Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Translation Project

* English * French * German *
Italian Spanish*  Turkish 
Japanese Web novel
Permission from the Author


Yobidasareta Satsuriku-sha
Summoned Slaughterer

Main Translation Website

208 thoughts on “Projects

    1. hey isn’t that link the one i post at guro table of content page long time ago (August 3, 2016 at 8:54 PM), I just realize there’s someone who comment this.
      well so you use Animesuki too huh well good job dude
      kinda happy to know there’s another animesuki user


  1. Are you guys gonna edit the dozen or so chapters that are out now? I don’t wanna be rude but it’s kinda half-assed to leave them all like that. I’ve been waiting, but I don’t see anyone working on them. I just see more chapters being released in the same unedited manner.


    1. You know what, my bad. I see you guys are working through it. It’s just that the NU links don’t get updated, so it seemed to me that nothing was being done on them. After looking at the ToC here I see that’s not the case.

      Thanks for the work. Keep it up.


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