Extra: Light Novel Illustrations

Clown’s note: Please be advised that the pictures provided here are from a light novel and not the web novel. Therefore, they might not match. Please do not ask why a certain scene is depicted differently here.

P 001 P 003 P 004 P 050

P 090

P 132

P 174

P 244

P 280

P 288

P 313 P 352

P 412

P 439

P 449

P 506

P 507


50 thoughts on “Extra: Light Novel Illustrations

    1. More of an “it” in any form, rimuru doesn’t have male or female parts…he can probably make them but his default doesn’t have those parts


    2. “He” is neither.
      “He” can shape the adult body to look male or female, but he won’t be either one.
      Although it’s safe to assume “he” will have the mentality of a male because he used to be one.


    1. Do the web novel have a slight difference from the light novel? Why is this so? Can I have the link to the light novel? Gobuta beating Gabil is similar to the manga and I came here after reading the manga. Thus I think I would like the light novel version instead. To me the introduction of Shizue is done pretty poorly in this version compared to manga.


  1. These guys remind me of Naruto. Specifically Sage mode and the Sage of the Six paths. Anyone else feel the resemblance, Hint: It’s the flowing clothes and the horns.

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  2. Damn, Hakurou doesn’t look strong at all, let alone in his prime. Also, everyone is uglier in the LN than what the web novel described. I really hope the manga goes more through the web novel path, at least character-design-wise.

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      1. havent seen those but by human standards fortyish isnt your prime look at the goblins who were said to be restored to their prime form old age all of them look to be in their twenties to about 35


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