it’s time to get back to work. You heard Fuse-sensei, get back to translating.

    But seriously, glad to see he sounds like a nice guy, just wanting to write stories about slimes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ….I really hope no one gets angry about this…(Not living in United States or any large English speaking country so if this translation ends,will probably have to give up on this novel…Unless I immigrate to another country…)


  3. Holy crap. first time i ever seen a translator ask an author if its okay for them to keep translating.
    Nice jobb Clown on geting the approval!! Unfortanly i dont know what u like so i dont know how to reward this good jobb so i’ll just throw some pies towards you, clown’s like pies right? or is it cake? hmmmm oh and towards the author if it ever reads this………
    THANK YOU Fuse-sama!!!!!!


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