009. Negotiating with the Goblins

Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a French Pierrot)

Clown: So… are you hanging in there?

Pierrot: You’ve forbidden me from hanging.

Clown: Just look outside! The blue sky, clean air, and so many opportunities!

Pierrot: It’s night, the air is polluted, and the world can end in a thousand different ways tomorrow.

Clown: Then… you can see the stars!

Pierrot: It’s raining.

Clown: Pollution makes water pretty!

Pierrot: And toxic.

Clown: An end is just the beginning!

Pierrot: That’s only true for a circle. But wait, if what you say is true… life is like a circle. We go around and around the same point, accomplishing nothing. Living accomplishes nothing. Nothing gets done, so there is no meaning. Life is meaningless… Haha… I guess it’s just like that joke said.

Clown: Do I dare ask?

Pierrot: What did the triangle say to the circle? You’re pointless.


Empowerment Arc

Chapter 09 – Negotiating with the Goblins

I glanced at the goblin.
The goblins are, from what I can see, pretty desperate. They are on guard, weapon in hand; and are politely calling out to me.
Unfortunately, many seem to have run away already.
But as expected of the leader,
He looks me straight in the eye… err, straight at me.
I feel some intelligence from this one. Might be able to talk properly.

Will my voice reach..?
I tried attaching thought to the spoken words and sending them to goblin.

「Should I say, pleased to meet you? I am the slime, Rimuru.」

The goblins began murmuring among themselves.
Were they surprised that a slime spoke? Or so I thought, but…
Among them, a few wearing plain clothing threw away their weapons.
I don’t really get it.

Guga, O strong one! We very understand your great power! We beg, lower your voice!!!」

Mu? Were the thoughts I attached too strong?
So I guess telepathy is a no go. They’d just be more afraid.

「My bad. I still can’t regulate it very well.」

I guess I’ll apologize.

「We unworthy. No need apologize to us!」

Seems like my words are reaching them.
This is some good practice.
Oh and by the way, I’m speaking Japanese, yet somehow, they are understanding.

「So, what do you need from me? I don’t have any particular reason to be going this way, either.」

Since they have politely asked questions, I guess I’ll politely answer.
And maybe it was too much, but to make sure they continued fearing me, I said that rather forcefully.

「So it like that. On this path, stand our village. We felt strong monster, so came as precaution.」

「A strong monster’s presence? One that I have not detected..?」

Guga, gugaga, you joke! Even clothed in that form, we will not be fooled!」

It seems like they’ve completely got the wrong idea. (Warning! The one who’s mistaken is Rimuru!)
They are completely convinced that a powerful monster took the shape of a slime.
As would be expected from goblins, who are famous for being low ranking monsters.

After talking to the goblins for a while, it seems like I’ll be imposing on their village.
That is, it seems like I’m staying over.
Though they look shabby, it seems they have a big heart.
And though I don’t need to sleep, taking a break might be a good idea.
With that thought, I decided to accept the offer and go to their village.


We discussed many things.
That, the god they worshiped had recently disappeared.
That, along with his disappearance, various monsters begun moving.
That, the number of powerful adventurers had increased.
And so on.
And, during the conversation, I finally became able to clearly hear their words.
That I can probably attribute to having gotten used to listening with [Magic Perception].
It’s probably a good thing I practiced with goblins before talking to people.
Such was the conversation in the company of goblins.

The village is… where? Is what I wanted to say, considering how dirty it was.
After all, I hadn’t expected goblin dig up their dens.
Even so, they guided me to the best looking building.
The roof was made of rotting straw, and so was full of holes; the walls were just piled plywood…
By my world’s standards, even slum housing is preferable! That’s how bad it was.

「We apologize for making you wait, honored guest.」

A goblin said while entering the structure.
The goblin leader who had been showing me around until now then moved to attend to this one.

「Ah… don’t mind it. I hadn’t been waiting that long」

I tried to respond with the best business-like smile I could foster.
Of course, the best slime-smile possible.
They say that a single smile can turn negotiation in one’s favor. Got to say, even I am susceptible to that skill.
Not that I know what we are negotiating about..

