Extra: Map

Translated for your convenience, click to open in a new tab with higher resolution.

P 003 translated


36 thoughts on “Extra: Map

    1. What ? They lived near a dragon peak that if the name means there are dragons . Dragons and Dwarves don’t get along , just ask the citizens of Erebor.


  1. Just wondering, but can we assume that the Ulbresia Republic located at the bottom of the main continent on the map is the same as the Ulgrasia Republic that Rimeru took the kids to in chapter 61?
    Also isn’t it safe to say that the Heretic’s Dynasty directly north of that Republic is actually the Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion? If we assume the map was meant to have been made by followers of the Church, calling that country a Dynasty of Heretics would make sense.


  2. So where the rest of the demon lord’s live? I’ve always assumed that the eastern empire was demon territory. Guess I might’ve glazed over the details of the world by accident :/


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