021. A New Movement (Link to Guro)

In order to avoid posting gaps, as we decided to alternate, I’ll be posting Guro’s sample as well. Please follow the link to the full chapter, and remember to support Guro, who always translates with superb accuracy.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken – Chapter 21

Chapter 21 A New Movements

Translator: Guro

Editor: The Clown

Guro:   Sorry for the wait all. Here it is! The chapter 21. Thank you for Clown-san for his effort in editing this chapter. Please shower him with praises.


Bordering the Great Forest of Jura, was Falmus Kingdom’s Earl territory.

On this frontier existed those willing to protect the area.

Their main forces consisted of a knight order under the control of the Earl.

Although the members usually only consist of 100 people, the Earl declared a state of emergency. Those who had retired were recalled, and the numbers were now nearly three times than the usual, with 284 people.

The next largest force here was the Adventurers from the Freedom Association.

They had taken requests to hunt monsters threatening the land in the vicinity.

However, this was not an urgent matter. And, naturally they finished the request without any difficulties.

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2 thoughts on “021. A New Movement (Link to Guro)

  1. Hey clown if you want a proofreader to help out let me know I don’t know japanese but am confident i could help out with making the english flow, catching small mistakes, basically to make it so that when one of you edits you can focus on the words meaning while i’d make sure the flow well flowed!

    If you don’t need any help thats fine 😀 just figured i’d offer as man this Novel looks like its gonna be a good one.


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