「We humbly apologize for the inability to provide better accommodations. I currently have the pleasure of serving as this village’s chief.」

Having said that, the goblins placed before me a tea-like drink.
Which I have to admit, was rather surprising.
I sip the tea. (To the onlookers, it probably looked like I toppled the cup over.)
It had no taste. Which was obvious, considering I had no taste buds.
Whether that was good thing or not–I don’t know… after checking the ingredients, I confirmed that it was not poisonous.
Moreover, I could feel their sincere attempt at hospitality from this cup.

「So, for what reason have you gone out of your way to invite me here?」

I went straight to the point.
“Let’s become friends with a fellow monster!” … it probably wasn’t that kind of benevolent reason.
Although the chief tensed and began to tremble, he seemed to have steeled himself and proceeded to ask.
And this is what he said,

「If I may, you are aware of the recent increase in activity among the monsters, correct?」

That I heard on the way here.

「We have lived till now peacefully due to the protection from our god; however, He seems to have hidden himself about a month ago…
Due to his disappearance, the nearby monsters have begun invading these lands…
We, ourselves, did not welcome their incursion, and responded with force; but, our forces…」

Would the god be… Veldora? Fits time wise…
In any case, it seems the goblins want my help.

「I understand your request. However, being a slime, I doubt I can live up to your expectations.」

「Hahaha, how modest! A slime could never radiate such strong demonic aura!
We are not so presumptuous as to try guess at why you have taken that appearance, but we are aware–you are a Named Monster, are you not?」

Demonic aura… he said?
What’s that? I don’t remember emitting that…
So, I tried to observe myself with [Magic Perception].
There was some kind of ominous aura drifting about me.
Ugh… I should have noticed it when mimicking monsters or trying out [Body Armor]…
How embarrassing….
This feels just like walking down main street with your fly wide open.
The cave’s high magical energy concentration probably confused my senses.
But, this is no good! Totally out of the question!
Now, I finally understand the monsters’ fear of me…
What monster would want to make an enemy of this dangerous looking guy?
“No idiots getting fooled by appearance here!” kind of thing.

Fufufu. As expected of the chief, thou understands?」

「It was obvious, your grace! Your wondrous persona cannot be hidden!」

「I see, I was found out. Thou seems to be a promising bunch.」

I’m getting carried away, aren’t I.
Let’s play along with their misconceptions and manipulate them a bit.
At the same time, let’s try to erase that ominous aura (demonic aura).
As if absorbing the aura, I tried to direct the outer magical energy inside.

「Ooh! You have been testing us! And let us thank you. There were many who feared your great aura.」

Looks like the aura successfully dissipated.
From what I can see, I now look just like a normal slime.
Had I been wandering around as a normal slime…
I probably would have been annoyed with all the fights by now…
So isn’t this aura a good thing?

「It is so! Having beheld my aura and yet spake before I, wonderfully done!」
(TL Note: spake is an archaic (traditional) form of spoke, just imagine Rimuru speaking like Veldora)

What’s wonderful about it…? Am I looking for trouble? Well, I’ll bear with it for now.
Like an actor,

「Ay! Your kindness is wasted on us. If You will, we shall not inquire regarding Your true visage. Lest You anger, we wish for you to hearken to our request. Could we hope for such a favor?」
(TL Note: hearken is archaic for listen, imagine the goblins being groveling-level polite)

Well, probably.

「Don’t avoid the subject. Let me hear it!」

While maintaining my haughty attitude, I pressed the chief for details.

The story goes as thus.
Coming from the eastern lands, new monsters threaten the balance of this region.
Further, it seems that there are a few goblin villages around here.
This village being but one of them, but they have had many battles with the newcomers and lost many good warriors.
But the real problem was the named warrior.
He served as the guardian of this village; and, when he was lost, the village found itself in a perilous situation.
Other goblin communities have abandoned it.
“While the newcomers ravage that village, we’ll come up with a plan!” So the other villages thought.
And no matter how much the Goblin Chief and Leader begged them, they were coldly rebuked.
Such is the bitter story the goblins conveyed.

「I see… how many live in this village? Among those, how many can fight?」

「Yes, there are a hundred denizens. If we include females, sixty are able to fight」

Sounds rather unreliable.
However, to even comprehend basic mathematics… the goblins are rather intelligent.

「Hmph. What about the opponent? How many and of what race? 」

「Ah, yes. From the wolf species, the Fang Wolf family. At the moment, even ten of us could hardly match one of them…
And there are a hundred of them…」

Ha..? Who set this to game to Impossible difficulty?!
I stared the chief in the eyes.
No, he is not lying. His eyes are earnest.
There are few dubious points, but I can probably believe his words for the most part.

