025. Human Transformation (Link to Guro)

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Human Transformation!

Translator: Guro

Editor: The Clown

Sorry Guys!
I was fall asleep

So here the edited version. Sorry for being late


Shizu-san said.

She passed me her life’s only goal.

Now, to realize the goal that befalls me, I must start to gather information about “Demon Lord”.

I had accepted it easily, but the promise I made must be fulfilled.    .

I am a man who keeps his promises.

She left me with a new ability.

A Unique Skill ”Shapeshifter” and Extra Skill “Fire Manipulation”.

Incidentally, it seems I also ate Flame Giant (Ifrit).

Even though it wasn’t my enemy, this guy is still dangerous.

After all, this guy surpasses rank A.

Without a question, neither Black Snake nor Black Wolf would be able to win against it.

I need to research its abilities, little by little.

But before that!

There was something more important that I need to check right now.

Right! Humanization!!!

I enter a simple tent, newly set up for my personal needs.

No one can enter! I said and closed the door.

Ku kuku, Kuha ha, Ku ha hahaha!

I correctly execute a three-stage laughter. (TL: it likes how villains laugh, I think. Like the one Verudora use in chapter 3.)

“Traaaaan~ form!”

Although there aren’t any sound effects, executing Mimicry: Human!

It’s a first time I’m looking forward to the mimicked body this much.


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5 thoughts on “025. Human Transformation (Link to Guro)

  1. I think it’s quite hilarious that the guy who got one of his strongest skills from his wish to be highly sexualy acctive, dosn’t get an organ to have sex with, even in forms that ought to have it….


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