「About those goblin warriors. They knew they couldn’t win and still threw their lives away pointlessly?」

「… No, this intel is the product of the lives they gave away.」

His next words made me regret my question.
Named Goblin was the Chief’s son, and Goblin Leader’s older brother.

Having heard the situation, I stopped to think.
Without a word, the Chief awaits my decision.
Did I just see a tear in his eyes? … probably just imagined it.
Tears don’t suit monsters.
Arrogance does. That’s the proper appearance of the feared monsters.

「Chief, there is but one thing I wish to confirm. If I save this village, what be my reward? What will thee do for me?」

Not that I wouldn’t do this without a reward.
But, we’re talking about a hundred enemies as strong as ten goblins each.
This will be no walk in the park.
If I mimic the black serpent I can probably manage, but…
It’s not a deal I can just easily accept.

「We offer our loyalty! Please protect us. If You do, we shall forever serve You!!!」

Honestly, I can do without their loyalty.
But, having endured 90 days of solitude, I truly enjoyed talking with the goblins.
Had I been human, I might have been repulsed by their filthiness.
But, I am now a monster. I fear no disease.
Moreover, the chief’s eyes. I’m their only hope, they say.
Just like in the past world, I’m weak to dependent types.
While grumbling to myself, listening to complains from my kouhai, and fulfilling the requests of customers and senpai
(TL Note: kouhais a member of an organization who started there after the person in question, senpai is person who was there before)

「Very well! I shall accept that request!」

I accepted with an exaggerated bow.

And so, I became the master of goblins, and their guardian.


Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Slime
Divine Protection: the Storm Crest
Titles: None
Magic: None
Skills: Unique Skill [Great Sage], Unique Skill [Predator], Slime-Specific Skills [Dissolve, Absorb, Regenerate], Extra Skill [Water Manipulation], Extra Skill [Magic Perception], Acquired Skills: Black Serpent [Heat Detection, Noxious Breath], Centipede [Paralysis Breath], Spider [Sticky Thread, Steel Threat], Bat [Ultrasound Waves], Lizard [Body Armor]
Resistances: Thermal Fluctuation Resistance EX, Physical Attack Resistance, Pain Resistance, Electricity Resistance, Paralysis Resistance



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  1. As a side note, I really tried hard to convey the level of formality in their conversation. Sadly, the English language has for the most part abandoned polite speech, of which Japanese is full of. To give you a mental image, if you ever watched one of those Warring States Period Dramas (Sengoku Jidai), the conversation between a farmer and a feudal lord is what this was like.

    I apologize if the language I used made it difficult to understand. Please let me know what part you found challenging and I’ll look into that section again.

    As an extra note, I’ll try to release chapter 10 within the next 12 hours.

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    1. Yes, but the usage is different in Japanese to English. We usually don’t have different words for somebody who started working before or after us. That is, unless they are officially employed at a higher position. In education, however, we do have the term Underclassman, and someone who is our “senior.” However, the image Junior and Senior gives the reader is that the person is younger or older than them, which may not always be true. Thus, while you could translate Kouhai as Junior and Senpai as Senior, I would suggest against that being the default translation in many circumstances.


      1. Hmm I do understand your point of view, its just that being an avid reader or Manga,Ln and etc made those words really common only to have them then translated otherwise here made it a bit unsettling (?) But of course for those who are new to this the aforementioned explanation does sound right. Have fun translating. I eagerly await for the next chapter to arrive 😀


      2. For a personal illustration, I used to do karate. I haven’t done it for over 20 years so beyond the basic of the basics I have no skill. But, if I were to go back and pick it up again most likely I’d be the senpai to everyone including the teacher. It’s just that I started a long time ago. However, there is still respect involved whether or not we in the west think it’s deserved.


  2. Strangely…

    I feel a desire to stick my “lower son” inside Pierrot.
    What is this.
    Though that triangle circle joke made me laugh this time.


  3. Haaa~~~I thank you for translation.
    Pierrot I loved youu joke. It is sooo~~~~ dont know how to explain. But I love the meaning (I’m Brazilian, and here it’s really hard to joke wih the words.)


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